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Battle of the 3D Newcomers!
Gold Member
2005/5/2 17:09
From California, Bay Area
Posts: 129
Level : 10; EXP : 40
HP : 0 / 235
MP : 43 / 9766
In case there are some who haven't seen it...

There is some incredible work being posted in the 3D gallery by two Heromorph newcomers, ubald and Raddar!!

With the utmost deference to our 3D maestros (bluebeetle3, cynanure, JimCorrigan, Junfan, Khastagir, murka, tartanninja, Voltron2000, Winterhawk, WebGeek, and many, many more), these two are kicking some major butt!

Each day, the posts get better and better. It's almost an embarrassment of riches for the rest of us!

And so far, they don't show any signs of letting up. It's like they're egging each other on, while the rest of us get to just sit back and enjoy the show!

Go check it out!

And to ubald and Raddar, a hearty Heromorph welcome! Keep it up! We could watch you two go at it for months!


Posted on: 6 12 06 06:36 pm
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Re: Battle of the 3D Newcomers!
The Great Eternal Dragon
2004/2/9 4:54
From Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Posts: 10922
Level : 66; EXP : 85
HP : 658 / 1646
MP : 3640 / 74312
I also am enjoying the works of ubald and Raddar!

And am also now giving the Two of them a very Big

To the Heromorph Community

Posted on: 6 12 06 07:24 pm
Photobucket Member: 08/22/2006
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Re: Battle of the 3D Newcomers!
yeah,let me know when they hit 300 post,i'm almost there and btw most of there stuff is older and has already been posted at animotions

Posted on: 7 12 06 05:46 am
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Re: Battle of the 3D Newcomers!
hey don;t get the wrong idea about my last post i don't need a 100 pm's asking me what my deal is,both radder and ubald are really,really,really freakin good, but they are not noobs they have been doing this for a while now,they both have very impressive galleries at animotions,alot of what they're posting here is their older stuff, but still very impressive works, they are a couple of the best at there i cleared the air i would love to get some pointers from these guys ,esp ubald i'm a big fan of his animtions works

Posted on: 7 12 06 06:36 am
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Re: Battle of the 3D Newcomers!
Facebook Ninja (Moderator)
2004/12/5 9:11
From Wausau, WI
Posts: 1065
Level : 28; EXP : 74
HP : 0 / 693
MP : 355 / 29642
Pardon me, I speak Voltron.

What I think he was trying to say is that we, who are a part of Animotions, have seen their great work. It's nice to see them get more exposure and the accolades they deserve.

I for one aspire to get my renders that well polished!

Posted on: 7 12 06 11:37 am
The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one.
- Albert Einstein
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Re: Battle of the 3D Newcomers!
2006/11/22 10:34
From Canada
Posts: 402
Level : 18; EXP : 66
HP : 0 / 441
MP : 134 / 16337
Hey guys, Thanks for the kind words and warm welcome vishesfish.)And Dragondack.) aswell Thanks!
,.voltron2000.)I would be more than happy to give you pointers (Though you realy dont need them), PM me any time if you feel I could help, and Thanks for your suport at AniMotions, wouldnt have gone this far if it wasent for you guys!. tartanninja.)Thanks for your support here at HM and
over at the motion,.I am very happy to have made some friends like Raddar, "and Im a big fan of his work to boot!"
its a win win,. CHEERs, and Merry X-Mas ALL,.

Posted on: 19 12 06 08:42 pm
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Re: Battle of the 3D Newcomers!
Kling on HM (WebMaster!)
2004/7/19 7:51
From My Box
Posts: 6969
Level : 57; EXP : 76
HP : 283 / 1419
MP : 2323 / 62224
A battle? More like a great addition to our galleries. It has been a tennis match between all these great 3D artists. ( I wonder if anyone will get that?) Different looks, different styles, different greatness. (that goes for evey one vishesfish mentioned ) None of y'all had better quit posting or I will have to ban you. (yeah... even you Hawk )

Anyways guys... great work... keep it up!

Ubald.... did you say "to boot"? (too many Canadian jokes..... I kid)

Posted on: 19 12 06 10:01 pm
I'm not drunk...... I'm Scottish!
Yeah OK, I am Drunk...
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Re: Battle of the 3D Newcomers!
2006/3/9 13:21
From Houston
Posts: 303
Level : 16; EXP : 27
HP : 0 / 381
MP : 101 / 14922
Man I'm blown away. Thanks for the great welcome and kind words. There are so many incredible artists here, in all mediums, and a great group of people "to boot". Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas.

Posted on: 20 12 06 06:28 am
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Re: Battle of the 3D Newcomers!
Heromorph's Computer Plague (invented twittering)
2004/2/27 21:02
From a result of bad parenting
Posts: 736
Level : 24; EXP : 56
HP : 0 / 589
MP : 245 / 26498
Wait, i'm confused....ubald and raddar are the same person? or just joined at the hip?

Welcome aboard .....fellas

(your stuff rocks)

Posted on: 21 12 06 10:05 am
Hitler, get out of the way! You're ruining my entrance! Gaaaa....

I need constant supervision. Then I could see through chick's clothes.
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Re: Battle of the 3D Newcomers!
Mr. The Mighty Lord *Krackaboom!*
2004/1/13 6:11
From The Good Earth
Posts: 3277
Level : 44; EXP : 44
HP : 217 / 1086
MP : 1092 / 49259
It has taken me a while to catch up in the Three Dimensional Gallery, so I am late to this party, but count me in, to!

You guys are awesome!


Posted on: 10 01 07 01:52 pm
Who's The Model?
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Re: Battle of the 3D Newcomers!
2003/10/4 4:45
Posts: 445
Level : 19; EXP : 57
HP : 0 / 464
MP : 148 / 21435
I've only been at this for, what, 2 months now, but I have seen their work, and can only hope to get as good as them, eventually.

Oh, and Voltron, thanks for the pointers with hair in my first post (the klingon babe). Although I haven't gone back to that render yet, the help you (and others on other forums) with more experience with poser has helped a lot.

(if anybody else has any pointers on my renders [other than 'boobs too big' ] feel free to let me know ).

Posted on: 12 01 07 10:07 am
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