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Family Meeting.jpg
Family Meeting.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2015/6/29 9:59
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After Moonshadow makes hamburger out of the two specialists (A sight that would give a mortal man nightmares) we finally meet with her father. Four foot three inches tall and deliberately unassuming this minuscule bastard could wipe out the entire galaxy on a whim if he felt the impulse to do so. I can't see his face behind that mask but I know he pissed at seeing me and with his eldest daughter yet. He's really pissed about that contract he doesn't like overlooking loopholes I'm guessing. Moonshadow wraps her arm around my waste and holds me tightly and if I could see the look on his face I'm certain it would be rage.  She looks coldly at him behind her lenses and her voice sounds like metal through her mask. Her words frustrate him and I find out that he truly is a man of his word, and he gave his word to his children. "I know you have had dealings with this Man father, but you gave your word that you would never harm or interfere with anything or anyone that is important to me and that you would support whatever union I chose."

"9000 years ago I made that promise and this one was to be one of us...and while it looks like you have accomplished with romance what I could not through deception. Fine I will remember my promise. Obsidian, if you hurt her...I will hurt you...I will really hurt you."


"Yes dear, I know you are more than capable of hurting him yourself. Is this something serious sweetheart?"

Sweetheart? I am seeing a Paternal side of the Black Mantis I didn't know existed.

"No Father but it may become something he is after all immortal."

"Obsidian, you have been through two marriages, I hope if you decide to do it again it will last substantially longer than the others."

I'm confused, I didn't bring up anything about relationships and I'm feeling a bit on the spot. My words are a jumble of stuttering and idiocy.

"Um yeah of course, I mean we're not serious like that yet but if it er happens I um yeah."
Real smooth dumbass.

"Very good then, Moonshaddow I will see you soon I hope? You rarely visit and your step mother misses you."

"Yes father, and tell Raven I said I'll be by soon."

With that he actually raises his mask as does she and kisses her on the cheek. I'm glad nobody can see my mouth wide open because this is not the bloodthirsty Black Mantis I know.

Slowly I turn to Moonshadow, still stunned from what I just saw...I can only ask:

"Dafuq was that?"

Moonshadow just smiles (that million dollar smile that just makes me melt) and says

"Oh that? Well after you wigged out on me at my place I figured I'd ease your mind a bit with my father.  Long ago he made each of us a promise that he'd never hurt us and that meant never harming anything or anyone important to us. You're important to me, I haven't met too many elves like you...there's just something different about you, most elves are so conceited but not you, and it's obvious my father sees it too or he wouldn't be trying so hard to recruit you."

"So you're only interested because he is?"

"No darling, but it definitely makes things more interesting and now you don't have to worry about my father interfering with your life anymore although he might want to go fishing sometime hahahahaha"
Her laughter is like droplets of rain and tinkling bells, is their nothing about her that isn't magical? Okay I buy it for now and just looking at her figure and listening to her voice is every reason to, I know what you're thinking but like I said before Luminesti cannot be enthralled.

"Okay lady, so where do we go from here?"

"How about we find out why those guys wanted to kill us?"

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Posted: 2015/7/9 0:21  Updated: 2015/7/9 0:21
The Great Eternal Dragon
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 Re: Family Meeting.jpg
Lady Heromorph
Posted: 2015/7/1 3:59  Updated: 2015/7/1 3:59
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 Re: Family Meeting.jpg
Congratulations! You've made top images for the Last Week of June, 2015
Posted: 2015/6/30 20:28  Updated: 2015/6/30 20:28
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 Re: Family Meeting.jpg
This whole awkward family thing reminds me of a situation with an old girlfriend that definitely made me smile. Excellent image as well.