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Classic Wolverine Yellow and Brown

Classic Wolverine Yellow and BrownNew
Submitterrobert2654More Photos from robert2654   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/3/29 17:50
Hits3  Comments0    
This is my favorite wolverine costume of all time

Green Goblin

Green Goblin New
Submitterrobert2654More Photos from robert2654   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/3/29 12:22
Hits18  Comments3    
Wanted to give this villan a try and I found the helmet and went from there

Princess Icefire

Princess IcefireNew
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/3/29 11:03
Hits14  Comments1    

Not much else to say here in the notes about Princess Icefire that hasn't already been covered in the bio above, only that as noted above as the spoiled brat offspring of the Emperor and Empress of the Xel Empire she could very well be worse than either of her parents.

Empress Flashfire

Empress FlashfireNew
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/3/29 11:02
Hits12  Comments1    

Empress Flashfire is the beautiful and dangerous wife of Emperor Darkfire of the Xel Empire. The origins of her powers are as mysterious as his, but they were drawn together due to their abilities and now rule their empire of their making together as despots.

Emperor Darkfire

Emperor DarkfireNew
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/3/29 11:01
Hits11  Comments1    

Here we have my bio for "Emperor Darkfire," supreme monarch of the Xel Empire. This bio introduces not only the character, but some new information about the structure of the Coolstar Universe as a whole and where the Xels fit into it. It is mentioned above that the planet Xel and its subsequent empire exists in what is known as the "Primoris Region" of the Milky Way Galaxy, this is because I have decided to divide our galaxy up into five sections and name them in Latin as such, thus: Primoris, Altera, Trientis, Quartanna, and Quintum. (The Earth is also in the Primoris Region). So, you'll probably be hearing those terms from me a lot in the future and if I can ever get a workable chart done up with where all of these planets and places fit within the galaxy, I will do so as well.

Species Hatarian and Getraili .jpg

Species Hatarian and Getraili .jpgUpdated
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2015/3/28 23:11
Hits24  Comments1    
Hatari (Violet)and Getraili (Blue) civilization is unusual in that where most space faring species come from unified worlds, they do not. The two species are at odds as the Hatari believe the Getraili to be inferior and treat them as second class citizens. Getraili have limited rights in Hatari systems and many have left their homeworld to find a life of acceptance within the IGFW. Relationships between the two are strictly forbidden, punishable by exile./  There are no male Hatari or Getraili and the species much the Ailoo can and often to breed with other viable humanoid species. Children born of Hatari and Getraili pairings are shunned in Hatari society and often bullied and ridiculed. Both Hatari and gatraili normally reproduce through a mental bonding as well as physical. Both species are hermaphroditic possessing both male and female organ though only one is prevalent at a time during mating. This particular feature has put off many off worlders who simply cannot fathom having two sets of opposing reproductive organs. It is possible for two mated Hatari or Getraili to become pregnant at the same time and it happens quite often but requires both partners to switch organs back and forth. This type of conception is frowned upon as it nearly lead to a massive overpopulation until Hatari started colonizing other worlds, still it is not considered wise as both partners suffer many handicaps as any woman during pregnancy.  

Magical Civilizations.jpg

Magical Civilizations.jpgNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2015/3/28 22:54
Hits22  Comments1    
many worlds exist where magic has replaced technology in nearly every facet of day to day life and beyond. Such worlds offer magical items ta low prices and nearly flooded commercial markets. The IGFW was lobbied by several conglomerates to restrict such sales stating an inability to compete with items that last nearly forever. Of course this is not exactly true and most magical items have a limited number of uses (making them easier to create) and are expensive to recharge (unless one is a mage). Many laws were passed governing the export and sales of magical items but still many individual purchases continue.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/3/28 13:46
Hits49  Comments1    
Join the lovely heroine Ravyne as she faces off against the demented Dr. Psycho!
What designs do the mad doctor have for her?
Will she prevail?
Will her dignity remain intact?
Find out in this image set.
Zip file includes sixteen sequential pics

Available at

JINKY CORONADO: ARMED & DELICIOUS! starring Jinky Coronado

JINKY CORONADO: ARMED & DELICIOUS! starring Jinky CoronadoNew
SubmitterJinkyCoronadoMore Photos from JinkyCoronado   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2015/3/27 22:37
Hits58  Comments3    
Another photo of myself in costume.

I was very careful to make sure my skirt was at the approved regulation Heromorph length.  I certainly wouldn't want to run afoul of the strict dress code around here!


-- Jonky

TM & © 2015 Jinky Coronado

BANZAI GIRL:  ME, MYSELF, AND I! starring Jinky Coronado

BANZAI GIRL: ME, MYSELF, AND I! starring Jinky CoronadoNew
SubmitterJinkyCoronadoMore Photos from JinkyCoronado   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2015/3/27 22:34
Hits43  Comments2    
I just decided to post a photo of myself today, in costume.  I hope it's not a problem.


-- Jinky

TM & © 2015 Jinky Coronado

Kuura Vurk (Green Lantern OC)

Kuura Vurk (Green Lantern OC)New
SubmitterCMK24601More Photos from CMK24601   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/3/27 20:26
Hits36  Comments2    
Born on Korugar, Kuura Vurk lost her parents during the upheaval after Sinestro’s ousting. Only a small child at the time Kuura grew up on the  streets doing what she had to in order to survive. Strong willed and cunning, Vurk compiled quite the criminal record. In and out of prisons throughout  her childhood  she escaped Korugar in her mid teens and found her way to earth where she fell in love with a boy her age who also lived on the streets. He introduced her to rock music and more specifically punk. However her happiness was not to last. While running from a security guard after spotlighting from the mall the over zealous guard opened fire, Striking and killing Kuura’s boyfriend. After which, Kurra decided to turn her life around, but it wasn’t until adulthood that things truly changed. Kuura Vurk’s ring found her  when she witnessed a violent mugging allowing her to avert the tragedy. Subsequently she was inducted in to the Corp, but with earth covered she was reassigned by the guardians to Sector 24601.

Freebies List:
Spectrum #1 and #2
Duda's Lantern GL Ring:
SickleYield's finger gloves:


SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/3/27 19:29
Hits50  Comments3    
Domino textured by your's truly, rendered in Poser Pro 2014...

Outpost Living.jpg

Outpost Living.jpgNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2015/3/27 1:15
Hits35  Comments1    
Not all outposts are barren wastelands, some are very productive societies, even those which are remote still have all the accommodations of home. One can live very well in the farthest reaches of the 5 galaxies...with the right companionship.

classic pinup 2

classic pinup 2New
Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/3/26 2:17
Hits48  Comments2    
just something i threw together
and before i get busted for not using genesis 2 i cant seem to access that section of daz it freezes everytime i try


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   CategoryVideo Game    Last Update2015/3/25 17:16
Hits71  Comments1    
And as a rule of thumb always make sure the mook you're mugging for disguise has your measurements....

Agents Of S.M.A.S.H. - She-Hulk!

Agents Of S.M.A.S.H. - She-Hulk!New
SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/3/24 16:08
Hits78  Comments3    
My take at Agents of S.M.A.S.H., She-Hulk!

Another Shot!

Another Shot!Updated
SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/3/24 4:44
Hits94  Comments4    
Took another shot at Tigra. I've come to like her very much, well on MAA at least, don't recall reading a Comic Book featuring her.

She-Hulk Vs. Power Girl!?

She-Hulk Vs. Power Girl!?NewPopular
SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/3/24 4:35
Hits123  Comments4    
She-Hulk and Power Girl where trolley riding around town, slow day, low crime activity, for fun and ironically ended up on the same stop. They got into some bittering of who's strongest of them, you know a la Hulk/Thor, as you can see PG's response very expressive, and SH's reaction to such gesture was well, a laughing taunt. We all know what's coming next.

Launch and ReLaunch

Launch and ReLaunchNew
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2015/3/23 17:45
Hits29  Comments2    
My attempt at arguably the cutest Dragon Ball gal of all, Launch, observing her 'training outfit' in a full length mirror but instead seeing her aggresive other side that's only a sneeze away. My friend suggested I add Master Roshi perving out somewhere in it since Launch is his favorite DB babe.

Jade II

Jade IIPopular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/3/20 11:09
Hits128  Comments9    
here's a lil lady i redid from scratch.the original concept file is really old and pretty much obsolete for any further here ya go a brand new jade...
enjoy ;)  

Captain Steve Rogers

Captain Steve Rogers
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/3/20 10:55
Hits59  Comments4    
been wantin to do at least one of cap for aaa loooooooooooooong time.
enjoy :)


SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2015/3/20 10:50
Hits52  Comments3    
one of theeee wickedest villians eveeer!! enjoy peeps ;)

young lady death

young lady deathPopular
Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2015/3/20 2:17
Hits124  Comments11    
my take on lady death
with some post work and recompression

The Sensational She-Hulk!

The Sensational She-Hulk!Popular
SubmitterscatwomanMore Photos from scatwoman   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/3/20 0:24
Hits135  Comments5    
My take on She-Hulk, last of my superhero renders for now (it's a real pain making the costumes look right).

I eventually found *one* piece of clothing that didn't act like shrink-wrap across the breasts, so I combined it with the V4 bodysuit to make a new suit for She-Hulk.  Not her exact costume from the comics, but good enough I think.

Poser Pro 2014->Octane 2.2->Photoshop

Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman (close up)

Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman (close up)
SubmitterscatwomanMore Photos from scatwoman   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2015/3/20 0:17
Hits83  Comments2    
My attempt to make a Lynda Carter Wonder Woman model (with some modifications, of course).

Using TerryMcG's free Wonder Woman costume (may get the paid one he released later) with some material tweaks (especially for the gold).

Made my own SSS materials for Octane for this.

Poser 2014->Octane 2.2.  No post work.

This is just a close-up render to see if I'm happy with the face.  I'm pretty happy with it (still something off about the face, especially the eyes... probably the closest I'll get with the standard Morphs++ for V4.2...)

Future Perfect.jpg

Future Perfect.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/3/17 22:39
Hits145  Comments5    
Just a simple image not so simply made. Inspired byt his image
To be honest I like his model better but it isn't available.

Shulkie Modeling!

Shulkie Modeling!Popular
SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/3/17 9:06
Hits128  Comments5    
Who's says She-Hulk's a brute? Here's a portrayal of her Softer Side... Modeling!
6' 9" of  green hotness.


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/3/16 19:03
Hits113  Comments3    
And don't try to steal it. She'll snap ya like a twig!


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/3/15 21:33
Hits78  Comments1    


SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2015/3/15 8:14
Hits86  Comments3    
supes again with a little cavill mixed in ...

Looks like a job for...

Looks like a job for...
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2015/3/15 7:46
Hits59  Comments2    
i get a kick outta doin these older versions of our faves.

Otherworlds : Wonder Woman

Otherworlds : Wonder WomanPopular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2015/3/15 7:41
Hits135  Comments3    
thought i'd play around with wondy's outfit a little this go round.

The Fantastic Four vs Doom.jpg

The Fantastic Four vs Doom.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/3/14 23:52
Hits108  Comments5    
Okay so this took some doing and all costume credit goes to ATRION over at but in any event here is my version of the Fantastic Four and they weren't easy to reproduce. Ben's skin is a custom displacement and texture, as is The Human Torch's Reed was the easiest to do with some parameter tweaking. Of course that is the same Sue Storm from my previous render as is Doom. Enjoy.


SubmitterJinkyCoronadoMore Photos from JinkyCoronado   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2015/3/14 23:25
Hits134  Comments4    
After a busy night of battling the supernatural and a wee bit of sleep, EXPOSURE's Shawna and Lisa make morning omelets!  How would you like to wake up to their morning cheer?

Art by me, color by Santosh Rath.  Follow their continuing adventures comics adventures over at!


-- Jinky
EXPOSURE TM Glass House Graphics Partners
Art © 2015 Jinky Coronado


SubmitterscatwomanMore Photos from scatwoman   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/3/14 16:57
Hits137  Comments5    
My version of the early 80's Rogue, in her original costume (mostly).  Working my way towards completing my 1980's X-Men cast (now onto the men).


SubmitterscatwomanMore Photos from scatwoman   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/3/14 16:56
Hits142  Comments6    
My version of Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde), in my favorite of her many costumes over the years.  A little more grown up version of her.

Ninja Warriors!!!

Ninja Warriors!!!Popular
SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   CategoryVideo Game    Last Update2015/3/14 14:08
Hits107  Comments3    
Just some look alikes engaged in battle.

caged desiers

caged desiers
Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   CategoryVideo Game    Last Update2015/3/14 3:54
Hits87  Comments4    
this is what happens  when you play project diva f2nd to much lol
inspired by the song romeo and cinderella this is who she is and who she wishes to be

i didnt plan on doing one till my brother was home looks like my muse had other plans lol

Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter, Wonder WomanPopular
SubmitterscatwomanMore Photos from scatwoman   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2015/3/14 0:09
Hits168  Comments3    
A full-body render of my (admittedly enhanced and exaggerated) version of the only true Wonder Woman.

Obviously I took a lot of liberties with her.  I'm not happy with how the breasts came out.  I probably made them far too big and the suit doesn't stretch across the breasts like real clothes would (I need the old "spandex breasts" morph!)...

Still, I liked the idea of taking a Lynda Carter-style character and putting her in a new uniform (free WW cosplay costume by Terrymcg, with some material tweaking by me).

Poser 2014->Octane 2.2 (my SSS materials)->Photoshop.

Body and face morphs are my own.  Architecture is Palladio by Graycloud Design.  Background image is my own personal photo.

Jessica Alba as Sue Storm

Jessica Alba as Sue StormPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/3/13 7:35
Hits146  Comments4    
I've been out for a minute due to work and family, but I thought I'd pop in and post something real quick. This a new face morph I got for my G1 called Jennifer, but clearly it's Jessica Alba and I instantly knew what to do with it. So here's an awesome looking (IMHO) Sue Storm. Enjoy.

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