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Seraphim Sacred 2 finds a nice sword

Seraphim Sacred 2 finds a nice swordPopular
SubmitterricklinkousMore Photos from ricklinkous   Last Update2009/4/18 10:48
Hits7167  Comments0    
"This has to be a VERY SPECIAL item!"  The cry of Sacred 2's Seraphim when she finds a powerful item of weaponry or armor in the game.  Kinda neat voice over, if you've heard it.

Your Kung Fu Is Weak IV

Your Kung Fu Is Weak IVPopular
SubmitterPoserHobbitMore Photos from PoserHobbit   Last Update2009/3/25 18:15
Hits2637  Comments4    
Did this one last week then remembered that the Chun-Li movie came out...did anybody see it? Previews look 'eh!' and besides...WATCHMEN!!!!

You Want Some?!?

You Want Some?!?Popular
SubmitterPoserHobbitMore Photos from PoserHobbit   Last Update2009/3/22 21:14
Hits2726  Comments9    

Mess With The Best...

Mess With The Best...Popular
SubmitterPoserHobbitMore Photos from PoserHobbit   Last Update2009/3/20 21:25
Hits2147  Comments4    
Aw, you know 'the rest' of it...don't you?  


ODST WipPopular
SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2009/3/16 17:52
Hits2232  Comments5    
Orbital Drop Shock Trooper: Hi everyone, just working on some characters. So little time at the moment, not as much as I like;) I always liked the ODST and thought Id give it a shot.
The scoop on this pannel: These guys had been on the trail of the Covenant hunting party, (the bad guys on my last post) and was waiting to make there move.. Rigged posed and Rendered Lighting and evnviroment Max/ Mapps alot of painting and some filter-work CS2. and the full album Ride the lighting:) I hope you all like.CHEERs
PS Thanks for the Votes!, there are alot of fantastic artist out there..

Seraphim from Sacred 2

Seraphim from Sacred 2Popular
SubmitterricklinkousMore Photos from ricklinkous   Last Update2009/3/14 8:31
Hits5627  Comments7    
pjz99's outstanding Seraphim poser character set from the freebies section in the store here.

Off Guard

Off GuardPopular
SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2009/3/1 22:28
Hits2804  Comments4    
Off Guard: Hi everyone, Its coming along;) My buddy Blackbirdi asked me to put more into the background stuff, so I did just that:) Ive add some Volume light, aswell as just a touch of cell
work. Also this is one of the Characters Ive been
working on, his name is still up in the air at the moment. Im thinking of doing a one pager on the main characters, having the final page blend into the main story. The story on this image is our character had to slip away (nature calls) and in doing so, slips under the radar from a small Covenant hunting party. Rigged posed and Rendered Lighting and evnviroment Max/ Mapps alot of painting and some filter-work CS2. and the full album Master of Puppets:) I hope you all like.CHEERs


SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2009/2/24 21:06
Hits2050  Comments2    
Halo Mongoose: Hi every one, Just a fast render
and the results of motion blur with-in Max. The mongoose and spiker is by DEElekgolo, aswell as Blackbirdi. This was intended to apply 3d fx Im also working on reflections and raytrace, the reason for this is so that when I get to the post stage I can get the results Im looking for. Rigged posed and rendered in Max/Post-work some painting and color ajust CS2. I hope you all like. CHEERs  


SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2009/2/5 20:34
Hits1751  Comments2    
The Covenant: Hi everybody, Yeh another Halo Image;) Rigged another Character, and still working on the Hunters. This is a W.I.P becuse
I dont have all the characters yet so tech its only a small part of the covenant. Anyway Im getting close to trying out a few more test pages
soon, Im working on a few aspects, eg motion blur
with-in my 3d app. I hope to add to my work:) All
posed rendered and inviro lighting 3dMax/ Post work some painting and filter work CS2... I hope you all like. CHEERs.


SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2009/1/10 16:26
Hits2218  Comments4    
Hunters: Hi everyone, just rigged another Halo bad guy:) here is some info on "The Hunter" (Mgalekgolo) the hunter is a colony of Lekgolo worms,a colony resides in a bluse luster armour
when not in there combat state they stand around thirteen feet tall,crouched around 8 feet tall. The combat state is to protect there unarmored areas the stomach and neck, and being there skin color is  Orange-red these areas are pretty easy to spot. Whats cool is if the colony grows to large, they split creating another Hunter. When the colony divides forming two independent Mgalekgolo colonies, they share a bond referred to as "bond brothers". Aside from the fuel rod mounted on there armor, they carry an enormous melee capable of crushing anything in its path including enemies in close combat. Rigged posed and rendered in Max/ Maps postwork and color ajust CS2. I hope you all like;) CHEERs.

Katana Just a Thought

Katana Just a ThoughtPopular
SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2008/11/17 20:35
Hits2091  Comments4    
Hi everyone, sorry another Halo render;) love it can you tell?:) The Halo katana, I dont play much however some have said you cant us it!? I guess it would do very little against the covenant energy sword. So why not a energy Katana?, anyway as titled Just a thought:) Rigged Posed and final render Max/ Post filters and ajustments CS2. Thanks for all the support everyone, I hope you all like. CHEERs.


SubmitterthestarkillerMore Photos from thestarkiller   Last Update2008/11/8 21:01
Hits2725  Comments4    
I realized I hadn't used the texture for the Cammy costume found in the Peter Cotton bundle, yet, and in light of the new Street Fighter movie that is currently filming starring Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li, I really wanted to do a Street Fighter image.  The only problem was, the texture in the bundle was for a version of her costume from more recent games, and I really wanted to do a classic costumed Cammy.  I spent all night last night and all day today making the texture for her costume myself, and the result is before you.  Let me know how I did.

Just Some Characters

Just Some CharactersPopular
SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2008/11/7 20:46
Hits2165  Comments4    
Hi everyone, Just working with some characters. I dont have enough bad guys as of yet to render a image of Bad Guys?, I have seen some images with these guy's together so this is my att. Everything rendered in Max, Post work and some filters CS2. I hope you all like, CHEERs.

I have a rendezvous with Death

I have a rendezvous with DeathPopular
SubmitterMasterchiefMore Photos from Masterchief   Last Update2008/10/28 0:40
Hits2752  Comments9    
I have a rendezvous with Death, at some disputed barricade, if maybe he should take my hand and lead me into his dark land and close my eyes and quench my breath. I have a rendezvous with death, and my pledged word am true, I have not failed that rendezvous.

This image is a continuation of dealing with a shattered life, I am attempting to pick up the pieces, but at this moment I am not having much luck with it.

I want to take the time to thank my fellow Mods, Hawk, Jr., Bio, OCP, as well as a few other artist here Tyler, Walley, Thayne that know what is going on and have attempted to help me out when I have bothered to log on and talk. Thanks for everything guys, you have been a great help to me and I really haven't thanked you for that. So Thanks for everything guys!  

LEGO the expanded universe

LEGO the expanded universePopular
SubmitterDAGhoulMore Photos from DAGhoul   Last Update2008/10/22 20:30
Hits2950  Comments8    
This is what I hope they do for another video game, bringing all of the other video games they released into LEGO form.

RRTU Scorpion Group

RRTU Scorpion GroupPopular
SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2008/9/29 23:07
Hits1748  Comments1    
Rapid, Responce, Tactical, Unit: Hi everyone Sorry for not posting much, Lots of stuff going on. Anyways this is part of a team of characters Im working on, Though this is an older render. Since this render Ive added more colors rather then just the blue you see here, other weapons (Bigger ones) and I am working on some of the bad guys;) as time permits. All rigged posed, enviroment-lighting and rendered in Max\\Post work, Mapping, filters, color ajust, and some tweeking CS2. Thanks for all your feed back, I hope you all like.


SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2008/8/28 6:49
Hits1968  Comments8    
Ghost: Hi everybody!, another image I had done a few weeks ago. I wanted to start working on ships and some other stuff, putting it all together guys. the comic is coming as time permits. Im working on the storyline and doing some more research, I am also doing some character break downs. Im as you all know using low-res models and at this point Ive had to use 2 programs that Ive never used, one to change the models from Gmax to 3ds and another to switch the maps to a readable format in cs2.
All rendered in max/ post and filters, touch-ups
CS2. Thanks for all the feed back means alot;) CHEERs.


SubmitterthestarkillerMore Photos from thestarkiller   Last Update2008/8/1 13:28
Hits2391  Comments3    
Just a little something I threw together last night with my newly aquired Treasure Hunter set for Poser.

Hellgate: London

Hellgate: LondonPopular
SubmitterPoserHobbitMore Photos from PoserHobbit   Last Update2008/7/25 22:57
Hits2335  Comments6    
Well you can guess what game has captured my attention for the last month or so!

Lux armor from DAZ
Church background by Tony Hayes aka Bogwoppet (Free, Thanx!!)

Comments are always welcome!

Spartan Mark V

Spartan Mark VPopular
SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2008/7/17 22:16
Hits2139  Comments4    
Mark V: Hi all, just tweeking some halo stuff;). Im going to get back to the Halo comic, just brushing up on textures, and rigging some other characters. Im also putting some thought into the story. Spartan rigged and posed in Max,Lighting and enviorment set-up and final render Max/ Postwork, filters, color ajust and and some final ajust CS2. Thank you for all the comments they mean alot:), I hope you all like CHEERs.


SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2008/7/12 0:55
Hits2208  Comments4    
Spartans: Hi all, This was the results of some Toon style rendering and Lighting test aswell as some post techs Ive been working on. This is about 75% of what Im working towards, Small steps due to the amount of work it takes with every level. All rendered in 3D Max, Lighting and enviro set-up/ Filter and color ajust CS2. Im working on getting back to the comic if time permits, I hope you all like. CHEERs.

first kill of the day

first kill of the dayPopular
SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2008/6/18 21:03
Hits2036  Comments5    
first kill: Hi all, sorry for not posting much had been working on other projects. This was a fast render had an ich for some Halo;)everything rendered in Max/ Filters touch-ups in CS2. I hope you all like. CHEERs.

Night Elf Magic

Night Elf MagicPopular
SubmitterthestarkillerMore Photos from thestarkiller   Last Update2008/6/7 13:06
Hits2192  Comments3    
My girlfriend loves this piece.  Of course she's a huge World of Warcraft freak.  She even SPEAKS in WoW chat lingo when she's not playing the game.

The armor is a mish-mash of stuff I've had lying around the runtime folder for a while.

Background is The Lost Garden.

Night Elf textures from, I think, renderosity.  If I'm wrong on that one, please correct me so I can give proper credit for these spectacular textures.

Posed in Poser 7.  Retextured and rendered in Lightwave 9.  Not a single little bit of postwork done, other than a resizing of the image.

Heaven's Vengence

Heaven's VengencePopular
SubmitterTartanninjaMore Photos from Tartanninja   Last Update2008/5/24 19:35
Hits2002  Comments4    
I finished the PS3 game, Heavenly Sword, and was inspired to make something. Here's my versio of Nariko. I used Winterhawk's Adara skin texture and a host of other things.

Silent Foe

Silent FoePopular
SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2008/5/19 14:50
Hits1850  Comments5    
InCrysis: Hi all,I hope you have had a safe and fun long weekend;). Another super model from Blackbirdi, North Korean's panning out of a opening, Silent foe Hehe sorry that was the best I could do for the title. I have my plate full at the moment, but had to get a render out. The Bg is by Pommerlis/ All rendered and posed, eviro-lighting and ceil render in Max. Post-work & touch-ups CS2. Anyway I hope you like,CHEERs.


SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2008/5/7 22:24
Hits2419  Comments7    
Tifa: Hi all, just another character from FF Kingdom Hearts. somebody asked me to do a pic of tifa so I thought I would try. All rendered posed in Max, Post CS2. I hope you all like.CHEERs...


SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2008/5/5 22:43
Hits1834  Comments6    
EgnimaticSoldier: Hi all, wanted to try this character out in a render. All rendered in Max, Post CS2. I dont know much about the game but, love the designs and color used on the character's and inviroments. Thanks for all the feed back, I hope you like.

The Flag

The FlagPopular
SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2008/5/1 20:25
Hits2009  Comments4    
The Flag: Hi all, wanted to do a Halo Image and this is how it turned out. Everything done in Max/Post CS2. Thanks for all the support guys, I was going to try to get a IronMan image out but the dang movie's out on my B day so I hope this is ok. CHEERs.


FF VII TifaPopular
SubmitterPoserHobbitMore Photos from PoserHobbit   Last Update2008/4/26 13:24
Hits2431  Comments8    
Jus' posting some older work over here...I don't know if anyone here has seen my other stuff or cares to! (LOL!) So here it is!

Comments are always welcome!  


SubmitterubaldMore Photos from ubald   Last Update2008/4/16 22:26
Hits2117  Comments8    
CloudVsSephiroth: Hi all, Just working on a few things, wanted to do an Image with these two characters. I want to work on a few FF images, I guess we will see. 100% rendered and posed in Studio max/ Post and some brush work CS2. I hope you all like CHEERs.

Photo No. 271-300 (out of 345 photos hit)
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