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Buddy Comic "That Chickweed Chick"

Buddy Comic "That Chickweed Chick" New
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/7/2 19:45
Hits3  Comments0    
"9 Chickweed Lane" is one of those comic strips I want to like with it's multitude of sexy female characters and underlying message of "Live passionately!" but when author/artist Brooke McEldowney draws his characters with freakish facial expressions and tries to impress readers with his extensive vocabulary, it serves as more of a wet blanket than as an enjoyable escape, which is what I've always thought a comic strip should be.

Ambiguously Gay Duo

Ambiguously Gay DuoNew
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2015/7/1 21:16
Hits50  Comments0    
In Lew of recent events we now bring you,
"The Ambiguously Gay Duo".

Bad Casting 3: Paul Rubens is The Punisher

Bad Casting 3: Paul Rubens is The PunisherNew
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2015/7/1 20:34
Hits24  Comments0    
Damn...looks like I just missed the deadline


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2015/7/1 15:59
Hits17  Comments0    


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   CategoryVideo Game    Last Update2015/7/1 6:08
Hits44  Comments1    

The Miracle Makers

The Miracle MakersNew
SubmitterdaswookMore Photos from daswook   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/6/29 20:41
Hits71  Comments4    

Family Meeting.jpg

Family Meeting.jpgUpdated
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/6/29 10:59
Hits67  Comments2    
After Moonshadow makes hamburger out of the two specialists (A sight that would give a mortal man nightmares) we finally meet with her father. Four foot three inches tall and deliberately unassuming this minuscule bastard could wipe out the entire galaxy on a whim if he felt the impulse to do so. I can't see his face behind that mask but I know he pissed at seeing me and with his eldest daughter yet. He's really pissed about that contract he doesn't like overlooking loopholes I'm guessing. Moonshadow wraps her arm around my waste and holds me tightly and if I could see the look on his face I'm certain it would be rage.  She looks coldly at him behind her lenses and her voice sounds like metal through her mask. Her words frustrate him and I find out that he truly is a man of his word, and he gave his word to his children. "I know you have had dealings with this Man father, but you gave your word that you would never harm or interfere with anything or anyone that is important to me and that you would support whatever union I chose."

"9000 years ago I made that promise and this one was to be one of us...and while it looks like you have accomplished with romance what I could not through deception. Fine I will remember my promise. Obsidian, if you hurt her...I will hurt you...I will really hurt you."


"Yes dear, I know you are more than capable of hurting him yourself. Is this something serious sweetheart?"

Sweetheart? I am seeing a Paternal side of the Black Mantis I didn't know existed.

"No Father but it may become something he is after all immortal."

"Obsidian, you have been through two marriages, I hope if you decide to do it again it will last substantially longer than the others."

I'm confused, I didn't bring up anything about relationships and I'm feeling a bit on the spot. My words are a jumble of stuttering and idiocy.

"Um yeah of course, I mean we're not serious like that yet but if it er happens I um yeah."
Real smooth dumbass.

"Very good then, Moonshaddow I will see you soon I hope? You rarely visit and your step mother misses you."

"Yes father, and tell Raven I said I'll be by soon."

With that he actually raises his mask as does she and kisses her on the cheek. I'm glad nobody can see my mouth wide open because this is not the bloodthirsty Black Mantis I know.

Slowly I turn to Moonshadow, still stunned from what I just saw...I can only ask:

"Dafuq was that?"

Moonshadow just smiles (that million dollar smile that just makes me melt) and says

"Oh that? Well after you wigged out on me at my place I figured I'd ease your mind a bit with my father.  Long ago he made each of us a promise that he'd never hurt us and that meant never harming anything or anyone important to us. You're important to me, I haven't met too many elves like you...there's just something different about you, most elves are so conceited but not you, and it's obvious my father sees it too or he wouldn't be trying so hard to recruit you."

"So you're only interested because he is?"

"No darling, but it definitely makes things more interesting and now you don't have to worry about my father interfering with your life anymore although he might want to go fishing sometime hahahahaha"
Her laughter is like droplets of rain and tinkling bells, is their nothing about her that isn't magical? Okay I buy it for now and just looking at her figure and listening to her voice is every reason to, I know what you're thinking but like I said before Luminesti cannot be enthralled.

"Okay lady, so where do we go from here?"

"How about we find out why those guys wanted to kill us?"


SubmitterefindelMore Photos from efindel   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/6/28 16:38
Hits82  Comments6    
A Supergirl expy for a Mutants & Masterminds campaign I'm about to start up in. Appropriately enough, based on one of my previous Supergirl renders, but with the costume recolored, and the render done in LuxRender. Composited with background and color adjusted in Gimp.

Virgo the Virgin

Virgo the VirginNew
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/6/27 8:13
Hits30  Comments1    
My Zodiac-Bot, Virgo.

Leo the Lion

Leo the LionNew
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/6/27 8:11
Hits29  Comments1    
My Zodiac-Bot, Leo.

Cancer the Crab

Cancer the CrabNew
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/6/27 8:10
Hits21  Comments1    
My Zodiac-Bot, Cancer.

Distress Call.jpg

Distress Call.jpgNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/6/27 0:43
Hits29  Comments0    
A lone signal in the depths of space is picked up by the SS Lillun. Obsidian Mask investigates only to discover the signal is quite ancient and the lone stranded survivor who sent it is no more than bones and dust. It is a sad lonely sight on this barren wasteland of a planet, with few resources the castaway could not have lasted for more than a few months. Within the emergency shelter are dried food rations and the nearby water would is clean enough, but without a Matter Replication unit there was little hope for long term survival.  The items will be cataloged and since this is an earth vessel the IGFW will be informed and allowed to enter Sathari Space to retrieve the escape craft. Odd though, this barren rock is several hundred light years from any Earth colonies how could it have drifted so far away and how long was that survivor in that pod before finally landing here? Some questions will have to be left to the experts. Obsidian will simply call this one: Case Closed.

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs FlyNew
SubmitterNolen_VoidMore Photos from Nolen_Void   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/6/26 13:27
Hits46  Comments3    
Introducing "Blaster" Boar and the 14th Airborne Bacon Brigade.

Men in black.jpg

Men in black.jpg
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2015/6/25 10:58
Hits74  Comments3    
Another dimensional rift has Taken Obsidian Mask off course, after a near collision with a trio of Star Destroyers he allows himself to be taken prisoner in order to gain information. The plan goes awry when his captors try to torture him. They should have just answered his questions because now there are hundreds of these dead "Troopers" everywhere. The similarities between these soldiers and the armada clones of his own world is striking and had their technology been more advanced they might have been a real obstacle but not today. However, an ominous mechanical breathing catches his attention as the last trooper falls. The seven foot dark clad figure says nothing and simply fires up his blade. A Psi-Mage maybe? a quick scan revels the man inside is a full conversion cyborg yet some form of energy emanates from him, surrounding him even. This will not be an easy fight.

Bad casting 3: Carrot Top --- Ghost Rider

Bad casting 3: Carrot Top --- Ghost RiderPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2015/6/24 15:23
Hits106  Comments6    


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2015/6/24 6:45
Hits76  Comments2    

The quarrel

The quarrel
Submitterhiram67More Photos from hiram67   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/6/24 0:20
Hits58  Comments3    


Submitterhiram67More Photos from hiram67   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/6/24 0:19
Hits69  Comments1    

Alien Lovers

Alien Lovers
Submitterhiram67More Photos from hiram67   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2015/6/24 0:19
Hits49  Comments1    

Bad Casting? Not!

Bad Casting? Not!Popular
SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/6/23 22:33
Hits114  Comments5    
Okay rumor has it that Marvel Studios want's Beyonce as a MCU new comer Superhero... I could think of a few, but what's going around on the Internet is Jennifer Walters... Hum...

Me Like!...

I think Sasha Fierce (A.K.A. Beyonce) can pull it off...

Bad Casting 3! Justin "Cyclops" Bieber

Bad Casting 3! Justin "Cyclops" BieberPopular
SubmitterMachobubbaMore Photos from Machobubba   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2015/6/23 19:54
Hits106  Comments4    
Now it's official. My bad casting sort of turned out not so bad...

Phantom Lady

Phantom Lady
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2015/6/23 18:47
Hits48  Comments3    
My version of the classic Phantom Lady comic with the more modern (and even more   ) version of PL gracing the cover!


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2015/6/23 11:13
Hits58  Comments2    
SH’RYLL: “Oh Leeglor. Do be a good guy and pay the bill.”

LEEGLOR: “And why should I?”

GRISELDA: “It would be the gentlemanly thing to do.”

LEEGLOR: “And since when do the words ‘orc’ and ‘gentleman’ go together?”


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2015/6/22 13:44
Hits81  Comments2    


Submitterhiram67More Photos from hiram67   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2015/6/22 7:14
Hits60  Comments3    


Submitterhiram67More Photos from hiram67   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2015/6/22 7:13
Hits119  Comments2    


Submitterhiram67More Photos from hiram67   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2015/6/22 7:13
Hits36  Comments0    

Savoring the moment

Savoring the moment
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2015/6/21 20:18
Hits76  Comments2    
In orbit around Earth I am visited by none other than a dimensional traveling Tony Stark, aka Iron-Man. The last we saw each other he had some choice words about a dilemma I had when Dominion traveled to his universe and teamed up with Doctor Doom. Now he needs my help to stop Thanos here in my universe...Their heroes are slow and sloppy...The Scions of Justice already stopped Thanos and sent him packing, more specifically Thanos learned why the Infinity-Man is called the Infinity-Man. Thanos' beaten and battered carcass has been returned to his home dimension and it will be a cold day in hell before he ever tries to do anything here again. That having been said, I have just one thing to say: " Stark piss off." Take you and that outdated antique of a suit of armor and kick rocks. In other words GET OFF MY SHIP!"
Man That felt good I really hate Tony Stark...especially after that whole Civil War debacle where he got away with way too much.


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2015/6/21 16:06
Hits70  Comments3    

clair 2

clair 2
Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2015/6/21 4:10
Hits91  Comments7    
sometimes you have to breathe new life into old dragons  

BAD Casting - 007 James Bond - "Thunderball"

BAD Casting - 007 James Bond - "Thunderball"Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2015/6/21 2:14
Hits193  Comments8    
Here in the times of Political Correctness we have Here the Newest James Bond is Ellen DeGeneres.
As the remake "Thunderball"

*Edit* Minor Fix to Corner. -DW

Bad Casting 3: Rachel Dolezal Storm

Bad Casting 3: Rachel Dolezal Storm Popular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2015/6/21 1:46
Hits118  Comments4    
This X-Black Woman from Spokane was in the news recently. Apparently it caused quite a stir when this NAACP leader was caught wearing caucasian genes.

I'll sit this one out.jpg

I'll sit this one out.jpg
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/6/19 18:26
Hits94  Comments4    
Shortly after discovering who Moonshadow was and her subsequent parentage, we headed off to meet dear old dad.  Only to have a run in with some new upstart super-villain wannabe calling himself Nechronos. Self proclaimed master of time. He got away but left some flunkies I was certain he didn't like because why send them after me unless you don't like them...I mean it's a death sentence.  However, coming after me it seems is nothing compared to the life ending mistake of coming after the daughter of the Multiverse's Greatest Assassin. Before I can reach for my gun 12 deadly killers are reduced to several corpses and a couple piles of underterminate matter. One of them was imploded, another turned literally inside out, three more are just dead without a single wound (presumably by magic) and the rest are either skewered, shot or slashed to pieces. From an assassin's point of view it's a wonder to behold a true work of deadly art. From a passerby it looks like hell on earth. I never fired a shot just stood there with my mouth open thankful no one could see the dumbfounded expression on my face. This is I think to myself, is how a creature with divine power does death and it make what I do look like a child playing with a book of matches...potentially dangerous but hardly deadly.  In a moment it's over and I look at Moonshadow standing there covered in blood and remains and she giggles girlishly commenting on how she must look a mess (That's putting it mildly)with a flick of her wrist there's a gentle flash of light and all the blood and entrails are simply gone.

"How, did you...?"

"It's simple spell I call Fresh and Clean."

"Sister I'm not talking about your outfit, I'm talking about the dozen dead guys at your feet, by your hands."

"Daddy insisted we all learn how to fight, on all fronts, Magic, Melee, Ranged, and Psionic.  I was the best of his I was given the ability to cast spells with but a though and bestowed the mantle of Demi-God. I hope you don't think too differently of me."

"Well, maybe just a little...yeah."

The words are no sooner out of my mouth when what I assume is two specialists arrive, they don't look too happy about the condition of their friends and they look like they could give me a run for my money...but not today.  No sir today my lady friend here is gonna make them wish they had never been born.  As Moonshadow turns to face them with her swords drawn I kick back and say:  "Hey honey, I'm just gonna sit this one out. You don't mind do ya?"
Without missing a beat she smiles and says "No dear you just take it easy I'll only be a sec."

A bad day for these two guys...a really bad day. the Haunted Cove the Haunted CovePopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2015/6/19 4:25
Hits186  Comments1 the Haunted Cove featuring
Being Erica P.I. (The Crossover)

Bad Casting 3: Keanu Reeves "Superman"

Bad Casting 3: Keanu Reeves "Superman"
SubmitterDarqueImagesMore Photos from DarqueImages   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2015/6/19 1:37
Hits97  Comments7    
Why do I think Keanu would make a bad Superman other than the fact he doesn't really look the part? Might be because his acting is so.... wooden.  Seriously, he pretty much plays the same character in EVERY FILM he's in... except the Bill & Ted stuff...


Submitterhiram67More Photos from hiram67   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2015/6/19 0:57
Hits74  Comments2    


Submitterhiram67More Photos from hiram67   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2015/6/19 0:57
Hits57  Comments2    

King Kong

King Kong
Submitterhiram67More Photos from hiram67   CategoryFantasy    Last Update2015/6/19 0:56
Hits74  Comments2    

Gemini the Twin (MK2)

Gemini the Twin (MK2)
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/6/18 16:19
Hits55  Comments3    
As explained in the bio for this character above, she is the second robot to bear the name Gemini, the first one being captured and reprogrammed to fight for good alongside my hero team, the Galactic Police Enforcers.

Taurus the Bull

Taurus the Bull
Submitterdarth_paulMore Photos from darth_paul   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2015/6/18 16:18
Hits47  Comments3    
Here is my zodiac-bot, Taurus the Bull, representing the second sign of the zodiac for my villain team Alignment Inc.

Photo No. 1-40 (out of 15816 photos hit)(1) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 396 »