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Chase to ground

Chase to groundNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/8/3 14:45
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This is an image from the chase scene described in my last image.


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/8/3 12:20
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End Game.jpg

End Game.jpgUpdated
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/8/3 8:15
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Finally, I track that sonofabitch down, and after another foot chase he tries to give me the slip by hopping in his ship again but I'm one step ahead of him this time and as I leap from the flight deck a thousand feet above the planet's surface, I summon the Wraith. In an instant it appears beneath me as if by magic. A split second later and I'm on his ass. For the first time since this began I have the upper hand and Razor knows it. He points his nose to the ground no doubt he figures his smaller ship can outmaneuver mine. He's wrong, the Wraith is a flying death machine of grace and beauty and she moves with agility unheard of for a craft of her size. We skim the surface just a few feet off the ground and around obstacles weaving in and out at blinding speeds. I never look at the controls keeping my eyes on the tiny craft as Razor desperately tries to escape. I know he wants to hyper-jump but he can't while I'm on him. He dips down into a canyon but it won't help him, the Wraith easily navigates the twisting terrain. Suddenly he pulls straight up and takes off like a shot. He's making a break for it but that won't help him either. I arm my cannons and fire randomly, I don't want to kill him just make him panic. As we clear the planet's atmosphere we scream towards a nearby asteroid field. Suddenly I hear Razor's voice over my comms.
"You know you can't catch me right? Not in that bulky thing. Sure you've got speed and you can maneuver in atmosphere but my ship was built for space. You won't win."
There's too much rage inside me and all I can muster is the phrase.
"You're a dead man."
He heads for a nearby asteroid field and we bob and weave though rocks the size of mountains and as soon as he's clear he makes the jump...just like I planned. I get his coordinates and punch them into the nav computer and make the jump to hyperspace. I come out just in time to see his tiny little craft slow down, he thinks he's lost me and that's when I let loose with a torpedo, it detonates taking out his shields and it's a simple matter for my guns to take him down. he treats off towards a nearby planet, at full burn, another base presumably. As we breach the atmosphere a dozen Hadean fighters join the fray, their funeral. I launch several F.A.F. (fire and forget) drones and continue after Razor. The drones will make short work of any pilots that were stupid enough to attack me. Their small size makes them hard to target and they pack considerable firepower. Razor's ship continues to fall apart and I watch as one of his engines explodes bursting into flames, an engine panel whizzes by my canopy but I never flinch. My scanners pick up a base nearby and I lock onto it with a heavy torpedo. The torpedo detonates a split second later leaving a gaping hole and destroying any possibility of rescue for Razor. His crippled ship makes a bee line for one of the few remaining hangars and I'm right on his tail. His landing isn't graceful in the slightest and he tears up the runway . As soon as the wraith is close enough I leap from the cockpit and onto the flight deck. Razor stumbles out of the wreckage with the grace of newborn foal. In an instant I'm on him, but I discover all too quickly that his clumsy staggering was a ruse. His blade narrowly misses my head as I slide under the stroke. I grip the ground fwith my gauntleted fingers for traction to slow my speed, and turn to face him in a three point stance. My blade instantly teleports into my hand and we square off. His armor is an even match for my own so just like our last encounter this fight is gonna come down to skill. Our swords clash, and I'm certain my 2 dimensional infinitium sword will easily lop his bullshit mythril blade in half, but no. One deadly slash after another and the sparks fly. Again and again, we test each other's skills and it looks like a stand off until I do something unexpected...
"Razor, you know you did something stupid right?"
"Oh, and what pray tell, is that?" We are evenly matched, there's no way you can take me."
"you're right." I say with a smile, "But you took too long to finish me and let this fight last long enough for my sword to charge. So you'll be fighting it instead of me."
Oh how I wish I could seen the look on his face as I release the handle and the enchanted sword flies of it's own free will. It is a sight to behold, and there's no way Razor can't keep both me and my blade in his sights, and I take full advantage. I tackle him to the floor with an impact hard enough to send his blade flying. Sitting on top of him I begin slamming my fist into his head repeatedly. Razor tries to use his clawed fingers to slice my mask while grabbing my wrist in his other hand. I edge my fist closer and closer to his face and just inches away I release the hidden mythril blade from my cybernetic arm I can feel the sudden panic as he doubles his effort to claw my face off.
"You, can't beat me like this Obsidian, our armors are too evenly matched. NNgh What do you argh, hope to accomplish?"
"We were evenly matched, until you cut my arm off."
I don't switch off the mic, as I tell my onboard computer:
"Computer, transfer additional power to cybernetics!"
Slowly my Arm-blade creeps toward the underside of his jaw millimeter by precious millimeter as he feels the point he tilts his head away but to no avail, the tip moves steadily closer. As the blade cuts through his armor he makes a sickening gurgle and I feel his grip tighten, as the tip sinks through the roof of his his mouth and into his brain he he squeezes tightly, his right hand opens and closes as if trying to grasp some unseen object and then suddenly with a final spasm and a shudder he ceases to be. His body relaxes and the blade plunges to it's full length until I can see an inch of the it poking out of the top of his helmet. I give a final twist for good measure and his body convulses violently and then goes limp. At last I have my revenge, the clan has it's debt, and I have his I walk back to my hovering ship I never look back, tossing an anti-matter grenade over my should as I leap into the cockpit. A moment later as my craft screams through the atmosphere the base explodes with 10 megatons of explosive power. I head back for the Lillun, with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Killing is never easy for me and killing slowly is even less so. I think I'm gonna go get drunk.

Killer Frost

Killer FrostNew
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2015/8/2 18:49
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The original version of Firestorm villianess Killer Frost (aka Crystal Frost) in all her sex-say man-hating glory!


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/8/2 14:41
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Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Category! 3D Art !    Last Update2015/8/2 14:15
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Dragon Turtle

Dragon TurtleNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/8/2 5:19
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This beast is as it's name would imply, a combination of Dragon and Turtle. Though not as massive as a Zaratan, Reef Dragon it still impressive at nearly 50 feet in length. Dragon Turtles have no natural enemies except other dragons, and feed primarily on other sea creatures having no preference of one species over another. Like many dragons they have fiery breath which is hot enough to melt granite and while they cannot fly they can indeed swim at speeds of up to 200 mph. It has been observed they they can lay dormant at the ocean floor at any depth meaning they are they are not only quite strong but also quite durable, capable of withstanding pressures that would crush lesser creatures. Even small Dragon Turtles are practically invulnerable to most conventional weapons while larger Dragon Turtles can only be harmed by enchanted or Heavy weapons capable of damaging starships. The beak and teeth of a Dragon Turtle as one might suspect, is capable of tearing through conventional materials easily, though thankfully they rarely attack seagoing vessels. It is not possible to tame or ride these creatures and unlike their flying cousins they are not highly intelligent though they do possess a high degree of animal intelligence.  If provoked the Dragon Turtle will hunt it's enemy down relentlessly and they have long memories. Dragon Turtles reproduce by laying from 1-3 eggs and viciously guard them against predators attacking anyone or anything that comes within roughly 100 yards. Upon hatching the first hatchling will immediately attack the remaining eggs feasting upon it's siblings, this behavior is baffling to scientists but it does keep their numbers down. The life span of a Dragon Turtle is unknown but if the land based dragons are anything to go by it could possibly be thousands of years.

HACK/SLASH! by Jinky Coronado

HACK/SLASH! by Jinky CoronadoNew
SubmitterJinkyCoronadoMore Photos from JinkyCoronado   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2015/8/1 20:29
Hits47  Comments3    
HACK/SLASH is a comic book series from Image Comics.

A fan commissioned me to do a drawing of this character -- and based on the images I found online researching the character, this scene seemed to fit the best.

(I can't bring myself simply to draw a character just standing there.  It seems like such a waste!)

Hope you like it!


-- Jinky
Art © 2015 Jinky Coronado

1000 WORDS - day late and $ short

1000 WORDS - day late and $ shortNew
SubmitterdrunkendragonMore Photos from drunkendragon   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2015/8/1 18:44
Hits34  Comments0    
Not my best work, July is my busiest time o' year....
But I did a quickie on 7/29/15 that I forgot to post until now.  So here ya go, a day late and a dollar short, but guess the song...there are clues in the pic...
I'll give ya more hints in the comments if ya need 'em.
First one's free tho'...
Storm's costume is from the same decade as the song.


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2015/8/1 13:03
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Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/8/1 6:59
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‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper Tribute

‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper TributeUpdated
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2015/8/1 4:12
Hits96  Comments3    
‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, Wrestling Legend,Actor, Dead at 61.

Wrestling legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper has died at age 61, TMZ reports.
Piper died of cardiac arrest in his Hollywood home, according to the website.
Piper (real name: Roderick George Toombs) rose to wrestling fame in the 1980s, and was admitted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005.
Piper was one of the wrestling league’s most popular villains, playing up Toombs’ Scottish heritage — he was actually born in Canada, though his character was billed as from Glasgow — with his signature kilt and the bagpipe music that would accompany him into the ring.
Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Toombs made his pro wrestling debut in Winnipeg at age 15, eventually making his way to America, where he landed a gig with the American Wrestling Association, which ran from 1973 to 1975.
He later moved on to the National Wrestling Alliance before signing on with the WWE — at the time, the WWF — rising to iconic status. In addition to his ring time, Piper hosted the talk show “Piper’s Pit,” which was later refashioned as a podcast.
In professional wrestling, he was best known for his work with the World Wrestling Federation in the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. Although he was Canadian, due to his Scottish heritage he was billed as coming from Glasgow in Scotland and was known for his signature kilt and bagpipe entrance music. He earned the nickname "Rowdy" by displaying his trademark "Scottish" rage, spontaneity and quick wit. Despite being a crowd favorite for his rock star-like persona, he often played a villain. Aside from his ring name, he was also known by the nickname "Hot Rod".
Piper racked up dozens of film and TV credits, starring in numerous action B-movies and later doing voice work”. The most famous of Piper's acting exploits was in the 1988 science fiction film They Live, directed by John Carpenter, which spawned the catchphrase Piper came up with - "I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And I’m all out of bubble gum." - As well as the long fight scene over sunglasses against Keith David which took three weeks to rehearse. The line and the fight scene has since been parodied in Duke Nukem, South Park and Adventure Time. Entertainment Weekly wrote that Piper's role in They Live made him a "cult icon" and "some kind of legend". Rolling Stone wrote that Piper "had a memorable career as an cult actor", citing They Live and the 1987 film Hell Comes to Frogtown.
Piper appeared as a wrestler loosely based on himself in an episode called "Crusader" from Walker, Texas Ranger. Piper appeared as a prison antagonist in an episode of The Outer Limits series
*Born: Apr 17, 1954 • Saskatoon, Canada
*Died: Jul 31, 2015
*Height: 6' 0" (1.83 m)
*Net worth: $4 million USD (2015)
*Spouse: Kitty Toombs (Since 1982)
*Children: Ariel Teal Toombs (Daughter) • Colton Baird Toombs (Son) • Falon Danika Toombs (Daughter) • Anastacia Shea Toombs (Daughter)

Enter Nechronos

Enter NechronosNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/8/1 3:35
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Across the universe and throughout time he has existed, what are his motives? None know it is said his ideals are beyond the understanding of mortals, But obsidian Mask is no mere mortal. Nechronos is a spellweaver, and Time Master one of the last of his kind. His people ascended long ago to become one with the cosmos, and infinite realities. Through their archives he has learned of the destroyer, and worse yet, that the destroyer is here in his reality, threatening it's very existence. But the diabolical madman has no intention of doing anything about it. No he intends to find this destroyer and glean whatever knowledge and resources he can from such a powerful being, but how? Yes how can he even dream of pulling the wool over the eyes of The Black Mantis! It matters not to him how, because he must first find the destroyer's weakness...Every creature has one right? But the tomes of the ancient archives give no clues, there are only rumors now, and is plans are being interfered with by that bothersome elf Obsidian Mask, no matter he at least can be disposed of. Razor will see to it in their last encounter Razor brought back his arm, he will bring his head eventually. The mad Time Master's thoughts wander and then suddenly, a tome mentions a prophecy, no, not a prophecy but a myth, a legend. The Time Masters mention a simulacrum, a clone, an artificial life brought forth from the blood of the enemy, one who is close to the destroyer but who could it mean?  Over and over a reference to the Dark hood and Dark Shadow, it couldn't be...could it...The bothersome Elf is close to the destroyer? Pah many beings wear black and call themselves the hooded one and so forth...but this is too much of a coincidence for Nechronos' comfort.  Razor kept the arm as a trophy, and now it may serve a better use...  
The mad Time Master summons Deathwing, his loyal dragon, and with an incantation as old as time they vanish in a violet mist.

Lillun Hangar

Lillun HangarUpdated
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/7/30 15:28
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In the Mani Hangar of the SS Lillun Obsidian and a couple of clones perform maintenance on the various vehicles he uses regularly. Inside the Hangar is a cargo EM transporter and plenty of cargo space designed to retrieve Obsidian's various vehicles and can be used to retrieve vehicles as large as the Lillun's shuttles.. The hangar is located in the belly of the Lillun.


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Category! 3D Art !    Last Update2015/7/30 15:17
Hits46  Comments2    

Ms. Marvel

Ms. MarvelUpdated
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/7/29 20:50
Hits87  Comments3    
Embiggened and ready to kick butt!


A "rendermanip" (for lack of a better term) of Kamala Khan, the new(ish) Pakistani-American Ms. Marvel.

Why? Because she's awesome, that's why.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2015/7/29 17:50
Hits48  Comments1    
Beats an arrow to the knee, I guess....

Things to come

Things to comeUpdated
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/7/29 14:06
Hits46  Comments2    
A preview of things to come...The Spectre will be no more...I give you the Wraith.

All in the past

All in the pastUpdated
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/7/28 7:06
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Water drips from the cavern ceiling trickling with an echo onto the cave floor and in the cold darkness the sound of my own breath inside my helmet seems louder than usual. The ruins of Guldav’n could be another wild goose chase but for my beloved Sarah I have to check out every rumor and every clue no matter how slim the chance of finding her may be. After a few minutes I get the eerie feeling I’m not alone. A quick scan of a nearby wall reveals the telltale traces of bats, further scanning reveals the bats themselves…vampire bats. Vampire bats are fine but usually where one finds vampire bats one also finds...Vampires!
Yeah I know what you’re thinking “Vampires? Seriously?” yeah seriously in fact there are entire worlds conquered by the damned things. Of course those worlds are blockaded, nothing in and nothing out, and anyone trying to leave is terminated with extreme prejudice and any ships leaving the atmosphere are atomized. But this world isn’t ruled by them or I wouldn’t have set foot on it…still I feel like I’m being watched. To that end I reach for my sword and slowly slide the metal blade out. I activate the stealth systems on my suit and go into silent mode and that’s when I hear it, the grinding sound of a foot on gravel. I’m being followed, and since my scanners don’t pick up undead I use my sword’s magic and cast a simple spell that does. I get a sick feeling in my stomach as the spell reveals dozens of vampires within 200 ft of me but one closer than all the others. I turn to face it and I am caught completely by surprise by the sheer speed of the thing. It immediately goes for the throat big mistake. Now it’s my turn for surprises as I whip the bloodsucker into a nearby wall impaling it on a Stalagmite large enough to skewer a rhino. It won’t kill it, a fact I am reassured of as the damn vampire snaps it in half and soars high above me.
“You are formidable indeed mortal but that armor will not save you for long, I shall enjoy feasting on your blood.”
Arrogance is a sign of stupidity in my book. Dracula here has no clue what he’s up against. I don’t have time for this crap though and I honestly did not come equipped with wooden or UV ammo. That means that my sword is the only means of killing this thing since Vampires have a particular susceptibility to magic. However, I need him in arms reach to kill him. Sooooo…
“Hey suckhead, I have to say, I don’t particularly like being called mortal. In fact I find it a bit insulting. You must be high on your fake immortality…too bad you have to feed on others to keep it. Unlike you, I am born to it.”
There’s a pause as the blood sucker considers the ramifications of what I’ve just told him and then…
“You are Luminesti? Ha! Your life is forfeit here elf, this is our domain. Immortality is but one of our gifts, behold our true power.”
He lands on the ground in front of me and takes a swipe at my head, to no avail as I easily evade his clawed hand. However, he does not evade mine as I dislocate his arm at the elbow, he snaps it back in place like nothing happened but it got his attention and now he’s pissed on principal. That’s when I pull out my sword. The smug bastard just smile…but his amusement doesn’t last for long.
“Do you think that will save you? No mortal weapons can harm me…Hahahahaaaaa-Hurk!”
That last noise he makes is funny to me and I can’t hold back a slight chuckle, and as the look on his face turns from arrogance to twisted rage. I know he has just realized I can really hurt him.
“You! I will kill you slowly for that!”
“Bring it bloodsucker!”
He falls right into my trap, as his good sense gives way to his rage he lunges for me his last most fatal mistake. My armor easily outmatches his speed and strength as I side step him and shove him face first into the ground. As he turns to face me again his look of rage is replaced by surprise as the flash of my enchanted blade severs his head from his shoulders.
A gurgle escapes his lips as he tries to say something, and he only manages to stare at me with a combination of hatred and disbelief on his face as his body bursts into blueish green flames and ash. In an instant his body is reduced to nothing more than a pile of flickering embers as it crumbles to dust like so much burnt paper. I scan once more to see if there are more of them on the way, and to my relief none of his vampire buddies are moving. I know that if Sarah came here her Infinitium armor and combat skills would have made short work of these guys, still…I have to go farther in. I place an EMT enhancer nearby to boost the retrieval beam in the event I need to make a quick exit and proceed onward. After a few yards through damp caverns and an opening emerges reveal a vast underground oasis that spreads for miles in all directions.
Brightly glowing Sunstones high above provide light by absorbing solar radiation from the surface and radiating it to the darkness below. Even miles beneath the surface the effect is like having direct sunlight…and is powerful enough to keep Vampires at bay. In the distance, an overgrown ruin lies stretched out before me and after a quick scan for evil creatures reveals nothing, I hike towards it. As I approach the temple I can’t help but think that if the intel I got on this place was bogus there’ll be no place that Gobelian info-broker can hide from me. I reach a clearing at the entrance to a temple, Statues of men with eagle heads stand like giant pillars on either side of the entrance. Hieroglyphs dot the walls, most pay homage to Ra the sun god while others speak of the great pharaoh to whom this particular temple is dedicated. My helmet possess enchantments which enable me to understand written languages (I can’t write them though), further enchantments allow me to understand and speak all languages that are verbal…but the enchantment I like best is the one that allows me to detect and read Runes and this temple is covered in them. Several runes are power spells meaning they’ll hurt trespassers, still others are conjuration, and the scariest ones are Essence spells no doubt intended to raise undead guardians to protect whatever lies inside. These types of enchantments are single use only and since they’re still in place it’s a safe bet that nobody has entered the place since it was built. As I explore the perimeter, I come across an old campsite but it looks like there was a battle. The footprints reveal that at least one of the combatants was….YES!! Sarah was here alright, and the tread of her Tabi and her signature toe claws are all over the place but as I discover the corpses of her foes I am confused at best. They’re all bones, not scattered either, they’ve been picked clean and have yellowed as though a hundred years or more have passed since they fell. A quick Carbon scan reveals they are in fact 500 years old. The claw marks on many of the bones reveal that it is definitely Sarah’s handy work, but 500 years ago? It doesn’t make any sense. Suddenly a glimmer of gold catches my eye as I walk over I scan it and I discover it isn’t gold at all but…an Infinitium case! Well that tears it, 500 years or not, this is definitely Sarah’s. The case is hermetically sealed and cannot be opened here. The lock is DNA coded, so it will have to be taken aboard the Lillun where we have Sarah’s DNA on file.
As I exit the cave, a simple button press activates my Star-fighter which flies in and hovers above me. I remotely land it in a nearby clearing mindful of the fact that the two suns of this world are both setting, and that the Vampires within the caverns will be waking soon. Climbing into the cockpit I punch up my starship on the radio.
“Obsidian Mask to Lillun do you read, over?”
“Obsidian Mask this is Harley we read you Loud and clear, why is your transmission audio only?”
“The twin binaries on this world prevent full video communications.”
“Understood. What do you need bro?”
“I am sending rendezvous coordinates for this system please fold here asap.”
“Confirmed will rendezvous with you in one hour.”
“Why so long?”
“The Black Mantis has decided to make some modifications to the warp rings and aft section in general and they’re almost complete.”
“Aw crap what is he doing to our ship? Very well one hour. I’ll remain in orbit until then. Obsidian out.”

My apologies folks this should have been the first image in the series but the idea to do a series came late.

Bridget T. Dog from "My Cage"

Bridget T. Dog from "My Cage"
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2015/7/27 17:09
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The first of 3 pin-ups I'm doing based on the furry comic strip "My Cage". Bridget T. Dog is the girlfriend/wife of main character Norm Platypus and is currently pregnant with their first child. She's my favorite female character not because she's a 'stupid hippie' as some call her but because she's that kind of beautiful dreamer I hope to marry one day.

have a seat

have a seat
Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/7/27 1:20
Hits91  Comments1    
something i did for fun just trying to get my creative juices moving again  the loss of my brother has effected me more then i though so its hard to focus but i am trying

JINKY IN REAL LIFE! by Jinky Coronado

JINKY IN REAL LIFE! by Jinky CoronadoPopular
SubmitterJinkyCoronadoMore Photos from JinkyCoronado   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/7/26 17:40
Hits121  Comments2    
At Comic-Con San Diego this month, a Heromorph fan came by and bought my BANZAI GIRL and EXPOSURE books.  (THANK YOU SO MUCH!)

As I was signing them, he said, "I never expected that you really looked like your picture -- or your character."

I laughed and showed him a bunch of my pictures that I sign at shows...and even did s sketch for him on the inside cover of the BANZAI GIRL volume 1.  Hope you enjoyed the book.  I enjoy being known as BANZAI GIRL!

(Photo courtesy of Don Feenerty)


-- Jinky
Photo © 2015 Jinky Coronado

Bane Refit

Bane Refit
SubmitterCMK24601More Photos from CMK24601   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2015/7/26 13:23
Hits47  Comments1    
This is a concept on a Bane Refit that removes some of the more exploitable flaws I have seen with other depictions of his Venom Delivery system.

Freebies Used: - Bane'ss Mask - Shaders used for Mask eyes - Mask, glove, and boot leather - boots

The Black Panther

The Black Panther
Submitterrobert2654More Photos from robert2654   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/7/25 19:50
Hits75  Comments4    
Always liked this character and finally got around to making him


SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/7/25 14:20
Hits49  Comments0    
In his time during the Millennium Wars, Obsidian was trained by the reclusive Oni, a race of blue skinned beings whose entire world resembles something out of fuedal Japan. Obsidian was trained in espionage, disguise, infiltration, sabotage, and assassination. to call him a Ninja is an understatement his elven abilities and agility makes him more than just anassassin. Having been bested by at least two combatants Obsidian returns to his roots and hones his skills to deadly perfection.  

On the hunt

On the hunt
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/7/25 9:59
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My next lead takes me to a factory on a remote system on the edge of the Hadean galactic rim. The troops there are well armed and armored. They never see me coming, and it's a slaughter...I know I'm supposed to be a "Hero" but today I'm on a missions from my clan and they require an assassin...Sorry Sarah, but I told you I wasn't a hero and beside I have a lot of history with the Hadeans and lost a lot of friends to them in combat. After the War their government was in shambles and several splinter groups appeared withing their system that rule independent sectors.  This one is in bed with Razor's boss Nechronos. After accessing their computers it's confirmed, several billion credits along with arms and equipment were shipped here. The question is though, shipped from where? I get a line on the source, good thing for me they keep records, but it's probably a front, no matter Ray will get to the heart of it. I signal the Lillun and meet at the designated rendezvous coordinates.  Razor may have escaped but as long as I live he won't be able to stop running and there is nowhere he can hide from me.

Sci-Fi Lady.jpg

Sci-Fi Lady.jpg
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I broke out a V3 just for fun to see how it would hold up in a current render engine...not too bad if I do say so myself.

Man Down.jpg

Man Down.jpg
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We rush Harley back to the Lillun and I dispatch a squad to recover as much Mythril as we can get. In the Med Bay I am met by the doctor  who tells me that Harley's condition is more serious than it should be.

"The same weapon that prevented your arm from being mended is doing the same thing to Harley.   Except in his case the wound is not an appendage I can simply replace. His torso is cut deeply and while no organs were hit and the wound can be held closed it will not heal.  Any activity more strenuous than say a normal human routine, could cause the staples to pop out and case severe bleeding."

I almost loose it, honestly Harley and i have been through centuries of shit together,and Razor nearly killed him because of a grudge with me.

My thoughts are interrupted as Zaeerah bursts in.

"Where is he?"  I hear from the waiting area. "I want to see him right this moment!"

A nurse opens the door and gestures for me.

"This woman is demanding to see you High Justiciar, do you wnat me to-"

Zaeerah pushes the clone aside and quickly runs over to me?

"Um what gives?" I say as she throws her arms around me. "Exactly what do you think you're doing?"

There's a pause as she looks into my eyes and an inquisitive looks falls across her face. "But Master, I rush to be at your side. I was told that the clan leaders informed you of my purpose here, would you send me away? Are we not betrothed?"

Well the lines of communication have certainly broke down somewhere, I note as I look at her innocent little puppy-dog eyes.  What comes next is hard for her to swallow but in the end...she has to do as the clan orders...suddenly I'm keenly aware of how glad I am that I don't have that issue.

I sigh deeply and give the kid the bad news.

"First, mind your place Chunin!" Quickly she takes a knee out of respect for my authority. "Secondly...I'm sorry, but no I am not your...Betrothed.  The man you are to wed lies over on that operating table and he owes you his life I will fill you in on the exact details of-"

I am interrupted by the doctor again.

"Harley is waking up and can speak now, but be mindful, he is heavily drugged to reduce the swelling and pain."

I walk over to Harley with the little elf in tow, as she passes the doctor he comments to Zaeerah:

"I see your cheek is doing better, that's good, come by later I'd like to do some x-rays and see that the bones have knitted properly."

I had noticed she wasn't sporting any bruises, doc does good work, and that hit she took from Moonshadow was hard enough to shatter her face.  I guess she'll be minding herself from now on. Still ouch!

"Hey Har, how you feeling dude?"

"Whatever they gave me...I want two it's awesome...I can't feel my face <snort> Hahahahahaaa.  Hey, hey, hey.....ummmmmmmmmmmm Oh did you get that guy, um Razorblade or whassisname?  Mother fucker cut me n'nat and now I got stitches."

"No bro we didn't get him, he tricked me and got away."

Harley's words are a drug hazed sleepiness of unintelligible gibberish. It's clear he is out of it and I elect to let him rest, he'll have enough problems soon.

"Zaeerah, come with me."

"If it's all the same to you master, I would like to stay at my betrothed's side."

Touching, she must have been raised with the Oni, her every movement and the way she speaks is exactly as i remember from my days on their homeworld.  She'll follow the clan's orders to the letter and she'll make one hell of a wife for Harley, loyal to the end.  Unfortunately her loyalty to the clan is her driving motivation, it might become a problem later if the clan and I ever come into conflict. Still for right now her concern seems genuine.

"Very well, stay by his side until I resolve this issue with Razor. However, at your earliest convenience I want to speak with you in my office about Razor and why he backed down from you."

"Yes Master, I understand."

"Oh and one more thing..."

"Yes Master?"

"Stop calling me master, call me Obsidian or Sir if you're one of us now, and we're a bit less formal than you've been raised to be."


The hiss of the doors behind me acts to somehow relieve m,y tension as I exit the Med Bay. It's hard for me to see my friends and family hurt, I can deal with my own injuries just fine but I hate seeing those i care for hurt. I absentmindedly rub my artificial arm while pondering the possibilities for Harley if I can't undo what Razor's sword has done. I look down and the rage begins to swell within's not the insult of this injury that angers me,it's the fact of it.  I have never been this badly injured except for when I faced Zakan and got two cybernetic eyes for my trouble. I feel stupid, sloppy like it's my fault...I just want to kick my own ass for letting this happen and-

"I know that look, I have seen it a million times."

Moonshadows footsteps are as silent as falling snow, and I'm startled at her the sound of her voice...I haven't been startled by anyone in decades.

"You're blaming yourself aren't you my 'Xenshun'nye? [Darling]   The things that have transpired are not any of your doing, they are but a consequence of another man's jealousy and rage, and the will of his employer.  You could not have changed this, no, but you can change what it does to you."

She pulls me close to her and places my head on her chest, I can hear her heart beating in my ear and feel the warmth of her jet black skin as she strokes my hair. The melodic tone of her soft voice soothes me to my core.

"Do not doubt yourself, that is what your enemy wants, it will make it easier for him to accomplish his goals.  Be strong, remember your skills and have confidence in your abilities, and you will be victorious."

"Of course, you're right.  I-I don't know what came over me. Thanks"

Whenever she speaks to me it's like I am overcome with the feeling of divinity...if she had a mind to...she could probably deceive me with ease but that's neither here nor there. Now back to my previous dilemma, Razor has a small craft and while we can't follow him through hyperspace we can get a general heading based on his trajectory before he jumped...and I have Mythril that I can barter with...He's as good as's just gonna take time.


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The mighty Kong must stand alone against his evil alien counterpart.

Because if he asked Godzilla for help that fire snortin lizard'll never let him live it down!


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Awesome match-ups are the right of all sentient beings.



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Okay so I decided to make this character, cause she looked rather easy to make. Well I was wrong, I ended up editing Joequick's Golden-age collar cape with ZBrush to fit V4 and to look more Moondragonish. Also ZBrushed WW boots from TerryMCG, and the Gloves are TerryMCG Black Cat also ZBrushed to look more Moondragonish...

*UPDATE* (July 22 2015, 1:37PM)I just realized I had her posted in the wrong Universe she's Marvel, not DC.

Martian Manhunter?!

Martian Manhunter?!
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Okay, so I taught let's try a different character a different style of clothing, dynamic clothing none the less full fledged dynamic cape, chest strap, 30 frames of animation to get that clothing settle just right, plus  test DAZ3D's Dynamic plug in, of done it in poser lots of times, this is my first Daz3D dynamic clothing experience...

I Dialed the face in using a Google image as reference...

You will not

You will not
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Harley has a major conniption, as soon as i tell him of the Clan's decision, but he relents and accepts it. "Besides" he adds "She's kinda cute."
With that out of the way I manage to get back on track and hunt down that bastard that took my arm.  We finally track him down to a lava type planet within the Hadean Galaxy and under cloak. The lead indicates that he'll be in a refinery that has discovered a rich vein of Mythril.  The same metal the sword he used to remove my arm was made of.  Harley and I head planet side and begin hunting our quarry.  No sooner do we hit planetside when we are greeted by not less than 4 heavily armed hired guns.

In a pitched battle we manage to finish them off and since there's a shit load of lava getting rid of the corpses is easy.  

The suddenly, out of nowhere Harley lets out a scream, I turn to see him holding his stomach and standing a few feet away is Razor!

"Ha Ha Ha, Looks like your Chunin is still a little green."

"You got joke I see, I'll have you smiling out of the other side of your face."

"I see you got your arm fixed....Cybernetics huh? I should've known that cutting off a limb even one you couldn't heal wouldn't slow you down. New armor too? Looks like I made you rethink your whole strategy. Well you're not underestimating me anymore now are you?"

"I'm going to slit your throat and watch you bleed out as i watch the life fade from your eyes."

"That's a bit dark for you Obsidian...but then maybe that's who you really are. How about this, I kill your friend here while you watch!"

He raises his sword to land the killing blow when a purple blur lands in front of Harley blocking the deadly strike, and for a moment Razor looks stunned.

"Lady Orchid?"

"None other you bastard."

"What have you to do with these Gaijin?"

"You will not harm that which is mine!!! If you so much as touch one more hair on his head you WILL deal with me, and we both remember how that went last time don't we? Yes, you remember it like it was yesterday, only this time I won't be as merciful."

I can only stand there in stunned silence and while my mouth utters the phrase "DAFUQ?" no sound ever escapes my lips.  Zaeerah? It can only be her and apparently she has beat Razor at some point.  I'm floored, I assumed the Clan sent me some rookie Genin but I should have known better.

"Very well Lady Orchid, you can have your precious little Chunin his day, maybe I'll kill him later."

"If you  come near him again I'll carve out your heart and show it to you while it's still beating."

"Until we meet again Obsidian..."

Razor turns and bolts off.

Enraged I scream "Not this time you son of a bitch..." and tear off after him.  I give chase and he leads me on but good but there's no escaping me  this time...He manages to give me the slip and makes it to his ship...I pull out my pistol and lock an anti-matter grenade.  I pull the trigger and his tiny ship explodes into dust. As I admire my handiwork the Lillun calls me and informs me that another ship just jumped to hyperspace...  Dammit, he got away again!!!!   The Lillun can't jump to hyperspace, no hyperdrive, a critical flaw I intend to fix.  Until next time you bastard.

Love Triangle.jpg

Love Triangle.jpg
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In my office I ask Moonshadow to join me to seeif her sources have located  Razor or his employer. Hot on her heels Zaeerah storms in...  This is gonna be great.

Immediately the lionesses begin fighting and Moonshadow begins with the first salvo

"Um excuse me child, who are you and what are doing?"

Zaeerah responds in elvish...I'm guessing to add insult to insult?

"Auta miqula orqu!" [go kiss an orc!]

"Dalhar mir dosst ooble' ph'telanthaad!" [Child, hold your tongue, adults are speaking!]

It's worth noting that being called a child is a major insult to elves....all elves.

"Ista sta sad yaxi" [Mind your place cow]

Aaaaand that's when I interject before the little elf gets her head cu off in front of me.
"Enough! We have important matters to discuss and neither of them has anything to do with this."

"Ula... elg,caress!" [Fine...Bitch!]

The words no sooner escape Moonshadow's mouth when the reply bursts from Zaeerah's own.

"I'quelin Mori'Quessier naa ba Mori'Quessir."  [The only good drow is a dead drow.]

and just like that the little elf has let her mouth write a check her ass couldn't cash. Before I can can utter a sound Zaeerah is sent bouncing off the wall behind her with a single punch and her unconscious body falls limply to the floor.

"Aw crap, Moonshadow!...Captain to Sickbay can you send a medic to my office on the double?"

"Aye sir on our way."

Moonshadow looks over at Zaeerah and her quickly swelling left eye..and a look of shame spreads across her face.

"I-I shouldn't have done that. Mortals are so fragile, I should've known better. I don't know what came over me.  I'm so sorry, what you must think of me."

"Nah, I get it...and now so does she.  We can continue this briefing later, lets all just take a break."

"yes, that's a good idea."

only a moment after my office empties, I get a private call, on a secure chanel. To my surprise it's Master Takashi leader of the Djinok Oni ninja clan that trained me...and I know they're gonna ask a favor...and I'm gonna have to say yes..Clan first and all that.
"Master Takashi, to what do I owe the pleasure?"
"Jonin Michaels, I am calling concerning your recent rise to power in the Sathari Empire."

"Anything for the clan master."

"I'm glad you feel that way because we have arranged a marriage for you, one that will solidify our pact and ensure a foothold in the Sathari Galaxy."

"Waitasecond Master, I know my obligations well and they most certainly excluded arranged marriages. I will happily include your Kunoichi, in my cabinet but I will not let the clan arrange a marriage for me."

"I'm glad you know your obligations so well Jonin, but this bride isn't for you. It is for your chunin, Harley."

"Shit.  Um sorry that just slipped out."

"Understandable, but nevertheless he also knows his obligations and unlike you he is not exempt from this."

"Very well, I will inform him of the clan's decision, where can we meet the Kunoichi and what is her name?"

"I believe the Kunoichi is with you already, amd elf by the name of ..."


"Your powers of deduction serve you well Jonin, I leave this matter in your capable hands."

With that he hangs up and I am in so much shit right now...Harley is gonna freak out.

Fanboy and Mary Jane go see Ant-Man

Fanboy and Mary Jane go see Ant-Man
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I know it's late but here's Fanboy as Ant-Man and Mary Jane as Wasp going out to see the latest hit Marvel movie.

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