Comic artists wanted for paid work!

Posted by ngcrisis on 2011/12/5 2:39:28
Hi everybody!
I'm here representing Next Global Crisis, some of you may have heard of us. We create original superheroine movies and comics. You can check us out at

We want to create more comics and we are looking for artists to make this happen, and if we hire you, you get paid.
Admittedly it won't be enough to quit your day job, but it's nice spending money and you can add 'published artist' to your resume. How cool is that?

So, show us what you got! Any art styles will be considered. If something you create is popular then it's clearly something that we would be interested in.
If you're interested in this opportunity, draw a sample page of our characters, maybe recreate a scene from one of our videos, and show us.

Any questions or art you can email to us at
or get our attention at our deviantart page

Enjoy yourselves!

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