Re: How ReddEra Does Hair

Posted by JrMcDeath on 2013/10/22 12:43:54
Hair and no tablet... good luck. I remember those days and I soon grabbed me a stylus.

Macho... be patient. Remember, hair goes where it wants to go. Do not try and make it perfect.

Also, there are some brush sets out there that have pre-made clumps of hair, you could always see if you can find a set to get you started. But if I were you, I would jump into the deep end and get started painting hair, basically, strand by strand. Redd's and my process are pretty close. And I have yet to be dissapointed in the hair in my manips. Hell, most of the time I re-paint the eyebrows and eye-lashes.

Lookiing forward to what ever you have planned.

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