Re: Any Suggestions For This WIP?

Posted by pijon on 2013/7/3 2:29:35
Lord knows there's any number of interesting possibilities so let me start by saying go with your gut... what feels right to you is probably what will make you happiest and it sounds like you have a plan... although IMO, the greater distance reduces the drama. I would say putting your baddies up close and personal would increase the drama... say having just head and arms of one baddie charging from screen right toward Ollie, who's facing him and just placing arrow into bow (slightly lowered) and smiling confidently while Dinah is screaming the other baddie out of the scene with just some arms and legs showing from screen left as he is blown backwards. I think if you put baddies on the building across, heroes heads are turned away, making viewers less able to identify with them. Just a thought.

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