Re: Heromorph's 'Secret Santa' 2006 and 2007

Posted by Winterhawk on 2007/11/26 16:07:13
alrighty, cool beans.
We all have are names and are hard at work producing the best images ever seen by anyone ever.

I would like to take this chance to let everyone know that if for what ever reason you are unable to produce the image in time for christmas, do the right thing and post a message here with enough time for someone else to volunteer to take over your image.
In the message just say I am unable to continue do not give away who you have recieved.

For any member that wants to do an image for someone else who is unable to complete their x-mas gift, please reply here that you are willing to be a back-up artist. You do not have to be signed up to be a back-up artist. Please note Back-up artists will not recieve a present.
Daruma will assign any backup artists with new giftees as soon as he is able to do so once he sees a message posted by the original gift giver that they are unable to complete their duties.

If you signed up and do not do a image and do not post in this thread at least one week before christmas that you are not able to continue, you will be barred from entering any future challenges, contests, group, projects, and tournaments held in the future as getting a present and then not giving a present is just plain wrong. If you were lucky enough to recieve me as your giftee and I don't get a present I will ban you

Happy Holidays

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