Re: Heromorph's 'Secret Santa' 2006 and 2007

Posted by JrMcDeath on 2007/11/19 8:38:11
Well, you all know that I like adult based images... but I am here to say... all you that want to discuss the morality of porn... start a new thread and get out of this festive Christmas thread. I mean, if normal porn bothers you... then Christmas Porn must really make you nuts.

So yes, this is not the place... and I am personally tired of reading about what you think (in this thread) So stop. You have all been warned. how would you like a nice Christmas Banning...huh? Take your argument else where and leave this thread for Secret Santa Sh!t.

-Nuff said.

And WAS... I did say Rogue.... go look. (Now I must hurry and edit my other post... wait... I am too lazy... never mind.)

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