Dragondack's Jolting January

Posted by Lady Heromorph on 2019/1/7 16:27:35
We all got so inspired by Dragondack's abundance of generous Christmas gift images that we decided to once again repeat a challenge in his honor since everyone had so much fun last time.

Simply put, we will provide a face and you insert it into any movie poster you choose.

You can make as many images as you want.

There are only 3 simple rules:

  1. The title must be: DDJJ - your title

  2. NO adult images! Meaning, must be regular gallery approved.

  3. Have fun!!!

Not mandatory but recomended is a shout at this thread when you post your image.

And the face you must use is from...


You have until the end of the month... And... GO!

A pratical example if we had given you Marty Feldman's face:

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