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Ultimate Marvel Fan Fiction Question

Subject: Ultimate Marvel Fan Fiction Question
by Walandr on 2009/3/31 21:56:49

I was wondering if those on this forum could post suggestions about Marvel 616 transitions into the Ultimate Marvel universe. In ?March On Ultimatum? I was dissapointed with the backwards take on the Ultimates (Thor now speaks like 616 Thor, and I?m conivnced no Viking ever spoke that way; the Wrecking Crew and the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy are 1-dimensional caricatures of their 616 counterparts; Valkyrie and Black Panther are very confusing and do not add to the plotlines they are in). I really hope they do not do the same with the Destroyer, Jack Munroe, Lucifer, Changeling, the Savage Land Mutates, or Solo. I would like to add my own suggestions for their inperpretations. Any and all advice would be appreciated.