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Re: DAZ Rigging?

Subject: Re: DAZ Rigging?
by drunkendragon on 2016/5/28 15:01:03

not that this is any help,
but that's why most of the props I make have very few moving parts.

If they do, such as a moving (turning) tire on a car, I create the tire as a separate object, and mess with the action center AFTER importing it into Daz and positioning, and BEFORE saving it as a prop parented to the car figure.
A not so professional work around for non-organic objects, and not so useful for bending joints like arms and legs. (Cuz I ain't spent the time learnin' about them bonez)

And technically not "rigging" as most people use the term.
But it gets done what I need it for.

Back when I still had poser, it was a LOT easier to rig even simple movements. But as I said, I just haven't devoted any time to learnin' Daz's set up yet.