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Table of Contents

How do you get a Gold Membership?
Gold Members are members that have full access to our site lots of new areas open up to gold members that most of Heromorph does not have access to. There are 3 ways to get a Gold Membership.

1) it is given to those who donate to the site as a gift for certain levels of donation. This is our way of saying Thank you.

2) People win them as prizes for various contests that we have on the site.

3) Each year we also give away a number of gold memberships. Some of these memberships that are given are on a temporary basis and may not last a full year.

A typical Gold Membership last for one (1) year starting from the day we receive the donation or you win the contest and give access to you for the entire site including the Hellfire Club Gallery and the Gold Members Forum, etc...
Regular Gold Membership is for members who donate $10.00CAD
Extended Gold Membership is for members who donate $15.00CAD, wich includes all the above and also a custom made avatar and rank, if they so wish.

Note: Members who donate and want the Gold Membership must include their screen name with their donation. It is very hard for us to match your donations to screen names and in the past have received large donations and have been unable to give credit and Thanks.

Any questions about Gold Memberships or Donations, Please send PM to contact Daruma.
What sort of Special things do Gold Members recieve?
Well Gold Members get full access to everything on the site.
We have large sections of the site that can not be accessed by everyone, gold members also get more options on their account then regular members. Below is a list of things gold members can do and access that regular members can not.

Special Features to a gold member

1-Selectable Themes, Currently Gold members can make the site look the way they want, with 13 themes to select from Gold Members can select their favorite look to Heromorph and keep it.

2- The Cookie Jar!! A Gallery for resources, textures, head shots, base images, Backgrounds Galore. Need a picture for a image you are doing Make a request and Have the HM team search their base picture collections for you. With hundred of pre-loaded images you will never have to waste hours a day searching for base images or textured patterns again.

3-The Hellfire Gallery - This is the super secret gallery that doesn't exist..really it is not here. I don't know why people keep asking about it. It truly is a myth, If it did exist though It would be friggin Awesome!! You just can't talk about it.

4-Hellfire club Forum - This forum contains tutorial, helpful hints, a place where people can discuss WIP's, techniques, and get help from the experts. Al;so a great place to request images for the cookie jar.

5- Shoutbox, a live chat. Wanna talk live on site with your fellow Heromorpher's This is the place to be. Need help, have a problem talk live with HM admin as well as Hundreds of other members that Make up Heromorph. Fun and informative. there is no place quite like the HM shoutbox.

6- Membersearch. an easy to use user search to help find your friends here at HM.

7- HM Calendar, due dates, birthdaydate, preview of special events before they start. The HM calendar lets the Gold Members Know what is going to happen before every one else.

8- Much more, as a gold member different specials will be offered to you that other members of the site will not receive.
I just want to donate and I do not want a Gold Membership is that possible?
Yes it is, if at any time you want to donate to Heromorph we will more then happily take any amount people would like to donate to us.

The gold memberships are just our way of saying thank you very much.

If all a person can afford is a $5 donation or even less, any amount helps the site. We do not have a minimum donation amount. Nor do we have a maximum donation amount.
Is my donation for a gold membership a purchase?
Gold Memberships are given away, they are not purchased.

For people who donate a min of 10 dollars to the site or more we felt we needed a way to say thank you. This is the way. Gold Memberships are also given away to contest winners and people for other merits. Any abuse of the Gold Membership, ie starting flame wars, abuse of site rules, etc. Can result in your gold membership being revoked, no refund will be given on your donation or alternate prize in case of contest winners.

Also we reserve the right to change the conditions of gold memberships as well as their benefits without notification.

Gold Memberships also cannot be transferred.

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 Re: donation
Not certain. I'd like to know too :)
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How long after making a PayPal donation does it take to become a Gold member?