Re: Taboo Subject - Bad Art

Posted by JrMcDeath on 2010/3/12 8:02:53
The problem you run into is that the people that are posting in this thread do not fear critiques. It is the people that simply posts art that you have to worry about if they are going to get their feelings hurt.

As for me, I normally try to leave a fair critique. If I don't see anything that really strikes me as "wrong" with the picture, then it gets a "good job" or "awesome". But hey, that is just me.

Now if a image sucks so bad that I don't think there is any help for the artist, then I normally don't comment on them and add that image to the "trash day" list of images that will be deleted when we clean teh site.

Besides, I don't post enough to care if you people like my stuff or not.

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