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Main »» What changed between Heromorph 2.0 and Heromorph 3.0

Table of Contents

Well the first thing that changed between Heromorph 2.0 and Heromorph 3.0 is the program that runs the web site, that is called xoops, was upgraded from version 2.0.11 to Xoops version This upgrade makes the site run more in a more efficient way and gives the site Admin more control over the site. as well as more control over the look and content of the site. A lot of customization went into the coding of this site. But it all started with XOOPs
Fan Fiction
The Fan Fiction section has had the biggest change from the upgrade.
The new fan fiction section does not post instantly. The reason for this is that the site Moderators need to make a slight edit to your post in order for it to be properly published.

When posting a Fan Fiction please start your post with a brief description of your story followed by [end discription] tag. In your discription please indicate wether it is an adult or non-adult story.

During the text of your story please insert a [pagebreak] tag where ever you would like to see a new page start. The Fan Fiction section submissions will be approved within a day.
The Galleries
The galleries have also been updated.

Unfortunetly the comments for the pictures did not make the transfer from Heromorph 1 to heromorph 2.

Other changes include the picture updating works so artists can now update there own images. Also some minor configuration changes have been made.
Gold Members
Gold Members are members that have donated to the site. (Please see the gold member section of the faq for more details.
These members get extra access to the site.
This access includes but is not limited to Shoutbox, Cookie Jar (base image resource), Hellfire Gallery, Private forum, and more.

The comments are owned by the poster. We aren't responsible for their content.
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Posted: 2010/10/12 2:15  Updated: 2010/10/12 2:15