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Insert New Wonder Woman Theme Here

Insert New Wonder Woman Theme HereNew
SubmitterDrawolf25More Photos from Drawolf25   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2016/12/7 15:25
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I think we all know what happens next. Right?

Critical Conditions

Critical ConditionsNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2016/12/6 23:29
Hits15  Comments0    
Raven and Norjaguar make a mad dash to the medical facilities where they see their resident healer frantically working on their ally who is for all practical purposes, the most powerful of their pantheon.  Viewing the monitors they can see the extent of his injuries.  Injuries that should have healed in the span of a heartbeat.  The healer has used every magic in known including the fabled eternity crystals and even their power is no match for whatever is happening.  Raven, now a bit more emotional due to her recent transformation, is visibly upset, a fact that does not escape the attention of The sky god Thunderbird.

"Raven, are you alright  man?"

"I'm fine, it's just who could've done this?  I mean who could have done this to him??!!  I mean it's the Black Mantis for crying out loud!"

Norjaguar notices the frantic Healer and opens the intercom

"Doctor, what seems to be the problem? Is everything okay?"

"No, no it isn't no amount of magic is working and he's not regenerating. At this rate he won't last much longer. It's like something is topping him from healing."

Suddenly Raven understands, pushing Norjaguar to the side she yells into the intercom.

"Doc, it's a spell.  I know of at least three that can stop a creature from healing, but they only work against supernatural healing...Use nanites!"

"Of course, they're technology not magic and wouldn't fall under the parameters of such a spell."

The doctor reaches into a nearby cabinet and removes a single spray canister.  Spraying the wound generously with surgical nanobots and a formula of stem cells and protein she is relieved to see the damage being rapidly repaired.

"It's working!  His vitals are stabilizing and the wound is closing."

The friends gathered breath a sigh of relief but that is quickly replaced with the dread of pondering who could've accomplished a monumental feat such as this.  Raven is visibly shaking, and tears begin to stream down her face, and now both of her companions have taken notice.

"Ray, what's wrong with you?  You're crying?"

"I don't know Jag it's just ...I don't know.  I was thinking about what this all means.  How if someone could hurt him like this, what could they do to the rest of us?"

"She has a point Jag." Thunderbird's words are met with only silence until.   There's a blinding flash of light from the surgical table and the glass that separated the three friends from that room shatters and explodes as if made by mortals.  A  single voice booms in a deafening roar with the words...


The Black Mantis is revived and is angered and he wants answers.

"Calm down Mantis, you're safe with friends." Ravens voice is soothing and gentle and there is not a man in the room who doesn't stop everything they're doing when they hear it.  The words and the tone completely foreign coming from their source.  The Goddess of war blushes at the sudden attention.

"Did I say something wrong?"

The men assembled stand stunned at her very appearance, her posture her mannerisms all have changed, and while it would seem that such a thing is unimportant, the reaction of the Black Mantis would say otherwise.  Leaping across the room with his infinitium claws at full extension the immortal assassin pounces on his one time friend with savagery.  As the claws sink into her shoulder Raven cannot help but scream in pain.  Instantly her own metal talons are unsheathed and find their mark in similar fashion.  As the Black Mantis takes note of the injury, unable to feel pain as the others do he hurls Raven bodily through the nearest wall. IN an instant he is straddled atop her with his claws once again extended one on either side of her face he reminds her.

"You know there's three, now start talking. Who are  you?"

"It's me you psychopath!  Did your injuries rattle your senses?"

"Raven you unfortunate pretender is a man transformed into a woman, without a single spark of femininity in his body...Next time you impersonate one of my allies do your homework. Now once again...WHO ARE YOU!!! Keep in mind I can wring the answers from your corpse as well as your living body."

"First of all, since when was I EVER a man? Secondly, you need to get the hell off of me before we have a real problem."

"Wow you really have no clue do you? Fine your corpse it is then!"

As his hand draws back the Black Mantis catches a glint of something in Ravens eyes...conviction, her eyes are different..they're the eyes of...A  dragon.   Retracting the deadly blades in his hand The black Mantis, takes  a deep breath and helping Raven to her feet he says

"My apologies oh Mistress of Battle, my injuries left me somewhat shaken.  I was not myself, please forgive my outburst."

Both Norjaguar and Thunderbird stand mouths agape with disbelief at what has just transpired before them.  Their silence further enforced by the change in the Black Mantis's tone towards their female companion.  He's being almost...charming...NO he wouldn't...he couldn't With a single glance towards one another the two gods realize ...he would and he most certainly all that is he probably will.  It is at that moment that Thunderbird interjects even as raven turn and walks away.

"Mantis, you wouldn't"

"What? Oh her? I most certainly would."  

Tilting his head to the side the eyes of the Black Mantis are transfixed upon the posterior of the Goddess of war taking in every curve and every move. Again Thunderbird interjects.

"Have you taken leave of your every sense?  That is a Man."

"No my friend, that USED TO BE a man, and when he was such I left him alone, but do you see that?" Mantis asks gesturing to Raven's very exquisite posterior.  "That is not a man's ass.  However, there  are more important things to deal with right now.  We need to know who attacked me and how the managed to stop the power of the Eternity crystals from healing me. Assemble the others it appears that Obsidian has failed to prevent Parata from being released from his prison.  Things will only get worse from here."

Ms Marvel Constellation

Ms Marvel ConstellationNew
SubmittertiangtamMore Photos from tiangtam   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2016/12/5 19:57
Hits50  Comments2    
Ms Marvel in Iray  

Artist Spotlight: ReddEra (Ariel B.)

Artist Spotlight: ReddEra (Ariel B.)New
SubmitterLady HeromorphMore Photos from Lady Heromorph   CategoryAwards and Special    Last Update2016/12/5 19:34
Hits16  Comments0    
We're bringing back our Artist Spotlight feature to the forum. For our first one, Ariel B. AKA ReddEra. Check it out here.

The Pantheon

The PantheonNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2016/12/5 18:29
Hits26  Comments0    
Before you are the 6 deadliest and most overpowered characters I have ever created. Mostly they operate quietly from behind the scenes, manipulating events to suit their needs and making others do their bidding. Every so often one or two of them will step out from behind the shadows to reveal their existence, most notably the Black Mantis. A being who cares little for the lives and day to day activities of mortals and seeks only his own ends. depicted here are the remaining members of his pantheon.  From left to right

Raven aka Spydraxis: Goddess of War, Mistress of Honor, the Spider Goddess.

Reaver: God of Death the Undead, lord of the underworld

The Black Mantis: God of Storms and Chaos and Multiverse's Greatest assassin.

Lord Beast: God of Beasts, God of the Hunt, The blood god.

Norjaguar: Lord of Shadows and Cat God of Stealth Knower of secrets and all things hidden.

Thunderbird: God of the sun and skies and all things that dwell in the sky.

They have faced foes that would make mortals tremble in fear and until recently lived in peace, but an adversary has arrived and will not be taken lightly.  

The Curse

The CurseNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2016/12/5 18:15
Hits21  Comments0    
There was a time when The being known as Raven Silverspear was mortal, yes mortal, but moreover Raven was...a man.  Dragons are dangerous creatures, even in death their magics can be devastating.  Raven has fought one long ago and it left a curse alright, a form of lycanthropy.  Not controlled by the phases of the moon like some common werewolf, no this would be far more insidious.  Passion was the trigger be it rage or love, even lust, and yes fear. In those moments Raven would lose control and transform into a massive dragon-man of incredible power.  However, after a time one can learn to control such power and Raven had done just that...with a single side effect.  The dragon spirit that possessed him was female and had a mind of it's own.  She tried to take over as often as possible constantly pressing to be set free.  But Raven was a man and a manly man at that and the few times the dragon won the transformation spread to his human form making him a very beautiful woman, albeit a very manly woman.  Time and again he would best this curse and the dragon spirit would find new ways to assert itself. Today however is the last of those battles, the dragon has won.  Raven's memories would be the final victim as the dragon within replaced those precious moments and transform them so that every memory would seem to be from the perspective of a female. One by one minute by minute the struggle would be futile until all that remained was of the man Named Raven was the tear he shed at the loss of who he was. With the transformation complete Raven and the dragon would be merged forevermore into one mind, and her true power would be realized. Now a god can defeat a simple dragon curse but when one is born mortal all aspects of the mortal coil become enhanced to godly levels, and had Raven been aware of that she certainly would have been rid of this curse a long time ago.  Unfortunately what is done is done.

As she gazes at her reflection in the water a loud chirp of a communication badge startles her from her quiet contemplation.

"Raven, I said can you hear me? Is everything okay? You've missed your watch."

The voice belonged to Norjaguar, her long time friend and confidant she remembered she was supposed to relieve him at the watchtower and heavens, she was very late indeed.

"I-I am sorry I don't know what came over me I'll be right there."

"Is everything okay? I was getting a bit worried for a second."

""No I'm find I'll be right there."

With less effort than it takes a mortal to breath Raven is instantly teleported hundreds of miles to the Watchtower, Norjaguar's massive 7 foot felinesque frame is hunched over looking at monitors, diligently scanning for anything that might wish them harm...and woe to any such being for the would surely rue the day they were born for any such foolishness....there are things in this universe far worse than death, and they knew all of them well. Security had been tightened following the theft of a very important relic and now the once complacent beings found themselves on edge awaiting the return of an enemy that nearly destroyed them all.  Clearing her throat the lithe form of the now sultry goddess walked into the room, were his eyes not glued to the monitors Norjaguar would surely have noticed the change in body language and motion. However, something had his full attention, something distressing.

"What're you looking cat?"

"I'm not sure.  Sentry give me a magnified view of sector 13971.9 mark 881.2 and place it on the main viewer."

"Aye sir."

"What is that Jag?" Raven was truly puzzled by the image before her and couldn't make heads or tails of the twisted and deformed object before her but something about it seemed....familiar..

"Enhance the image!"

"Aye sir."

As the blurred image cleared it became frighteningly obvious what it was and a wave of terror raven had not felt in centuries washed over her.

"Is that-Is that the Black Mantis's ship?"

"It can't be, his ship is constructed of pure infinitium.  It's indestructible. What could do THAT to infinitium?"

The twisted and mangled form of the tiny fighter floated lifelessly through the emptiness of space it's lone passenger barely clinging to life.  There is no mortal weapon that could possibly harm the indestructible metal that the ship is composed of which means only one thing...There old enemy has returned.

"Thunderbird, are you there?"

Thunderbird is the lord of the skies and all the things that fly pay homage to him and pray for safe travels, but he will be fulff

"Yeah I'm here. Wassup?"

"Rescue, now, urgent."

"Give me the coordinates, I'm at the airlock now."


In the blink of an eye the lord of the skies screams through the vaccuum of space to the wreckage that was once one of the most fiersome craft in the galaxy, now however, it is a twisted coffin holding his friend fast.  removing him would be child's play however, the twisted metal is mangled together in such away that it cannot simply be opened and worse yet it is still very much indestructible. despite being strong enough to move mountains none  of these powerful beings are strong enough to bend Infinitium leaving only one choice.

"I'm going to break the windshield!"

"You're in space, doesn't he still needs to breathe?"

"NO he has more than enough magic to sustain him for now.  Here goes."

The canopy caves under the full might of the eternity crystals Thunderbird uses to enhance his power and he carefully removes the severely injured body of the most powerful of their number.  A large gash in the Black Mantis's side is deep enough to expose several ribs and he is losing blood rapidly.  

"He's not healing at all guys, and he should be healing faster than a troll on steroids."

"T-Bird get him back here as fast as you can."

"No I'll teleport him to the Doctor, she'll be able to do something."

IN an instant the tiny figure of the Multiverse's greatest assassin is aboard their massive starship, and the pantheon of gods remember true fear and doubt for the first time in centuries.

Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. #1

Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. #1Updated
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2016/12/5 13:50
Hits61  Comments0    
Crystal-Lynn White is an agent for S.I.S.

Code-Name :Salt

Disgusted with the way that the male of the species had messed up the world,
a group of women comprised of doctors, lawyers, scientists, and many others decided to
create an organization dedicated to helping put things right.

They created the Society of International Security to be their private clandestine operations agency.

Heading up this covert organization out of her houseboat in Miami Beach,
through which could be reached via hidden passage the world headquarters for S.I.S., is Maggie O'Malley, codenamed MOM.
The front for her operation is a world-wide travel agency which includes a magazine monthly showing all the latest vacation spots.
Sending agents as photographers and models not only gives the group entry to places
they might not normally get but also provides terrific cover as most guards are male and
therefore likely to be admiring the gorgeous models, not suspecting them of spies.

Acting as an ace reporter, thus giving her reasons for hitting hotspots around the globe,
is Crystal-Lynn White . This young, beautiful woman was married to an agent of U.N.C.L.E.
when he went missing in action.
Wanting to search for him, she turned to MOM and became an agent of S.I.S.
After time, she has become one of their key agents and at times works with a partner agent when needed.
So if she ever needs help there is always “Salt & Pepper Time” and that works both ways.

Unlike other females the Miss from S.I.S. are oversexed nymphomaniacs spending as much time in bed as in battle.
Quite accurately described as 'wild, pure, swinging, passionettes'.
They are just out for whoopee & Kung-fun. Everyone else is just baggage in the way.

Superbabe of the Week: Black Cat

Superbabe of the Week: Black CatNew
SubmitterLady HeromorphMore Photos from Lady Heromorph   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2016/12/5 4:16
Hits36  Comments1    
Sexy Superheroes has always been our thing here at Heromorph so let's celebrate it! Each week, we'll be picking a new sexy superhero and posting an image a day from some of our gallery's best artists. Be sure to stop by the forum for a peek.  If you're really brave, feel free to do a sexy new image of this week's hero in the gallery and we'll be sure to include yours as well. For our 3rd week, we'll be doing Black Cat. Enjoy.
Artists shown here are petercotton, Wolverine1607, Tiangtam, lordcoyote and JustinBLong.

Cutie Honey

Cutie HoneyNew
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2016/12/5 1:04
Hits13  Comments0    
Sometimes she appears as a racecar driver, sometimes as an airline stewardess and sometimes as a glamourous supermodel, but her true identity is none other than the warrior of love, CUTIE HONEY! Before Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura and Madoka Puella, this little lady was the premier magical girl of Japanese animation, even though she was really an android.

More Questions than Answers

More Questions than AnswersNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2016/12/2 1:01
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"Ahhh the spoils of a job well done" Shanara thinks to herself as the  pulsing music of the live band playing at the very exclusive "Emerald Cup" pulses through her ears and the alcohol courses through her body gently numbing her cares away.  The job had been worth every ounce of terror and trouble. Perched on chair she stares intently into the pleasure drone's blue eyes and it dances a swirls around the simple pole on the stage, it twists and writhes to the exotic rhythms. The mul;ti-colored lights play off the mirror almost hypnotically. Pleasure drones are expensive but she had more than enough to buy one of the really good ones...besides relationships are hard and there's nobody she trusts..."Yeah, I'll get one of those...a really hot one too. Yeah"

2 hours earlier....

I have been hunting this thief for days now and I have had informants try to kill me, Cops harass me, and even one guy who tried to run me over.  Someone has been doing there damnedest to see to it I don't track this thief whoever she may be, At this moment however I'm running full steam after a Gobelian named "Neezle" who is apparently a marathon runner, and when I catch him I'm gonna break his thrice-damned legs.  Down alleys we slip and slide a fresh rain making the wet streets slick with freshly loosened oils, I fall as I turn a corner I'm not hurt but I am pissed.  "I don't want to hurt you Neezle, stop running!!" My words fall on deaf ears as he tears off again but I'm done with this cat and mouse crap.

"You ready for some help, Mister "I got this."? Spydra's tone is rife with sarcasm and I'm not letting this guy go for the sake of pride.

"Okay fine you're a go."

"I'm sorry what?"

"I said you're a go."

"You can do better. What's the magic word?"


"Good boy, there's a cookie with your name on it waiting for you at home."

"Ha ha very funny just catch the little.."My words fall short as I clear a fence and round the corner to find the Gobelian in a cocoon with only his face poking out and Spydra perched upon the Street light the little bastard is suspended from.  With my hands on my knees I gasp as I try to catch my breath, I'm covered in street gunk and oil and whatever the hell else was in the various puddles I fell into.  As I catch my breath I remove my right glove and...Punch that bastard dead in the face, as hard as I can under my own power...the suit's servos would've killed him and we don't want that do we?

"I though you said you weren't gonna hurt me?  The Gobelian complains as blood runs from his nose.

"You didn't stop did you?"

"Good point."

"Now all I want from here on, is the answer to a simple question."

"Depends on the question."

Spydra hoists him up so that they're eye to eye, to eye, to eye, to...she has a lot of's creepy actually. Her voice is grating and the mandibles on her mask flex as she says.

"Don't be coy, you can either profit from your cooperation, or your refusal to cooperate can be the last stupid thing you ever do."

Acid drips from her mandilbes only a hair's distance from his face, and it's clear he's intimidated. Spydra knows her business boy, I usually have to shoot them in the leg...or tentacle...or whatever, before they talk.  Not her though, she's got a fearsome presence and a creepy shtick.  Spiders are normally creepy anyway and most folks are scared to death of them anyway. This one is man-sized and stands upright...nevermind the fact that it's a costume.  

"Alright,"His voice cracks as he speaks, "What do you want to know?"

"A thief came here a few days ago."

"We get a lot of those, you'll have to be more specific."

I project a hologram of our culprit and the green little troll turns ghost white. Jackpot, he knows everything.

"Spill it."

"O-okay b-but you didn't hear this from me."

"Hear what?"

"This chick calls herself "Raptor" she flew in a couple days back with a big gold colored orb, there was a lot of bets about what was in it or that the case was worth a ton of cash by itself."

"More." Spydra adds tightening her grip.

"There was a bunch of professionals who let it get out that they wanted a piece of the action."


"And they all ended up dead, not just dead but cut into tiny little pieces."


"The cut's were cleaner than a laser, even their weapons were cut clean through...No one has ever seen anything like it."

I have.  My sword is very capable of making mono-molecular cuts, but it's very special.  Could the Black Mantis have an traitor in his in midst? I hope not, the mere thought of that is horrifying.

"The thief, where is she?"

"Word is she took her payday and is living it up, in the rich side of the colony. She spends her nights hanging out at the "Emerald Cup".  That's all I know, now can you let me down?"

I give Spydra the nod and she drops the little worm. I pull out my sword and with a precision slice I cut Neezle loose.  He looks at the mono-molecular cut and to my amusement, loses control of his bladder. In an instant he's off like a shot having jumped to the wrong conclusion. Ah that's some good funny right there.

In moments we arrive at the "Emerald Cup".  The bouncer steps up to stop us and I flash my bounty hunter license at him.  He dismisses it with the words

"That ain't gonna get you in buddy."

It's the last coherent thing he says for the rest of the night as I toss a Neuralizer pack at him and he begins projectile vomiting.

As Spydra and I step through the doors all eyes are on us. Quickly and silently folks start shuffling out, leaving their food and drink where they they sit.  These folks are hip to trouble, except for a couple of brave souls who want to see some action. The thief is in the members only area perched in a chair intently watching the sexy little lady droid shaking it's ass.  I draw my pistol and level it to the base of her head. Just then the manager comes up to object and Spydra wrenches his arm in a "Chicken Wing' and he lets out a yelp. The thief never takes her eyes off the dancer, who is now frozen in mid movement as if frozen.
"I knew it was to damned easy.  Everything was just going way too smooth."

"I have some questions and you can answer them here or..."

"Or what you'll kill me?  I don't think so.  I'm no good to you dead."

"That's where you're wrong, I can have you resurrected repeatedly. That means I can kill you over and over in all new exciting ways each time."

A bead of sweat trickles down the side of her face as she contemplates the darkness of that last statement.

"You want to know who hired me?"

"That's as good a place to start as any."

"Too bad, I never saw his face, and he didn't give his name."

"Where's the case?"

"I gave it to the man in black."


"he'll kill me if I tell you."

"I thought we already established what I'd do if you didn't?"

"You don't scare me as much as he does." Without warning I grab the her by the hair and slam her face onto the stage with enough force to do some real damage.  She just looks at me smugly and spits out several of her teeth.

"You'll have to do better than-"

Her sentence ends abruptly as her body slumps to the floor, her hair, still held firmly between my fingers, now pulls taut under the weight of her severed head. The droid looks terrified but remains motionless. Without a word Spydra flings the club manger to one side and we both begin looking for the assailant but to no avail. I draw my blade and attempt to resurrect her but nothing happens...nothing happens?  The magic contained in my sword has no mortal equal in the galaxy, even the best mages would be hard pressed to come close to it's power, yet I get nothing.  There's only one spell that can destroy a soul and it isn't known in this universe.  Every clue keeps leading me to the same conclusion: This has been an inside job.  I need to tell the Black Mantis, worse I need to report our failure to retrieve Parata's head. We'll take the body to our ship and see what clues we can glean from it.

Gotham Girls Comic Series, Evolution Comic Series Display

Gotham Girls Comic Series, Evolution Comic Series DisplayUpdated
SubmitterPaulSuttonMore Photos from PaulSutton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2016/12/1 20:26
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Five A3 Prints Hand Signed & Numbered Limited Edition... Including FREE Group Cover Art Print
Print Set approx $77.63 US Dollars (£59.80 Pounds Sterling) +P&P

Print Size: A3 (420 x 297mm, 29.7 x 42.0cm)
Published by Why Not Company - 100% Positive Feedback...

Available at our Print Shop: Why Not Company's eBay Shop ...with 29 prints to choose from including 'Special Edition', 'Dark City Series' and Sunset City Series' prints!

Gotham Girls Comic Series, Evolution Comic Series

Gotham Girls Comic Series, Evolution Comic SeriesUpdatedPopular
SubmitterPaulSuttonMore Photos from PaulSutton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2016/12/1 20:26
Hits123  Comments4    
Five A3 Prints Hand Signed & Numbered Limited Edition... Including FREE Group Cover Art Print
Print Set approx $77.63 US Dollars (£59.80 Pounds Sterling) +P&P

Print Size: A3 (420 x 297mm, 29.7 x 42.0cm)
Published by Why Not Company - 100% Positive Feedback...

Available at our Print Shop: Why Not Company's eBay Shop ...with 29 prints to choose from including 'Special Edition', 'Dark City Series' and Sunset City Series' prints!

Gotham Girls Comic Series, Classic Comic Series

Gotham Girls Comic Series, Classic Comic SeriesUpdatedPopular
SubmitterPaulSuttonMore Photos from PaulSutton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2016/12/1 20:25
Hits112  Comments5    
Five A3 Prints Hand Signed & Numbered Limited Edition... Including FREE Group Cover Art Print
Print Set approx $77.63 US Dollars (£59.80 Pounds Sterling) +P&P

Print Size: A3 (420 x 297mm, 29.7 x 42.0cm)
Published by Why Not Company - 100% Positive Feedback...

Available at our Print Shop: Why Not Company's eBay Shop ...with 29 prints to choose from including 'Special Edition', 'Dark City Series' and Sunset City Series' prints!

Gotham Girls Comic Series, Classic Comic Series Display

Gotham Girls Comic Series, Classic Comic Series DisplayUpdated
SubmitterPaulSuttonMore Photos from PaulSutton   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2016/12/1 20:23
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Five A3 Prints Hand Signed & Numbered Limited Edition... Including FREE Group Cover Art Print
Print Set approx $77.63 US Dollars (£59.80 Pounds Sterling) +P&P

Print Size: A3 (420 x 297mm, 29.7 x 42.0cm)
Published by Why Not Company - 100% Positive Feedback... Please Visit our eBay Shop for Full Details

Available at our Print Shop: Why Not Company's eBay Shop ...with 29 prints to choose from including 'Special Edition', 'Dark City Series' and Sunset City Series' prints!

drying off

drying off
Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2016/11/30 8:34
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girls dont do this the call can wait

Red Sonja

Red Sonja
SubmittertiangtamMore Photos from tiangtam   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2016/11/30 0:13
Hits89  Comments4    
Red for Xmas  

The Package

The Package
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2016/11/29 20:25
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Steam rises from the hot floor as Shenara makes her way to the rendezvous point. The job was as easy as it the man in black had told her it would be...the passcodes were all up to date, and the package was right where it was supposed to be. Not one alarm tripped, easy in easy out. The golden container was heavy but in her magical pouch it weight nothing. The medallion he had given her kept her presence concealed and the ring she wore made her invisible to just about all kinds of technology. She couldn't help but feel a constant sense of dread, and maybe even just a tad bit of terror. Something about this job was all wrong and she couldn't wait for it to be finished.  The man in black had offered an ungodly amount of credits and she just couldn't pass this job up.  It was the score of a lifetime and she was going against her instincts but this kind of opportunity comes along only once. The risks didn't matter she was tired of scrounging from job to job trying to peddle the exquisite pieces of art she could get her hands on. The risks had never been worth the reward. But this score, this score was different.  She wouldn't have to fence the goods, the client was paying and his credits were clean.  As she entered the factory floor the coming from the molten metal below made it unbearably hot. But the client said something about avoiding thermal scans.  Her gut feeling was that this may be a setup so she came armed, so a long range machine pistol was at her side. A weapon purchased with the down payment for this job ironically...Her hand squeezed the grip of the cold metal and her finger rested gently on the trigger.


The voice seems to come from nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

"A little" she answered back

"This job has put me a bit on edge and to be honest I just wanna conclude our business and be on my way."

"Let's see the package."

Shenara carefully removed the large golden orb-shaped container from her magical pouch and set it on the ground before the black clad figure.

"Perfect" the man chuckled "...simply perfect. here you go. You're every bit as good as my sources said you were...keep the magic items, and as here's fifty million credits"
Shanara couldn't believe what she heard, the payment was five times what they negotiated.

"We only agreed to ten, what gives?"

"Hahahaha, I'm feeling generous and besides, with this I have something worth much more than simple money.'

The man in black reaches down and lifts a nearby grate exposing the liquid metal underneath. The scary part is the ease at which he removes a grate    that must weigh several hundred pounds yet in his hands looks like it weighs but a few ounces. he then simply kicks the container into the white hot liquid below.

"What did you do that for?"

Shanara exclaimed in disbelief.  The degree of risk was astronomical.  The man's actions made no sense.

"My dear, I don't need the contents of the package and I have no intention of opening it but I simply needed you to relieve the previous owner of it."

"heh you guys have some kinda beef? Yeah I get it now, you just wanted to take something he enjoyed a bit of revenge. I can dig that."

"Ah small minds and limited comprehension, That's what I love about mortals.  No dear it was nothing so petty, it was just a spark to light a flame.

Shanara had no idea what he meant bu his tone and the fact that he had called her "Mortal" was enough of a Que to get the hell out before thjings got weird, but there was one lingering question she couldn't resist.

"Say, how did you know that wasn't a fake?  I had more than enough credits to get one. Not that I'd do ANYTHING that stupid."

"Please child, I know Infinitium, and there's no way you could get your hands on enough to pull that off."


"Exactly my dear, it's been a pleasure, don't let the door hit you on the way out."

This job just gets weirder and weirder still Fifty million? She was set for life!  Now to get as far away from this mudball planet as that kind of money can get her.  Thank the gods this job is over and the best part: There's nobody looking for her or that stupid sphere. The down side she could never tell anyone about the score of a lifetime.

Damn it, Barry! 2

Damn it, Barry! 2
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A few X-Men gathered throughout time...enjoy!

(Took out the filter that added the grainy look)

Ron Glass Tribute - "Home at Last" (Redux)

Ron Glass Tribute - "Home at Last" (Redux)
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Ronald Earle "Ron" Glass was an American actor.

He was known for his roles as the literary Det. Ron Harris
in the television sitcom Barney Miller, and as
the spiritual Shepherd Derrial Book in the
2002 science fiction series Firefly and its
sequel film Serenity.

Born: Jul 10, 1945 · Evansville, IN

Died: Nov 25, 2016

Height: 5' 11" (1.80 m)

Education: University of Evansville

Parents: Lethia Glass (Mother) · Crump Glass (Father)

Nominations: Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding
Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (1982)

Sexy Pebbles Flintstone

Sexy Pebbles Flintstone
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Here's the last of my Flintstones girls pin-ups, the teenaged version of Pebbles Flintstone along with the, ahem, 'Great' Gazoo.


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Three corporations have the capacity to possibly remove Parata's head from within it's casing. Techimo, Niles Corp,
and Ildragitech, Of the the three only one has the resources to build such a device...Ildragitech.

They're a huge company spanning three of the five galaxies, and they sell just about everything from soap to software to space gate parts.
Their main factories on the colony Draza 4 specialize in Transport technologies.
We'll arrive in only under an hour, and I'll have to figure out how to stop the thief from getting what she wants.
 Of course we're all assuming that she infact wants to remove the head from the casing. I'm not taking any chances...
My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of shouting in the hall outside my quarters I step out and I'm
nearly decapitated by the business end of a very sharp sword.  

"You're out of your damned mind woman!!!"

"I see how you look at him do not deny it!!"

"Four the fifth time I am not after your husband!!"

There's a brilliant flash and suddenly Gloria Bannon becomes Spydra and my wife Ai is in mortal danger.

"What sorcery is this? Do you think to frighten me like some child?"

Another flash of light and my own body is instantly armor clad. I know I have to step between them or Ai could be seriously hurt.  
Why am I so worried about Ai?  
First: Both women are trained warriors which would make this a fair fight but Gloria is now garbed in her mystical
spider armor which tips the odds considerably in her favor, she's as strong as I am and ten times as agile.
Both are lethal combatants meaning their fights are usually to the death.  I don't want this on to escalate so
I step between the two of them.

"Okay what is this about?" I shout at the top of my lungs.

Sina inyahuan seeks a' replace amin vee' yeste' verne'" (This bitch seeks to replace me as first wife)

Even with a translator Ai still manages to spit elvish, now that's a trick. Unfortunately Spydra's enchantments
allow her to understand and speak all languages. So she knows what Ai just called her.

Spydra's silken bands envelop me and she pushes me to the side with force. My armor absorbs the impact but I'm bound
and stuck to the wall.  The next thing I know she's on top of Ai with two of her deadly, sharp, spider-legs placed
firmly under Ai's chin.  A single drop of her corrosive venom lands on the floor near Ai's head and hisses audibly
as it burns the floor.

"Spydra Don't"

She turns her head to me then back to Ai.

"I don't want to have this conversation again do you understand? Come at me again and I may forget your husband and
I are friends."

Ai's eyeballs are like saucers, she knows she's bit off more than she can chew and simply nods in agreement. Spydra
waves her hand and the webs holding me simply vanish. She helps Ai to her feet who then runs off in tears.

"You live in a zoo. What the hell is her malfunction?"

"I have no idea. What were you two going on about?"

"I was on my way to see if you had made any headway in our search and Ai marched up and accused me of wanting to
replace her, and having a thing for you, and then she attacked me."

"I have no idea what that is about but her people have some strange customs. I have to go see to her I'm really sorry about all this."

"yeah...whatever, it's cool. Just talk to her okay sheesh."

With that I tear off to catch up to Ai and pass Aini in the hall.

"Aini did Ai  pass you inthe hall here?"

"Yes master, she seemed pretty upset did you have an argument?"

"No, it's a long story. Just did you see where she went?"

""Maintenance closet, she told me she didn't want to be disturbed."

"I got this."

I open the door and find Ai, a deadly warrior princess, curled up with her knees in her chest sobbing. I know she
couldn't have been shook up that much. She never shed a tear when we fought so why now?  I close the door and
place my hand gently on her shoulder. Kneeling beside her I pull her close so she can cry on my shoulder.

"Shhh darling, what is all this about?"

I ask lovingly lifting her chin so I ca see her face I wipe the tears from her eyes.  

"I am a good first wife my darling, but I fear I am jealous.  I looat Spydra and her eyes follow your every
movement.  She thinks I do not see but I do "

"Sweetheart there is nothing to be jealous of, there's nothing but friendship between me and her and quite frankly
I have my hands full with you and your sisters not to mention Aini."

"You do not understand, our ways which we learned from birth are not some mere superstitions, we are bound to them
by our honor. What has been done cannot be undone. I am so sorry my husband, I have failed you."

"You haven't failed me. Spydra isn't hurt and neither are you and she is willing to let the whole thing go. It's okay."

"No, it is not okay! How can I remain first wife if I cannot protect my position? First wife is not just a matter of
order. The first wife commands respect and leads the others.  I do not merely give orders I take care of the others,
like a queen.  How can I do that now?"

"It'll be okay, I promise."


She pushes my hand away and storms off again presumably to her quarters.  I really wish these batty ladies came with
an owner's manual.  Women are hard enough to understand but their tribal customs make it nearly impossible.  If
there's nothing I can do to remedy the situation I'll have to let it play out.  That's a good way to handle this
right?  Yeah, right...I get the feeling I'm going to regret this.
The next morning we arrive at interstellar customs, my ties with the Sathari empire grant me diplomatic immunity in
the IGFW jurisdictions. This means I do not get inspected by port authorities which saves me a royal headache. My
vessel is considered a military craft in this area and they subtly warn me not to start anything or else.
Teleporting is only allowed in certain areas and they have inhibitors to make certain it's enforced so I have to
teleport down in controlled areas. A cursory scan with magic reveals that they're stopping magical teleportation
too,  I look around for the telltale signs of psionic dampeners, and sure enough they're all over the place.  Whose
really in charge around here? I mean you don't see real security like this except in rare circumstances.
I think it's time to get nosey but first...a hotel room, something swanky just to keep up appearances.   I never get
to wear disguises and these guys don't really know who I am except for what data records they can get, which are
woefully inaccurate by the way. So it's gonna be me, the Lunari, and the Spydra, costumes for everybody this is
gonna be fun.



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In an ages old tradition of comic companies stealing from each other, I introduce the newest addition to my universe (and a complete ripoff of a much more famous Ble clad hero with a red cape)....SUPERION!!!

Powers include: Invulnerability (Type 1), Hurricane breath, Super-speed (Land based), Super-speed (Flight), Energy blast (Heat via eyes), Vision. X-ray, Enhanced Senses (All), Enhanced Reflexes (Super-speed control), Super Strength (Cosmic category 3), Telekinesis (Limitation: Must be in physical contact allows him to lift massive objects without them crumbling apart), Molecular regeneration\Healing (even when severely injured Superion can heal himself rapidly by recharging in photonic or nuclear radiation.  

Nuclear Battery (Superion must replenish his power in either nuclear or photon radiation (typically being outside on a sunny keeps him well charged)
Magic and magical weapons of any kind including weapons with something as simple as a Light spell cast upon them.  
Torbernite a radioactive, green mineral, found in uranium-bearing deposits is far more lethal to Superion than it is to most other life. Simply being in the same room with the gasses it produces weakens him instantly, while being within a few feet of it will render him unconscious, and is fatal to him with hours of exposure.  It is interesting to note that he has no vulnerability to the Uranium that produces Torbernite.

Overcharge: Superion can enter a nuclear reactor or fly high into orbit and absorb greater amounts of energy albeit temporarily. During this overcharge he is completely invulnerable to physical injury (even from magic) and all of his powers double. The overcharge dissipates quickly however lasting only about 5 minutes.

Superion has Solaran parents and while it is known that he is not a GenAb,  His planet of origin is as yet undiscovered.  

Allies:  Infinity-man who he considers a kindred spirit.
The Black Scarab
Dora Chang a reporter for TMM  news.
Batmaster who he knows is a true vampire and admires for his indomitable will in conquering his bloodthirst.

Now before anyone asks Superion is actually an analog of not just the Blue guy but also the ripoff by marvel, aka the guy in red and yellow. I like to have some originality but this guy...not so much LOL. I did take aspects from both characters and cram them together.

Powergirl Scooby-Doo Team-Up Crossover #1

Powergirl Scooby-Doo Team-Up Crossover #1Popular
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Powergirl can handle most everything?!?

But When it came to this Mystery,

She called in some Friend she met in the past!

Now Together Powergirl and Mystery Incorporated
will get to the bottom of this mystery!?!

Florence Henderson Tribute

Florence Henderson TributePopular
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Yeah,I know but wasn't she every young boy's
older Crush back then?

Florence Agnes Henderson was an American actress
and singer with a career spanning six decades.
She is best remembered for her starring role as
matriarch Carol Brady on the ABC sitcom The
Brady Bunch from 1969 to 1974.

Born: February 14, 1934, Dale, Indiana, United States

Died: November 24, 2016, Los Angeles, California, United States

Height: 1.6 m

Children: Barbara Bernstein, Elizabeth Bernstein, Joseph Bernstein, Robert Bernstein

Spouse: John Kappas (m. 1987–2002), Ira Bernstein (m. 1956–1985)

Happy Hulksgiving!

Happy Hulksgiving!
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Happy Thanksgiving to my Heromorph family and friends.

Rogue Iray

Rogue Iray
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Remaking suits for Iray  

Starfire Iray

Starfire Iray
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Playing around with Iray textures  

Enter the spider

Enter the spider
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Her mistress has summoned her, and the goddess of war will need her champion during this tumultuous period.  There has been a theft, someone has stolen from her goddess a relic of great importance, and her mistress bids her to join the mercenary Obsidian mask in his quest to recover it.  As instructed Spydra makes her way through the city's skyline on the magical threads of silk woven from her fingertips. Diving between buildings and around the fast moving traffic high above the streets. In no time she reaches the Hall of heroes where the the Scions of Justice make their home. High above the towering building she can see Obsidian's fightercraft approach and she is exited at the opportunity to prove herself to her Goddess.
Spydra plummets from the sky and with a spring and a somersault she lands deftly at the entrance.

She takes the lift to the conference room to find obsidian waiting.

"Obsidian Mask."

"Spydra, what's up? Hey have you seen Panterra?"

""No I haven't but I was looking for you."


"My goddess has instructed that I should accompany you on your quest."

"Um two things first: One: Who exactly is your goddess? Two: What do you know of my quest?"

"I worship the goddess Spydraxis, and she has bid me to hep you find and retrieve the relic that was stolen from her realm."

"Yeah,  I was hoping the cat would join me but you're more than welcome.  I just wish "someone" would've mentioned it."

"Do you know of the goddess?"

"That's actually a long story, but let's just say I'm informed.  I didn't know you were one of her devout though.  You can load your stuff aboard the Wraith, and you should prepare for a lengthy stay, we'll be traveling off world to practically the other side of the galaxy."

"I have all I need. We can leave right away or at your earliest convenience."

"Let me just leave a message  for Panterra and I'll see you on the Wraith."

Spydra has seen many wonders in her life but nothing quite prepares anyone for a ship whose interior dimensions are vastly larger than it's exterior. She is understandably impressed. The technology to create such a vehicle is beyond anything in the known galaxy.

"Obsidian, your ship is...I don't have the words.  How did you come by such a thing?"

"Don't be too impressed Spydra, 4d technology is rare but it's available on the open market. It is however, awfully expensive."

"So, you're a billionaire like Panterra then?"

"No but my mercenary jobs aren't always paid in money. Sometimes I trade for services or items. This fighter was one such payment."

The small fighter darts through the atmosphere with grace and speed that would make any fighter pilot jealous, and in a burst if brilliant light it make a seamless jump to hyperspace, and screams towards the Sable's current location.  In no time the two ships are reunited and the Wraith slowly enters the shuttlebay of the small frigate. Once aboard Spydra is escorted to her temporary guest quarters, a room more ample and elegant than her own downtown apartment and for just a second she thinks that perhaps the mercenary work is a bit more lucrative than her own job.  They crew of this ship want for nothing and there's no constant struggle to balance bills. The ship is clearly built for war but luxurious at the same time, powerful but elegant. To live here, to be part of this crew must be a truly wonderful experience, but she goes where her mistress bids, and her faith will never waiver or such amenities.

"Enjoy your quarters Spydra I'll be in my office.  If you need anything just tap this panel here and someone will assist you okay?"

"Thank you, and it is my understanding that you are  now married?"

Yes, I have 4 wives, and  I'm certain that once they find out you are aboard they will want to meet you. How about we all have dinner tonight and we can get better acquainted. Say 9ish?  You'd like them, you all have a lot in common."

"That would be nice, I look forward to it."

With that, Spydra invokes the magic that alters her armor's appearance and returns to her alter ego Gloria Bannon, but somehow mild mannered archaeologist doesn't seem to fit in here, "For once," she thinks to herself, "I can just be me, with no pretense." a truly foreign concept.  Joining this quest is much more than just the adventure.  

"What a treat this will be." She says while peering at her her reflection, "Thank you, goddess."

Her heart almost stops when she hears a voice say "You are quite welcome chid, but remember...our lord has a purpose for this one."

Gloria bows on one knee and replies "Of course my lady."

Best of Christmas Past - Tazman

Best of Christmas Past - TazmanPopular
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Secret Santa Sign ups! learn more or sign up here

In my chair

In my chair
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it's been a great morning, breakfast was delicious, and the coffee was perfect. My wives are a real blessing.   I have to remember to get them each something nice.  I walk to the bridge and into my office and that's when the day goes to complete crap.  He's just sitting there all 4 foot 3 inches of him, multiverse's greatest assassin  . In actuality he's a cosmically powered killer, dressed in an infinitium nano mesh bodysuit.  it looks like spandex but there's so much magic you'd go blind if cast a Magic detection spell on it.  and technology in it you'd go blind casting coffee his feet are perched on my desk with coffee in hand and he's rifling through my star charts like he owns the place. At this point I realize I have nothing to lose so I may as well be a bit indignant.  

"You're in my chair."

he doesn't even acknowledge my presence.

"I said...!"

"No need to raise your voice Obsidian, I heard you the first time."

"Is there something I can help you with?" I ask while pouring another cup of coffee.  I brew mine fresh in a pot I keep in my office it's a little decadence I allow myself from the 21st century. The Black Mantis looks up from the hologram in front of him and calmly states

"I have a job that requires your skills."


"But you haven't even heard the specs."

"it's from you? No."

"It threatens the mulitverse."


He takes a deep breath, sighs and then he scares the living hell out of me with one word.



"He's gone."

"No." I chuckle mockingly "He can be gone. Because you have his head encased in infinitium, and locked in a vault on your ship. A ship I might add that is...480 MILLION MILES WIDE                               AND 240 MILLION LONG!!! So there is no way with the most powerful technology, magic and cosmic power that you could possibly have lost his HEAD!!!"        

By now he and I are nose to nose, and I realize I may be pushing my luck at this point.

he places a finger on my helmet then slowly and deliberately pushes my head back.

"I didn't lose it.  It was stolen, by someone with a lot of magic and well informed.  The thief completely bypassed everything and we knew she was coming."

"Wait, She?"

"yes we determined that it was a female and we have tons of video and images."

"Really? but you just said..."

"I have mundane backups for just such an emergency. Simple video photography late 20th century tech, laughable but few people ever think backwards when planning jobs like this. They're always prepared for the advanced systems but nothing like  simple camera."

"If she gets his head out of that casing.."

"You don't have to tell me I'm the one who put his head in there remember?"

"Then you already know you guys will be the ones he comes for first and he's a bloody genius not to mention powerful."

"His former resources are ours now and anyone loyal to him died centuries ago."

"Okay any leads?"

"Just one, she's on an Earth colony in the outer rim. I've been there and I can tell you there's no way to detect her by psionics or magic. So you'll have to do it the old fashioned way."

"Alright, I'll take the job, but it's gonna cost."

"Tell Tanaka and it's yours, I'll grant two requests one up front, and one on completion. I don't care what condition the thief is in but I don't need to tell you what could happen if Parata gets loose and resurrected."

"You really don't"

"Good then, do not fail."

"I never do. Now will you get out of my chair?"

With a snap of his fingers he's gone and I'm left with a ton of research. How would one get anything out of a case made of pure Infinitium? You can't hurt it or beam through it, and as far as I know the only one who has the etch to reshape it is the Black Mantis himself.  Quantum resolution EMT devices are still a millennia away by current standards and that really limits the number of people or organizations that could get that head out.

Parata  is singly the most fearsome opponent the Black mantis and his pantheon have ever faced. At one time he had defeated all of them and left me and my two friends Ray and Harley to stop him. he underestimated us and it allowed us to kill him. But gods don't die so easily and so the Black mantis had his head encased in indestructible Infinitium. He then had his body likewise and placed it on the surface of an unnamed star where it remains to this day.  

if the two were ever rejoined the rage of this very unbelievable powerful cosmic being would be unthinkable. I have a good idea of where to start searching but I'm gonna need help on this one. I think it's time I called on some old friends.

Theodore Grant (aka Wildcat III)

Theodore Grant (aka Wildcat III)
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2016/11/20 21:16
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hey peeps,
i gotta give a shout to Pijon on this one... i did a piece called ted grant a while should have been called tommy bronson, ted's werecat son. yikes that's what happens when i do stuff from memory and little research.
anyhoo that one was m4 this one is a genesis 2 and way better fur. i guess i need to dig up the old file and do a reunion...
enjoy ;D


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Anyone know what happens when you piss off an amazon?

Best of Christmas Past -  Winterhawk

Best of Christmas Past - WinterhawkPopular
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Best of Christmas Past - Machobubba

Best of Christmas Past - MachobubbaPopular
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Secret Santa Sign ups end Nov 19th! If you don't about it, learn more or sign up here

Happy Birthday Mickey!

Happy Birthday Mickey!
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Wishing a Happy 80th to my old boss!

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