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South West Avengers - Group
South West Avengers - GroupPopular
SubmitterMcAfee2000More Photos from McAfee2000   Last Update2005/9/3 15:29
Hits3135  Comments3    
Ever so often, the Avengers ??????? call together heroes who wish to join their elite group. The Southwest Avengers is such a group. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the group was centralized to handle emergencies in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Nevada. The Southwest not being a high traffic for extra-normal activity the decision to start a group was formed on the activities of past threats like the Hulk, and others. The call was sent out and those who thought they made the grade were given a chance to show what they could contribute to the team at the White Sands Missile Range.

Among those who were chosen, Apache, Brawn, Firefly, Jedi, Prism, and Pathfinder were all selected as members of the South West Avengers. There combined abilities were united to defend the Southwest from extra-normal activities that were a threat to United States and the world. These are the members of the Southwest Avengers.

Note: This character was created for a RPG called Champions by Hero Games. The specific campaign was a conversion of the Marvel Superhero Universe with the specific resources of the world and the Avengers. Southwest Avengers was an original name given to this specific group at its formation.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2005/6/28 22:47  Updated: 2005/6/28 22:47
The Great Eternal Dragon
Joined: 2004/2/9
From: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Posts: 11117
 Re: South West Avengers - Group
Nice Combo picture and it's to bad that you FireFly did not come out to clear!
Posted: 2005/6/28 19:32  Updated: 2005/6/28 19:32
Shaper of Worlds
Joined: 2004/4/5
From: Matteson, Il
Posts: 3908
 Re: South West Avengers - Group
Proudwulf wrote:
Contact a moderator if you have any questions.

Jeez Wulf . For aminute there I thought he already had. Great job of breaking down the posting rules to him BTW .

Now as for the image itself. The single pieces looked great, but i'm not sure what happened when you put them all together [losing the Drop Shadow effect might help also]. As far as your comments about your picture, I also agree. It's nice when an artist writes a little about his/her work and what went into it. However the key word is "little".
Posted: 2005/6/28 11:46  Updated: 2005/6/28 11:46
Joined: 2005/2/28
From: Panama City, Florida
Posts: 177
 Re: South West Avengers - Group
Great keep up the good work.
Just so you know.

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Posted: 2005/6/28 11:29  Updated: 2005/6/28 11:29
Kling on HM (WebMaster!)
Joined: 2004/7/19
From: My Box
Posts: 6974
 Re: South West Avengers - Group
You are very official in giving credit where credit is due... However, I would lay off the all that you are writting... Your posts are taking up too much room and therefore bumping other artists off the bottom of the main page quicker. I know if I worked on an image and it got booted because of your Credits I would be a little irritated.

OK, with that said... I like your stuff. It looks good. All your individual images are good. You lost some of the quality on this one when you put them all together... but none the less... good stuff!!!