Re: The Zero-Men Rise of the Anti-Scion

Posted by Obsidian on 2014/5/21 12:17:44
Thanks ever so much for those kind words. I will answer a few questions to make things a bit clearer

1: Yes this is Obsidian Mask's comic
2: No this wasn't over by a Long Shot I stopped where I did because this was strictly a preview to generate feedback which has been entirely positive.
3: Yes there is plenty of action, sorry for the elongated setup. This is a comic book adaptation of a novel I'm writing by the same name that is currently at 320 pages and 29 chapters. If you were reading the novel you'd be some 30 pages in by now. The story does start slow but I promise it ebbs and flows wonderfully with lots of action.
4: Bypass will be making his appearance in the next installment.
I hope that answers all of your questions for now. Think of this work as a combination, Detective/Hero/Space Opera book. With a touch of Romance thrown in for good measure.

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