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EXPOSURE: ALTERED LIVES! Page 5 by Jinky Coronado

EXPOSURE: ALTERED LIVES! Page 5 by Jinky CoronadoPopular
SubmitterJinkyCoronadoMore Photos from JinkyCoronado   Last Update2012/2/5 13:03
Hits2475  Comments3    
Page 5 of EXPOSURE: ALTERED LIVES!  Story by David Campiti, art by me, color by Santosh Rath, lettering by Zach Matheny.

I post pages today with a heavy heart.
EXPOSURE co-creator AL RIO, my mentor, my friend, my inspiration, died this week in the most senseless of all ways -- suicide, I'm told.

I continue EXPOSURE for him on in his honor.

-- Jinky
TM Glass House Graphics
? 2012 David Campiti & Jinky Coronado

Dana 2

Dana 2Popular
SubmitterJrMcDeathMore Photos from JrMcDeath   Last Update2005/7/28 13:56
Hits2488  Comments10    
I know... I know... It is another re-color of an Image I have already posted here.   Anyway, After I designed Dana 01 I was told that I needed to change the colors of her outfit to yellow and purple... so, here it is.  And I thought it was kinda kewl to see the original sketch in the background.

Oh, here is the first Dana...

Bomb Queen

Bomb QueenPopular
SubmitterNeoceneMore Photos from Neocene   Last Update2009/5/29 10:13
Hits2489  Comments3    
A drawing I did of bomb queen the other like. The creator actually liked this drawing and sent me an email in regards! I was very inspired.

Predator / Wolverine Vs. Aliens

Predator / Wolverine Vs. AliensPopular
Submitteroutlaw2LKMore Photos from outlaw2LK   Last Update2006/12/12 6:10
Hits2497  Comments5    
Finally colored it. Not too thrilled about it, but I just wanted to try getting it done.  Sort of a rush job since I did it in my last 30mins at work.

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted.  I miss HM!

Warrior Nun

Warrior NunPopular
SubmitterVagabondXMore Photos from VagabondX   Last Update2006/7/24 20:37
Hits2498  Comments6    
I've always liked the design of Ben Dunn's Warrior Nun Areala character so I wanted to do a drawing of her. I intentionally made the head overly large as somewhat of an homage to Mr. Dunn's style.

P.S. This is the last of the artwork I already had in my computer that I wanted to submit. I'll continue to post stuff I do that I'm happy with but it won't be quite as often as it has been. I'm sure the moderators will be relieved. I appreciate their patience with me.

EXPOSURE: A STUDY IN SILVER! (Final) by Jinky Coronado

EXPOSURE: A STUDY IN SILVER! (Final) by Jinky CoronadoPopular
SubmitterJinkyCoronadoMore Photos from JinkyCoronado   Last Update2014/5/11 7:22
Hits2499  Comments4    
Here's the full-color final version of my Shawna Diaz artwork from my EXPOSURE series at

Art by me, color by Katrina MaeHao.

Hope you like it.


-- Jinky
EXPOSURE TM Glass House Graphics partners
Art 2014 Jinky Coronado

November Contest Entry - Dr. Mirage - Valiant Comics

November Contest Entry - Dr. Mirage - Valiant ComicsPopular
SubmitterWebGeekMore Photos from WebGeek   Last Update2005/11/23 16:16
Hits2502  Comments3    
Drawn and color by me. Reference was the Issue #1 Cover...


SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2008/3/31 14:17
Hits2502  Comments3    
She grew up.....she filled out.


SubmitterVampireLoverMore Photos from VampireLover   Last Update2006/4/28 5:15
Hits2506  Comments8    
I thought that since I've been practicing on my colors, I'd do another Witchblade. Over my last two of her, I think I'm showing improvement.

Of course, it's Deacon Black's.

Death of Bugman

Death of BugmanPopular
SubmitterAndroidMore Photos from Android   Last Update2011/2/4 15:52
Hits2506  Comments3    
It's a fake cover based on this one:
(Horrible plot and drawing!)

The unknown characters you see here belong to this blog (in Portuguese):

Secret Santa to Bio-Dawg from JrMcDeath

Secret Santa to Bio-Dawg from JrMcDeathPopular
SubmitterJrMcDeathMore Photos from JrMcDeath   Last Update2011/12/24 22:07
Hits2507  Comments8    
Sorry folks.  My 'puter crashed and I had to redo this.  The other image was KICK A$$!  Here is my shameful replacement image.
Merry Christmas y'all!!!


SubmitterVampireLoverMore Photos from VampireLover   Last Update2006/5/14 19:43
Hits2513  Comments8    
Selma Hayek (don't care if I didn't spell that right)

my last D. B. for a while. Hope you like!

HELLBOOP . . . . by KER1

HELLBOOP . . . . by KER1Popular
SubmitterKER1More Photos from KER1   Last Update2008/4/28 12:24
Hits2523  Comments14    
I was involved with a monthly theme contest at another site and the theme was to combine 2 characters from comics, cartoons, etc. This was one of them . . . hee!

Medium: Photoshop CS3

Saint Sailor Jupiter

Saint Sailor JupiterPopular
SubmitterLittle_LilithMore Photos from Little_Lilith   Last Update2006/8/16 14:53
Hits2526  Comments6    
This is a new look to Sailor Jupiter (from anime Sailor Moon) with details from anime Saint Seiya.

Hmmmm, this is a amalgam of two anime elements!

Saint Sailor Moon

Saint Sailor MoonPopular
SubmitterK-SolMore Photos from K-Sol   Last Update2009/3/28 9:12
Hits2532  Comments4    
New Sailor!!!!  


SubmitterThayneMore Photos from Thayne   Last Update2006/5/11 15:19
Hits2535  Comments7    
WILDC.A.T.S Member from Homage Studios.

Updated: blame stubborn red heads.

Jack Hawksmoor "pinup"

Jack Hawksmoor "pinup"Popular
SubmitterPat2004More Photos from Pat2004   Last Update2005/9/19 13:37
Hits2536  Comments6    
very classic , done for a jam

The hi and low Redhead

The hi and low RedheadPopular
SubmitterReddEraMore Photos from ReddEra   Last Update2011/4/25 15:17
Hits2540  Comments3    
HI AND LOW INTENSITY, for COLOR THEORY we were supposed to do the same painting twice and show one with intense color and the other a greyed out version of the same painting.
Most people did squares and triangles.....this is what I chose to do. cause she's hot.

Acrylic on Bristol Board

EXPOSURE: A STUDY IN SILVER! by Jinky Coronado, Colored by Me

EXPOSURE: A STUDY IN SILVER! by Jinky Coronado, Colored by MePopular
SubmitterBiohaz_DaddyMore Photos from Biohaz_Daddy   Last Update2014/5/19 18:57
Hits2540  Comments7    
Got the urge to take on Jinky's latest drawing.

Saint Sailor Mercury

Saint Sailor MercuryPopular
SubmitterLittle_LilithMore Photos from Little_Lilith   Last Update2006/8/16 14:58
Hits2548  Comments4    
This is other amalgam of a character from anime Sailor Moon with elements from anime Saint Seiya.

Outback Maxx by Biohaz Daddy colored by Winterhawk

Outback Maxx by Biohaz Daddy colored by WinterhawkPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   Last Update2007/1/18 19:53
Hits2548  Comments8    
pencils by Biohaz_Daddy
Colored By Winterhawk

you can not find the original pencils here

Yankee Girl

Yankee GirlPopular
SubmittercattleMore Photos from cattle   Last Update2010/1/9 23:17
Hits2554  Comments4    
AC Comics heroine Yankee Girl

another atom eve (bw)

another atom eve (bw)Popular
SubmitterPat2004More Photos from Pat2004   Last Update2006/8/18 1:12
Hits2557  Comments5    
hope you'd like :)


EXPOSURE:  Shawna Diaz by Jinky Coronado

EXPOSURE: Shawna Diaz by Jinky CoronadoPopular
SubmitterJinkyCoronadoMore Photos from JinkyCoronado   Last Update2012/3/11 20:56
Hits2561  Comments1    
The fine folks at suggested to me that, instead of my posting every single page of EXPOSURE: ALTERED LIVES here, that I should direct all of you over to to check out the entire story for free.  So that's what I'm doing.

In fact, next week my next EXPOSURE story, "Night of the Living Dad!", begins -- and I hope you'll all check it out.

Meantime, this one is a commission I'm working on for one of the Kickstarter campaign contributors.  I hope you like it!


Draw/Off #8 Maylen-vs- Wonder Woman (1)

Draw/Off #8 Maylen-vs- Wonder Woman (1)Popular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2006/3/13 15:56
Hits2562  Comments4    
This is the first one I did. I just have to reupload it again from graphicmouse.


SubmittermexidaohqMore Photos from mexidaohq   Last Update2008/4/4 7:41
Hits2575  Comments7    
Art by Ed Benes and colorized by Mexidaohq

Atom Eve by Tazman colored by bhm1954

Atom Eve by Tazman colored by bhm1954Popular
Submitterbhm1954More Photos from bhm1954   Last Update2008/5/25 9:04
Hits2575  Comments2    
Well, this misses the "Girl of the Week" but I wanted to color this anyway. Once again I like what I did here, I think it looks pretty good.

Let me know what you guys think of it.

Robocop vs. Dredd

Robocop vs. DreddPopular
SubmitterOrlockMore Photos from Orlock   Last Update2005/5/20 17:28
Hits2583  Comments6    
I drew this in ink about 7 years ago and just recently scanned it in and colored it to practice on my digital coloring some more. Feedback will be most appreciated. Thanks guys.

The Guyver: Bio Booster Armor

The Guyver: Bio Booster ArmorPopular
SubmitterPowermasterJazzMore Photos from PowermasterJazz   Last Update2005/4/8 5:51
Hits2596  Comments5    
When a high school student Sho unwittingly activates a mysterious alien weapon, he is transformed into The Guyver, the ultimate weapon. He must now defend humankind against the Zoanoids, devastating creatures created by Chronos, an evil corporation bent on Godhood.


SubmitterNeoceneMore Photos from Neocene   Last Update2009/7/21 18:58
Hits2608  Comments2    
A pencil drawing I did of the Witchblade!

Photo No. 481-510 (out of 670 photos hit)
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