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Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2018/5/13 5:01
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SuperHard #01 - Painkiller

SuperHard #01 - PainkillerPopular
SubmitterVektorMore Photos from Vektor   Last Update2018/5/9 17:32
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My newest book, SuperHard #01 - Painkiller, is available now! To get an advanced copy of it and my other books cheaper than anywhere else, plus get all of my past and future works, videos showing my process, and more, check out my Patreon:
Vektor3dx on Patreon

Or you can get my other book at Affect3d!
Slumber Party Invasion!

Thanks for looking!

Page 28

Page 28Popular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/4/23 18:18
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Page 27

Page 27
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/4/23 18:18
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Page 26

Page 26
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/4/23 18:17
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Pg 25.jpg

Pg 25.jpg
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/4/22 15:17
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Page 24

Page 24
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/4/22 15:16
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Page 23

Page 23
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/4/22 15:16
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Page 22.jpg

Page 22.jpg
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/4/20 16:14
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Page 21

Page 21
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/4/20 16:13
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Page 20

Page 20
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/4/20 16:12
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Page 19

Page 19
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/4/17 18:38
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Page 18

Page 18
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/4/17 18:37
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Pg 17

Pg 17
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/4/17 18:37
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Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2018/3/10 13:08
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Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2018/3/5 11:54
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Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2018/2/12 11:26
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Shanna the She Devil

Shanna the She DevilPopular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   Last Update2017/12/5 12:47
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while not for the name I received, I was inspired to make this :)


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2017/11/13 12:28
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Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2017/11/1 14:39
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Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2017/10/31 14:36
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Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2017/10/23 13:34
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Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2017/10/22 6:10
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SubmitterWLineMore Photos from WLine   Last Update2017/9/29 18:20
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Some toys I made with epoxy...
Extra info in the image.

the following day

the following dayPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/7/18 18:41
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So after my talk with the princess of power I decided to take action, I called my ship and had them drop off my personal fighter. two quick space folds later and I'm back...with a gift for my lady friend.

I find out from maylen -who is dodging Spiderman like Tweety and Sylvester- that she's exploring the mansions upper rooms.  I find her in one of the offices and that's when I spring it on her.

"Hey there She-Ra."

"Obsidian, good afternoon."

"Hey I was thinking about what you said yesterday and I had an idea."


"I was thinking if I could make all of your problems go away, maybe you'd like to go on a date with me."

"Haha You'd have to murder Hordac before I could find time for that."

"Funny you should mention that, because I have a very special gift for you."

Holding a large box I set it on a nearby sofa and unlatch the locks

"I love surprises, what is it."

The look on her face is...well it's priceless. I'm not sure whether to console her or laugh hysterically as I present her with Hordac's head.


An F bomb almost escapes her lips and I realize this idea may go very south.

"What? How? Where? Why?...It's a head? Hordac's....Head.  Heads aren't presents!!!"

"Well you just said..."

"It was a figure of speech, I was speaking hypothetically...the backlash on this from his minions is going to be catastrophic!!! Do you realize what you've done?"

"His minions...Oh you mean his no no no no they won't be a problem....they're dead too."


"Yeah I figured there would be a vacuum and nature abhors a I took out the whole system."


"Antimatter Torpedo right smack dab on top of his palace and compounds.  Turns out Hordac doesn't have any orbital defenses so when i showed up in orbit it was like shooting fish in a bucket. Point and click really."

"What of his prisoners and other innocent people?"

"Transported them out before the warheads hit.  So how about that date? You don't have any obligations on Etheria anymore."

"But my friends..."

"...can get on with their lives."

"But what about..."

"Please don't tell me you're stuck on that archer with the heart on his chest."


"Gods, even his name is uncreative...what kind of archer goes by the name Bow?  Come on, we're here now and there's no worries at can-"

The look on her face I first mistake for rage...but it isn't it's LUST...I'll need to repair my helmet later since it's never been torn from my sui but she is He-Man's little sister...I hope she plans on being gentle...or maybe Adora?  Nope...she's going with She-Ra...hope I can walk tomorrow.

LOL All in good fun.t  

Sights set.

Sights set.Popular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/7/18 15:22
Hits394  Comments2    
Well, at least now I know I'm not being paranoid about someone trying to kill us but since there's nothing I can do I think I'll take a relaxing dip by the pool. The girls would love this place, as aesthetics go it's not bad a bit 21st century for me though. Spiderman said once the "Smackdown" began we couldn't call anyone in from the outside. Against the rules or some such.  I keep the ship on a short leash though I wanna be able to bug out fast if I need to. As I head to the pool I spot She-Ra sunbathing and while she's still wearing her hero outfit, she's shed a few unwanted pieces so that she's down to basically a one piece bating suit. Her wet blond hair glistens in the sun and I can't help but pause to take in the sight.

With her eyes closed she knows I'm there and I almost blush from embarrassment.

"You, know it's not polite to stare."

She says with a smile.

"Yeah, well um."

I'm at a loss for words. Her baby blues pop open and I check the corners of my mouth to make sure I'm not drooling.

"Obsidian isn't it?"

"Yes. apologize for not having introduced myself properly before but I was-er-ah."

"Enraged that someone made an attempt on your life?"

"Yeah heh. Not one of my better moments."

"I'll say. They're still cleaning up the shark bits Ha ha!"

"I don't know what came over me, usually I don't panic like that.  Then again I usually have the upper hand.  Something around here interferes with my tech."

"So did you have something you wanted to discuss or were you just...taking in the sights?"

The last part of her sentence made my pointy little ears twitch...better those something else.

"I was wondering...Spiderman has been acting like a horny teenager lately and..."

"I know he wears a full mask but I can still feel him undressing me with his eyes."

"Well I know you can handle yourself -Magic powers and sword and what not- but if you need an alibi or..."

"A fake boyfriend?"

"Well, he and I have been friends for a while so if you need him to back off or if he just gets out of line I'm offering an alternative to the Hulk method of handling him."

"Who or what, is a Hulk?"



"Oh princess you need to come with me."

I take her by the hand and we go to the theater and I load up the avengers movie...when the part comes where Loki gets the Hulk beatdown she positively screams out loud with laughter. Afterwards I make something for the two of us to eat...and we talk. Her dilemma with Hordak, how Skeletor ties in etc etc. Finally I make my move.

"So tell me princess is there someone special waiting at home?"  

"That's a bit forward."

"It's been on my mind all day so I thought I'd ask."

"Hoping maybe YOU could fill that role if there wasn't?"

"I never said that. I'll admit the thought had crossed my mind though."

"I don't have time for relationships, it's always one battle after another and there's never a moment of just peace. I just have too many obligations.  This event, right now, this is as close as I get to a vacation. I haven't visited my parents in years. So while I appreciate the attention I just can't. I hope you understand?"

"I do, and I think I know a way to change your mind princess. I'm gonna turn in but I'll see you tomorrow, sleep well."

With that i see her to her quarters and set about putting my plan into action.  I know how to take care of obligations and endless battles.

Hunting for clues

Hunting for cluesPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2017/7/18 10:17
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In the Heromorph mansion there are secret passageways...which only remain secret if one is not an elf. Merely passing within ten feet of such an entrance gives an elf a 33% probability of discover it, so perceptive are they. This even more so if said elf is a ninja, and actively looking for something of that nature. Not all of Obsidian's detective work is done by his technology. Spider-Man however, is on vacation and hunting down clues is not fun it's...the usual.

<Obsidian> "Found it!"

<Spiderman sarcastically> "Ugh, found what?"

<Obsidian> "A secret doorway." (slides concealed door open) ...and stairs.

<Spiderman> "No! no no no no no no!  I did not come here to be a detective or play hero. This is my vacation away from all of that crazy stuff!"

<Obsidian> "Really? Then why did you come here in costume numbnuts?"

<Spiderman> I---I---Dammit! Lead on, but you owe me. After this we get smashed...I mean it."

<Obsidian> "Webhead I have no intention of getting anywhere near inebriated until this mystery is solved."

<Spiderman> "Whatever you say Fred, is Daphne and Velma coming too? Rikes where is everyrodoy. Scooby Dooby Doooooo."
<Obsidian>  "You're an ass. Now come on."

Making their way down the dark stairwell the pair of heroes discover a dank computer room, in neat rows are nearly a dozen robotic velociraptors, thankfully not active. A nearby computer and access panel display the current status of not only the Raptors but the sharks as well.

<Obsidian> "Spider, Look here."

<Spiderman> "Whaaaaat? Let me guess, you found a clue?"

<Obsidian> "More than that, I found the controls for all of these robots. Check it out, someone set the safeties to off. According to my scanners -some of which do still work- there's a fresh set of prints."

<Spiderman> "Really sherlock? Too bad there's no database to compare them with. Lets go already. Need i remind you that there are two seriously HOT babes on our team and unless they swing the other way they could be swinging with us.  And brother I can swing. C'mon."

<Obsidian doing his best Batman impersonation> "SOMEONE TRIED TO KILL ME AND NOW I HAVE PROOF. I have no intention of taking that lightly. Moreover the same someone apparently tried to take out the other team as well."

Spiderman hangs his head in defeat, he knows his friend is not going to give this up until someone pays for this affront. Woe to the one who tried to kill Obsidian mask...He is looking to return the favor.

Note: I'm just killing time waiting for the rest of the guys to post their entries...and I'm so Boooooored so this is how I intend to fill my dull days until the end of the month....LOL I have no idea what's going to happen next but I know Spidey from comics and previous Smackdowns. That said I have lots of go nowhere images I can create. Just wait till I get going.


SubmitterMikeallMore Photos from Mikeall   Last Update2017/6/20 12:29
Hits338  Comments4    
Art for book-signing event. Possibly one of the most memorable scenes in all of the Crowley series by Eddie Skelson (see a previous post) is found in book one, The Ravensblack Affair, when the main characters find themselves face to face with a police constable horribly weaponised with cutlery. Thanks for looking at my work.

slymbiote at the bus stop

slymbiote at the bus stopPopular
SubmitterskurgeMore Photos from skurge   Last Update2017/6/14 0:09
Hits482  Comments4    
Playing with some new stuff in studio, genesis 3 and some stuff that was on sale at daz.  Still cant edit the renders but I can at least make them again.  Comments welcome.

BANZAI GIRL: UMBRELLA FOLLIES! by Jinky Coronado (white background)

BANZAI GIRL: UMBRELLA FOLLIES! by Jinky Coronado (white background)Popular
SubmitterJinkyCoronadoMore Photos from JinkyCoronado   Last Update2017/5/15 11:49
Hits376  Comments1    
Here's a colored version of the art, with a white background.  

I like this a lot.  But then I thought a moodier background would feel more like a cloudy, dreary day more fitting with Banzai Girl having an umbrella.  So that version is upcoming next!

Art by me, colors by Katrina MaeHao (of course)!


-- Jinky
BANZAI GIRL TM & 2017 Jinky Coronado

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 413 photos hit)
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