Taboo Subject - Bad Art

Posted by JMPerkins on 2010/3/10 22:08:04
I've been here at Heromorph for about 2 years now. Seen some really fantastic art by unbelievable artists and some really horrendous stuff as well. I can't once say I've seen anyone give a really honest opinion of stuff that is bad. And I'm not talking about the stuff that is 'Bad Ass!'. For me personally, I like good critiques. Tell me where my flaws are so I can correct them or keep that stuff in mind in my next piece. But lately, I've been seeing some really bad stuff. The kindergarten art or the mindless 3D stuff that someone throws together in an hour so they can post 4 or 5 at a time. I'll be specific, I don't recall the persons name, *****************************

So, I call this topid Taboo. No one says anything bad about bad art.

I expect some protests on my part, and that's OK. Doesn't faze me in the least. At best, I hope this little posting is taken as it was meant, not as a blatant attack on someone.

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