Re: Heromorph's 'Secret Santa' 2006 and 2007

Posted by DAGhoul on 2007/11/18 10:46:46
Alright, I want in! I remember this from last year and it was awesome. My three character lists are:

1) Jason Todd (either as Robin, Hush or Red Hood and in any medium the artist chooses or specializes in).

2) Green Goblin vs. New Goblin (from the Spider-Man movies in any way, shape or form that the artist so desires).

3) Sinestro, as a Green Lantern, dressed as Santa and giving power rings as Christmas gifts to a teenage Katma-Tui and a child Naratu (she's the new Korugar in the Green Lantern Corps).

Now, these are the speculations on what I can do. I can do pencils, inks and color in photoshop. I'm not very good at photomanipulation, but I'm more than willing to give it a try. I will not do any nudes, anything sexual nor anything pornographic. I will also not do anything blasphemous (I am Christian).

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