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Superhero Smackdown: Contestant Entry Vampirella By Winterhawk

Superhero Smackdown: Contestant Entry Vampirella By WinterhawkPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   Last Update2006/5/26 8:15
Hits4645  Comments12    
Here is my picture for the first part of the Superhero Smackdown contest

Check the link for rules and to sign up.


DU DU DUPopular
SubmitterBiohaz_DaddyMore Photos from Biohaz_Daddy   Last Update2006/5/26 18:45
Hits2237  Comments6    
Behold!! A Noodle is Born!

Smack Down Entry: The Crimsom Noodle

Smack Down Entry: The Crimsom NoodlePopular
SubmitterBiohaz_DaddyMore Photos from Biohaz_Daddy   Last Update2006/5/26 20:38
Hits2428  Comments9    
Z-Brush model, rendered in Poser, with some Photoshop enhancement


Submitterblubeetle3More Photos from blubeetle3   Last Update2006/5/27 17:30
Hits3100  Comments5    
In the past, I've been lambasted for lack of backgrounds in my renders. So, I decided to put Blue Beetle (YES! Steve Ditko's GREATEST creation!) in the Bug, the best superhero vehicle in comics. Plus, this is my entry into the SUPERHERO SMACKDOWN!

Phoenix - Superhero Smackdown

Phoenix - Superhero SmackdownPopular
SubmitterthanatosMore Photos from thanatos   Last Update2006/6/8 2:55
Hits2899  Comments7    
My pin-up for the Superhero Smackdown.  Phoenix = teh pwn.

SuperHeroSmakDown: Firebird

SuperHeroSmakDown: FirebirdPopular
SubmitterThayneMore Photos from Thayne   Last Update2006/6/9 2:35
Hits2615  Comments7    
My character for the smackdown. Firebird. I'll update it with finishes later. Right now it's causing a block.

**Updated with finishes. Bio got helpful. thanks***

Smackdown: Noodle Power

Smackdown: Noodle PowerPopular
SubmitterBiohaz_DaddyMore Photos from Biohaz_Daddy   Last Update2006/6/11 11:54
Hits2494  Comments9    
Crimsom need to be improved... so I did some noodling    btw he's nood

RoboCop: Superhero Smackdown

RoboCop: Superhero SmackdownPopular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2006/6/13 2:11
Hits2277  Comments2    
RoboCop just layed the smackdown on another cyborg's candyass. Maybe those jabronis at OCP will finally smellLLLLL what Robo.... is.... cookin'.

WomanHood is in SMACKDOWN!

WomanHood is in SMACKDOWN!Popular
SubmitterShump1More Photos from Shump1   Last Update2006/6/14 7:41
Hits5114  Comments11    
The babe is good to go!


SubmitterDarumaMore Photos from Daruma   Last Update2006/6/21 1:31
Hits2887  Comments9    
My entry into the super summer smackdown, Frylock from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  Shown here chillin in his front yard.  This was fairly easy, it's Ben Affleck's face(from "Chasing Amy") on a box of McDonald's fries. Googled the house, made the door and "curtains" from scratch.

Azbat: Superhero smac kdown

Azbat: Superhero smac kdownPopular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   Last Update2006/6/29 3:54
Hits2150  Comments4    
My entry for the Smackdown

Superhero Smackdown: Seduction of the (Semi-)Innocent

Superhero Smackdown: Seduction of the (Semi-)InnocentPopular
Submitterblubeetle3More Photos from blubeetle3   Last Update2006/7/7 17:37
Hits3616  Comments8    
Every superhero has a weakness. Superman and kryptonite. Martian Manhunter and fire. Batman and humility.

Blue Beetle's weakness? His tragic flaw? BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!

With this in mind, two members of Team One try to... ahem... persuade Blue Beetle into forming an alliance. Will Blue Beetle stay true to Team Two? Will he sell out? Will he become a midnight snack for Vampirella? Will Wonder Woman call him "Teddy Bear"?

Superhero Smackdown: Cyborgs Don't Climb Ropes.

Superhero Smackdown: Cyborgs Don't Climb Ropes.Popular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2006/7/7 22:14
Hits2188  Comments8    
RoboCop cheats at the rope climb segment of the obstacle course, much to the dismay of Frylock, who realises he could have just floated over.

SUPERHERO SMACKDOWN: Crisis of Conscience!

SUPERHERO SMACKDOWN: Crisis of Conscience!Popular
Submitterblubeetle3More Photos from blubeetle3   Last Update2006/7/9 11:55
Hits3290  Comments7    
Blue Beetle has an internal debate about whether to accept Wonder Woman and Vampirella's offer or not. His guardian angel and guardian devil argue the merits of their case.


SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   Last Update2006/7/11 19:56
Hits3824  Comments13    
Welcome Heroes and!!!!!!!!!
Luck to you all!!

Only one rule.

Don't get killed.


SubmitterShump1More Photos from Shump1   Last Update2006/7/20 22:24
Hits5379  Comments9    
What a COUP!!!

Womanhood had successfully lured Vampirella to join her on the woefully female-deficient Team 2.

Soon after, while enjoying a celebratory snack from the food hut, the women began to nosh on some strange looking anti-pasta.

It was only after tearing apart and sharing a particularly large and whiney piece of pasta that they realized they had just killed and devoured none other than ... The Crimson Noodle!

Both buxom ladies agreed:
Victory never tasted so good!

SMACKDOWN! - Winterhawk!

SMACKDOWN! - Winterhawk!Popular
SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   Last Update2006/7/22 9:41
Hits3388  Comments22    
Look out Smackdown contestants!
The scariest ass since Richard Hatch is loose on the island!
....Wonder what he has in that briefcase?

SUPERHERO SMACKDOWN: "An Offer You Can't Refuse!"

SUPERHERO SMACKDOWN: "An Offer You Can't Refuse!"Popular
Submitterblubeetle3More Photos from blubeetle3   Last Update2006/7/23 16:25
Hits3480  Comments7    
Wonder Woman, upset by the defection of Vampirella to Team Two, has redoubled her efforts (because... y'know... her and Vampi were working as a team. With Vampi gone, WW has to do ALL the work!) to entice Blue Beetle. No corner will be cut. No expense will be too high. Wonder Woman will get her man!

SUPERHERO SMACKDOWN: "Someone To Watch Over Me"

SUPERHERO SMACKDOWN: "Someone To Watch Over Me"Popular
Submitterblubeetle3More Photos from blubeetle3   Last Update2006/7/24 16:08
Hits3028  Comments10    
Uh... yeah.

What can I say?

SUPERHERO SMACKDOWN: "Meanwhile, At the JLI Embassy..."

SUPERHERO SMACKDOWN: "Meanwhile, At the JLI Embassy..."Popular
Submitterblubeetle3More Photos from blubeetle3   Last Update2006/7/25 18:02
Hits2572  Comments7    
Booster finds about what happened on Smackdown Island at the same time the rest of the world does. Oops! Damned those television rights contracts. And who knew that "Superhero Smackdown" was going to be on CABLE television?!

(Excuse the quality of the pic. Had to shrink it down 20% to get it under the 850,000 limit.)

SUPERHERO SMACKDOWN: "Meanwhile, In Gotham City..."

SUPERHERO SMACKDOWN: "Meanwhile, In Gotham City..."Popular
Submitterblubeetle3More Photos from blubeetle3   Last Update2006/7/30 20:09
Hits2558  Comments2    
Let's see how some others react to the recently televised "Superhero Smackdown".

Yeesh, Bats! Take a chill-pill.

Gorillas in the mix! Smackdown story-line

Gorillas in the mix! Smackdown story-linePopular
SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   Last Update2006/8/4 0:34
Hits2817  Comments9    
As the heros spend their first night on Danger Island, trying to rest up for the trials ahead, and getting to know one another (man, beetle gets all the action), Lady Heromorph puts phase1 "Darwin's Gambit" into play.
Wakey-Wakey heros, you have late-night guests!

SmackDown Round 2: Vampi kicks some

SmackDown Round 2: Vampi kicks somePopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   Last Update2006/8/4 13:47
Hits4272  Comments9    
The first night the camp gets attacked by some rabid gorilla's and Vampis helps fight back.

Smackdown Round 2: The Conspiracy Theory

Smackdown Round 2: The Conspiracy TheoryPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   Last Update2006/8/4 17:59
Hits2340  Comments8    
Just before Vampi make her way into Womanhoods Tent, A secret meeting takes place just outside of Camp.

Smackdown Round 2: The Thick plot that Thickens slowly thinkens thickly

Smackdown Round 2: The Thick plot that Thickens slowly thinkens thicklyPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   Last Update2006/8/5 3:05
Hits2157  Comments8    
and it thickens and thickens and thickens.

Newly restored footage recovered from a camera destroyed in the rampaging Gorilla Attack.

This new footage reveals that the plot is indead much thicken then our viewers had originally thought.

Smackdown! Robocop grosses out everyone!

Smackdown! Robocop grosses out everyone!Popular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2006/8/5 5:24
Hits2734  Comments7    
Robocop decided to walk around without his coverings to freak everyone out. Blue Beetle blows chunks all over Wonder Woman's boots. She's too sickened by Robo's "hatch" to notice.

Smackdown: Night of the Gorillas

Smackdown: Night of the GorillasPopular
SubmitterBiohaz_DaddyMore Photos from Biohaz_Daddy   Last Update2006/8/5 10:02
Hits2114  Comments6    
... and now a word from our sponsers.

Smackdown 2: The Boobie Surprise

Smackdown 2: The Boobie SurprisePopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   Last Update2006/8/5 16:28
Hits2674  Comments5    
Tra le gawk is suddenly tamed by a pair of bouncing fun bags, shortly after freakin out above the beach.


SUPERHERO SMACKDOWN: "Not So Nice Dreams!"Popular
Submitterblubeetle3More Photos from blubeetle3   Last Update2006/8/5 21:36
Hits2881  Comments6    
After the (repulsive) shock of seeing Robocop in the "altogether", Blue Beetle has a strange dream...

(Again, excuse the quality. Had to shrink it to fit the 850,000 limit.)

Smackdown: Alliances

Smackdown: AlliancesPopular
SubmitterBiohaz_DaddyMore Photos from Biohaz_Daddy   Last Update2006/8/6 10:05
Hits2409  Comments7    
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Photo No. 1-30 (out of 395 photos hit)
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