Re: Taboo Subject - Bad Art

Posted by MissVee on 2010/3/11 19:37:40
I come at this subject from several perspectives. Freshmutt - I apparently offended someone who has stalked me here for years assigning 1.0 ratings without comments. Needless to say, I am careful about comments. Even though I am a mediocre artist, I don't refrain from commenting on my bettors (sometimes in PM).
I agree with WH thazt the MODs should not censure, but I have long advocated (unsuccessfully) that, as large and diverse "community", we should keep the HM Gallery page open to the most number of artists by VOLUNTARILY LIMITING THE NUMBER OF POSTINGS TO ONE PIC ON THE hm gallery page AT ANY ONE TIME. When your pic falls off the front page, THEN POST ANOTHER. I'm sure I'll get some more stalkers from this.

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