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Dossier: Lote' Ne'rdo

Dossier: Lote' Ne'rdoUpdated
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/12/11 11:18
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Name: Lote' Ne'rdo
Species: Sylvan Elf (Parallel Universe)
Age: 46
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 97 lbs
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: White

Birth Rank: Uknown
# Siblings: 5
Relatives: Ai (Adopted sister)' Ninniach, Vanim, (sisters) Rierrt'a, Mardok, (brothers) Zantar, Jarnesh (Parents)
Marital Status: Married (2nd wife)
Known Associates: Obsidian mask and crew, The Betawan Tribe (formerly)

Intelligence: 21
Agility: 19
Strength: 15
Endurance: 12
Psyche: 10
Presence: 18

Vocation: Warrior/Cleric

Effective Combat Value:3/14

Lote' has healing abilities, and is capable of casting spells as a priest but currently does not owe fealty to any divine beings. Night Vision Enhanced hearing, extended longevity, immunity to disease, heal without scarring

Notable Skills:
Cybernetics, Installation/Removal/Modify
Medical Practitioner (Surgical MD, Multiple species and cross-species knowledge)
Holistic Medicine

Any available to the rest of the Phantasm's crew, and her husband.

While hunting Lote's adopted sister Ai, attacked interlopers she believed threatened her tribe.  Although at first her attack seemed successful Obsidian quickly recovered from her initial onslaught and defeated her without causing any serious injury.  Having defeated her in single combat and demonstrating mercy and the power to destroy her she was bound to serve him as his slave. Obsidian did not fully understand this and forced her to take him to her tribe where several crewmen from the ship he was sent to rescue, were being held captive. In a negotiation for their release Obsidian performed several tasks to gain the tribe's favor and thus rescued the survivors of the  Kryllian warship Kaznarr. In celebration of his success the tribe's Chief Zantar, believing Obsidian to be a god,  arranges a feast during which Obsidian becomes unwittingly married to not just Ai, but her three sisters as well.   Lote' is not entirely happy with her marriage as she prefers women. Additionally, Lote' while physically capable of bearing children is still technically a child herself by elven standards as elven girls are not considered adults until they reach 60 years of age.  Secretly Lote' adores Aini who she understands will NEVER return her affections.  despite that the two have shared a few intimate moments as Aini believes it necessary to keep her Master's family happy. As an empath, Aini can read Lote' well and has maintained a good relationship with as both mentor and lover.  Lote' has not yet mated with her Obsidian respects elven tradition enough that he is willing to wait and secretly Lote' fears the day she will have to consummate their marriage, and the though of of bearing children is at this time repulsive to her.  Currently Lote' while still young, is considered a very competent Doctor (courtesy of the Golden Star Empire's training), and is a very skilled surgeon. This fact was apparent in her mental profile by the GSE who determined she would predisposed to being in the medical field...they were absolutely on the money and Lote' truly enjoys being CMO (Chief medical officer) aboard the Pahntasm.

Dossier: Alleycat

Dossier: AlleycatNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/12/11 11:18
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Name: Alleycat
Species: genetically Engineered Super-Soldier
Age: 16 (Over 3,000 chronologically)
Height: 8'9"
Weight: 1500 lbs
Eye Color: Blue (feline pupils)
Hair Color: Blonde

Birth Rank: 1 st of 6
# Siblings: 5
Relatives:5 (Panterra, Cheetah I [Deceased], Tigress, Jagwire, Man-Eater
Marital Status: Single
Known Associates: P.R.I.D.E. (& its team members)

Intelligence: 12
Agility: 19
Strength: 1,000
Endurance: 500
Psyche: 14
Presence: 12

Vocation: Warrior

Effective Combat Value: 22

Super Strength (Cosmic Class 1), Night Vision, Track by Scent, Regeneration Type 2 (can regrow lost limbs), Enhanced hearing, Adamantine reinforced skeleton.

Notable Skills:
Alleycat is a well trained combatant and is proficient in the use of various heavy melee weapons and Heavy projectile weapons,

Adamantine composite armor and plating. HardLight battleaxe, Retractable finger blades (8" long). Multi-optics HUD

The first of several attempts to make a Super Soldier Alleycat was created to fight and survive.  Injuring him is next to impossible and even if one managed to seriously damage him his capacity to regenerate will see him fit to return to battle in mere minutes. Alley cat is not exceptionally smart but neither is he stupid or naive. Alleycat has assumed the role of "Big brother" and is very protective of the other team mates ("Siblings").  Alleycat has a strong physical attraction to Jagwire who sadly does not return his affection seeing him as the "Big Brother" he pretends to be. Alley cat's strength is incredible and is excessive for his skeleton requiring a full enhancement of his entire frame. The result is a human tank capable of bench-pressing a mountain.  A full strength punch from this behemoth is the equivalent of a 300 megaton nuclear detonation focused in an area the size of his fist.  There is some concern that his power could (if directed downward ) crack a planet causing a global catastrophe.  Alleycat is painfully aware of his own power and is incredibly careful about being gentle even when in battle. The discovery of the return of Maneater was upsetting to him and he has lost much sleep pondering the implications. For a long time he believed his team's old adversary long dead but now waits for the day when he face him in combat and "Crush the life from his bones once and for all." Alleycat is otherwise a very gentle person, whose hobbies include gardening/lower arranging, painting, Model building, and needlpoint.  Alleycat subscribes to a Buddhist mentality and way of life and is soft spoken most of the time, but he will not hesitate to defend the weak or seek justice.

Dossier: Sarah Dashel-Ne'rdo

Dossier: Sarah Dashel-Ne'rdoNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/12/11 11:13
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Name: Sarah Dashel-Ne'rdo (Cheetah I)
Species: Genetically Engineered Super Soldier
Age: 517 (at time of death)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Black (Gray at time of death)

Birth Rank: 3rd of 6
# Siblings: 5
Relatives: Alleycat, Tigress, Jawire, Panterra, Maneater
Marital Status: Married (at time of death)
Known Associates:

Intelligence: 10
Agility: 11
Strength: 16
Endurance: 33
Psyche: 9
Presence: 17

Vocation: Assassin
Effective Combat Value: 19

Super speed (Mach 2 for short distances and straight lines only),  Enhanced Vision/Hearing/Olfactory/ Night-vision/Regeneration/Longevity (Soul Stones)/

Notable Skills:
Possesses Many combat related skills and virtually no others save for cooking.

Adamantine claws, Power Armor as all of her team mates Sarah (Cheetah) possessed a full suit of power armor composed of a Mythril Absorbium compound making it nearly indestructible

The armor incorporates many devices and paraphernalia and well as servos and internal circuitry providing the following abilities:

Ultravision (Panterra can see even in magically created darkness)
Climbing sheer surfaces (via retractile adamantine claws)
Super Strength (80 ton capacity)
Super Speed (Mach 4 maximum)
Enhanced hearing: (Sensitive enough to hear a pin drop at 100 yards)
Track by scent: Olfactory scanners can identify up to 100,000 different scents in a 25 foot radius.
Oxygen filtration: Panterra's armor is not hermetically sealed but has an advance air filtering system.
Enhanced combat protocols: Reflexive neural simulators designed to work with his martial skill set.

Drone shuriken

P.R.I.D.E. member have access to a variety of modern vehicles custom designed by Jagwire.

Golden Star Empire Armor: Constructed of an Infinitium mesh and is thus nearly indestructible by normal means.  The built in features grant her full spectrum analysis, and act as a full suite, portable, crime lab as well as enhancing her already formidable abilities. The 6 retractable 18 inch knuckle blades are likewise made from pure infinitium and are indestructible by mortal means, and have been further enchanted to mono-molecular width making them capable of slicing through steel as easily as one would wave a stick through air. Armor's not enchanted or composed of "Ultra-Rare" materials (Admamantine, Mythril etc) even those constructed of non-conventional material (Starship hulls and Tank Armor) are all equally useless against them. Infinitium Shuriken: Enchanted throwing blades that behave in the same fashion as her knuckle blades these shuriken teleport to their belt pouch after causing damage to any object and thus DO NOT pass through people or objects and therefore cannot affect more than one object/target at a time. The solid infinitium plates throughout the armor can be used as bludgeoning weapons with lethal efficiency. Opponents striking one of these plates suffer all damage from such impacts as if slamming their fist into a proverbial wall while a layer of Absorbium 80 prevents Cheetah from being harmed in the slightest. If damaged the armor is further enchanted to clean and repair itself daily.  Unlike her team mates Cheetah's armor is a hermetically sealed environmental suit complete with magically renewable food supplements and waste disposal.  As one would imagine this exactly the type of "Overkill" armor one would expect from the Golden Star Empire.

Sarah was genetically engineered in the latter part of the 21st century.  Solaran (Human) DNA Spliced along with various attributes from large felines species (primarily cheetah).  The Preemptive Reconnaissance Infiltration Detection and Elimination squad Acronym: P.R.I.D.E. was to infiltrate behind enemy borders and eliminate targets deemed a threat to the United State's security.   Sarah was not the first genetically engineered being but rather third in a line of 6 such beings. (Individual Dossiers to be submitted later)

The first to be created was code named: "Alleycat" a massive 9 ft behemoth of immense strength and endurance.
The second was code named: "Tigress" a female assassin trained in various forms of martial arts and intrusions techniques.
The Third code named:  "Cheetah" Was an incredibly fast Speedster of unlimited endurance and capable of reaching speeds of up to mach 6 on land.  However, she was reportedly  incapable of pinpoint navigation.
The fourth code named: Jagwire is technological genius and a weapons expert in all small/heavy arms and s killed inventor. Like the others he is a capable soldier and an effective killer.
The fifth was originally code named: Panterra   However, during a routine live training exercise he attacked and subsequently murdered his handlers going rogue and escaping from the facility that created the team.

After arriving in the 43rd century and determining (inaccurately) that Maneater was no longer a threat Cheetah took the name "Sarah Dashel" and began to make a life for herself outside of the team. Through their affiliation with the scions of Justice Sarah met Obsidian Mask and the two at first, could not stand to be in the same room together. They would later discover that they actually were very attracted to one another physically and  eventually became very close. However, Obsidian Mask broke off their relationship having just overcome the loss of his previous wife only a few years prior. This would create a rift between the two as Sarah had become pregnant with twins unbeknownst to Obsidian Mask. During the "Rise of Domion" crisis, while on a mission to rescue Panterra,  Sarah became injured and the truth was revealed to Obsidian who immediately regretted breaking things off with her. They subsequently rekindled their relationship and eventually married. During an attack by Dominions' forces Sarah was crushed under a support beam severing her spinal cord, and while the damage could be prepared Sarah suffered a miscarriage and was emotionally devastated and in a fit of rage contacted the being known as The Black Mantis to get revenge not knowing what price he would ask in return.  The Black mantis would later allow Obsidian to get her out of the contract under the terms that Obsidian would serve him so long as the couple remained together . Later at their wedding the Black mantis would gift the couple with a pair of non-magical rings which possessed a matching set of soul stones.  The stones would bind the life forces of whoever wore them in wedlock, Obsidian being immortal did not discover their true nature after the apparent death of Sarah in a kamikaze style attack. The Black Mantis assigned Obsidian to find out what had happened to Sarah and thus began a 5 year mission to find her.  In the end Sarah found him and he was surprised to discover that she had been hurled 500 years into the past, had fallen in love with another man, bared children only to watch them pass on while she lived.  Having finally understood why Obsidian tried to end their relationship before Sarah decided it was more of a curse than a blessing and asked Obsidian to end their marriage allowing her to finally pass on, and subsequently releasing him from his contract with the Black mantis.  

Dossier: Aini

Dossier: AiniNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/12/11 11:10
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Name: Aini
Species: Empath Demon (pleasure drone)
Age: 55
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115
Eye Color: Red (Black scelera)
Hair Color: Black (currently)

Birth Rank: N/A
# Siblings: N/A
Relatives: N/A
Marital Status: Concubine
Known Associates: The 9 Hells, Obsidian Mask & crew
Appearance: Varied (More info below)

Intelligence: 14 (currently)
Agility: 23 (currently)
Strength: 19 (currently)
Endurance: 75
Psyche: 100
Presence: 18 (currently)

Vocation: Assassin/Warrior (currently)
Effective Combat Value: 23 (currently)

Empathic Fluent/Literate all languages, Flight (Winged), Invulnerability (Category 1), Alter physical appearance, Borrow Skills/Knowledge, Perfection, Detect Master, ,Presence sense (Master only).

Notable Skills:
Empath Demons were created, to be "Gifts" capable of borrowing any skill their imprinted master possesses, additionally they know all domestic, and talent skills at professional levels.

Any available


Aini is an Empath Demon, in her native adolescent state her skin is blue she has a large pair of visible demonic wings and a tail. Her species were created to serve and created to bond with a single master for the life of the Master (Forever, in Obsidian's case). as such she can sense when her master is near. Se instinctively knows what his desires are before even he does and her physical form alters automatically to what ever would please him most. Empath demons are expert lovers and once given a name are bonded for the life of their master. Should the master die the Demon will return to it's adolescent state until it can find or be presented with, a new master. Empath Demons know their place an accept it as just how things are (this is part of their genetic programming).  They initially have no real will of their own an share the wishes and desires of their master. They derive pleasure from pleasing their master (there are no male Empath Demons), and even if abused will derive pleasure from being  abused so long as their master does also. In the case of Aini, because Obsidian is attracted to strong independent women she has grown to become strong and independent. her will is mostly her own save for the things she cannot control and her feelings for Obsidian are genuine and she considers herself very fortunate to have him for a master. Because of what she is Aini is very accepting and in fact very supportive of Obsidian's wives who she works very hard to make happy, and make certain their marriage is also happy. Because of Obsidian's past and skill set Aini is quite a deadly assassin and combatant and has nearly his level of understanding of combat. She has "Borrowed" all of his skills and understands full well what he is and what he does thus making her the perfect companion.  Empath demons cannot bear children and once parted from the bond mate lose any skills "Borrowed".  Aini has impeccable taste and fashion sense and possesses a suit of Absorbium 80 armor with the exact same specifications as Obsidian's.  Aini would do ANYTHING for Obsidian but has told him she is not "For Marrying" and thus can never be his wife regardless of feelings.  Secretly she wishes she could have Obsidian to herself but she would never voice such desires because they are her own and not those of her master.  Much of what she becomes is beyond her power to control and the more appealing an aspect is to her mate the more pronounced it will become. any statistic marked "Currently" is subject to increase or decrease based on what her bond mate TRULY desires even if he is not aware of it himself. This is what makes these creatures so appealing..they are the Perfect companion. Their "perfection" ability can be used for anything not involving combat as is most often used in conjunction with conscious changes or when performing domestic tasks. Obsidian is of the opinion that her creation and that of her species is an abomination by only the sickest minds and has no problem believing the concept of their creation is definitely demonic.

Dossier: Shadawar Narrough

Dossier: Shadawar NarroughNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/12/9 8:55
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Name: Shadawar Narrough (Shadow)
Species Lunari
Relatives: Sinder (sister), Jabri (brother), Sangwa (sister), Shassar (Mother), Kadeen (Father)
Known associations: Sathari Empire (Sub-Commander Retired from service),  Obsidian Mask (Ship's1st officer)
Height: 6'2 (6'6" at the ear tips)
Weight: 235
Hair: Black Fur (covers entire body)

Strength: 18
Endurance: 18
Agility: 16
Psyche: 21
Intelligence: 17
Presence: 18

Vocation: Psi-Mage
Effective Combat Value: 17

Powers and Abilities:

Shadawar has several Psionic powers as well as
Psionic mental defenses and attack powers

Telekinesis: Can lift 2000 lbs.
Pyrokinesis: Can be used to burn opponents or objects
Telemechanics: Can repair mechanical objects
Psi-Wave: A shock-wave attack 50 feet in diameter
Psionic Healing/Ravage: Transfers health between 2 living beings (can be used offensively)
Clairvoyance: Psionic surveillance with audio
Danger sense: Warns of pending attacks
Telepathy: 2-way mental communication
Telepathic vision: Can transmit what he sees to others
Memory purge: Can erase memories
Levitation: Limited flight/Parachute
Telekinetic Strangulation: Can "choke" the life from living beings
Telekinetic Throw: Can launch a victim in any chosen direction (Can cause possible fall damage)


The weapon and calling card of the Psi-Mage Shadawar's glows an Aqua Marine hue.
Blade Throw(Psi-Blade can be used as an effective thrown weapon and returns to the wielder)
Blade corrupt: Can use another's Psi-Blade as if it were his
Energy deflection: Can deflect energy blasts harmlessly away
Disintegrate: Can cut through even the strongest metals and armor
Double Blade: Can create a dual bladed Psi-Blade
Mastery: This skill not only makes the Psi-Mage a more effective combatant but intensifies the energy from the blade itself Shadawar has achieved this 6 times.

Known Spells:
Fireball, Eldritch Bolts, Intermediate Healing, Arched Lightning, Darken Bolt, Flight, Forcefield, Leap, Enthrall, Invisible vision, Oracle, Dream/Nightmare, Whisper, Silence, False Memory, Light Sphere

Smite, Lesser Healing,  Greater Healing, Restore, Barrier, Emotion Control, Strike terror, Meteor Strike, Raze earth, Evaluate, Sense Undead, Sense Evil/Good, Scry, Dispel Enchantment, Discern Enchantment,
Read thoughts.  

Shadawar was assigned to Obsidian Mask as a bodyguard (All former Sathari heads of state are) and was actually hand-picked by the emperor himself and sent with orders assigning him as person guard "...or in whatever capacity you deem necessary.".  Shadawar was immediately reassigned by Obsidian to the position of "First Officer" a position that coincided with his responsibilities to "Maintain the safety of the Captain."   Shadawar has since retired from duty choosing to remain as "First Officer" rather then extend his service time. Shadawar prefers to be addressed by his friends as "Shadow" and is considered very likeable.  As Lunari go, he is out of place in the Sathari Empire since Lunari 4 is located well within the Milky-Way Galaxy and it is unknown as to how he came to be in service to the Sathari Empire. Shadawar has no offspring (another rarity for a Lunari of his age), and has no plans to become a parent at this time he does, however, bear great affection towards Chief Engineer Sabrina Wildman and is aware of the Taboo of relationships between Humanoids and Feraloid, especially those of canine descent. He is unaware that Sabrina shares his affection and it makes things awkward, almost comically so.

Dossier: Synthea

Dossier: SyntheaNew
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/12/9 8:49
Hits15  Comments1    
Name: Synthea
Species: Android (Formerly Pleasure Drone)
Age: 6,392 (active lifespan 3 years)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 1 12 lbs
Eye Color: Brown (Luminous Red pupils)
Hair Color: Black (Variable can change hair color at will)
Birth Rank:98735 of 100000 units
# Siblings: 99999 whereabouts unknown (assumed destroyed)
Relatives:See Above
Marital Status: Unmarried
Known Associates: Obsidian Mask, Phantasm Crew, Anaeras 3 denizens (all deceased)
Appearance: Very pretty Asian Solaran) female with Distinctive Elven ears, glowing pupils and external interface ports denoting her artificial nature.

Intelligence: 30
Agility: 20
Strength: 40
Endurance: N/A (effectively unlimited)
Psyche: N/A (Immune to Psionics) reasoning effectively that of a young teen.
Presence: 15

Vocation: Assassin (Pleasure drone skill set remains but is no longer primary function)
Effective Combat Value: 12 (Without additional programming Synthea cannot advance in experience)

Indefinite Life Span (as an AI her life -span is unknown)
Super Strength and reflexes
Unlimited Endurance (can exercise full exertion so long as power is maintained and parts remain undamaged)
Telescopic/Macroscopic Vision
Thermal/Infrared/Ultraviolet Vision
Radiation immunity
Immune to Enthrall powers/spells
Immune to Illusion Magic
Built-in Micro Replimatt with On The Fly chip-set (Not pre-programmed requires chips)
Built-in universal translator
Notable Skills:
Sensual seduction/Lovemaking
Multiple types of Repair/Maintenance Skills
Illicit skills (Pickpocket/Hacking/Lock-picking/Stealth Visual and Auditory, Set/Disable Snares/Traps,) Computer Hacking, Computer Programming. Tactical Analysis, Starship Weapon/Defense Systems,

Twin .50 Variable ammunition auto-pistols with 4-D magazines (20,000 round capacity), HardLight generator pre-programmed with over 1,000 weapons and tools. Absorbium 80 layering, Absorbium Armor (note: her pleasure drone programming interferes with her assassin programming in an unusual way, such as not allowing her to dress properly but always sexually suggestive. Because of this, an underlayer of Absorbium 80 with adamantine plating was added to her frame along with a regenerative synthetic skin overlay.

As an android Synthea is bound under the terms of the Galactic AI accords and must maintain an appearance that clearly reveals her artificial nature.  Synthea does not possess a full range of simulated emotions and most current androids do, though her Pleasure Drone programming remains hardwired allowing her to simulate affection. Synthea is a capable fighter and a skilled Tactical Officer thanks to her new programming. Like Rebo she owes her upgrades to Sabrina Wildman who refitted her at the request of Obsidian Mask.  Synthea contains software capable of destroying a Maetricks Core brain and for this reason was taken from her desolate, arctic home-world and added to the Lillun-A's roster. Upgrades included skillset. Synthea has not as yet been used for her primary purpose and it is unknown how that would affect her current programming.

Obsidian Mask Dossier & Mk XIII Armor

Obsidian Mask Dossier & Mk XIII ArmorUpdated
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/12/6 5:19
Hits37  Comments2    
Name: Obsidian Mask (Rusco Yondo Ne'rdo) Pron (Rrrooscoo, You N' doo, Nairr doo,)
Species:  Elf, Luminesti
Age: 354
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 165 lbs
Eye Color: Blue (Currently Cybernetic)
Hair Color: Blonde
Birth Rank: 2nd of 7
# Siblings: 6 (all deceased)
Relatives:Jenara (Daughter), Arethan (son)
Marital Status: Married X 2 Spouse's Names: Ai Thoron (Sylvan Elf...Dragon?), Lote' (Sylvan Elf)
Known Associates: Crimson Mask, Cobalt Mask, The Scions of Justice, PRIDE, The Sathari Empire. IGFW STAR Command, Shadawar (Sathari officer), Rendaza "The red" (Bodyguard Sathari Empire), Sabrina Wildman (Chief Engineer), Analaeus Sathari (Reigning Emperor Sathari Empire)

Intelligence: 14 (140 IQ)
Agility: !9
Strength: 14 (60 in armor)
Endurance: 15 (100 In Armor)
Psyche: 18 (Minor Psionic Defenses)
Presence: 19 (Elven DNA)

Vocation: Ninja/Soldier
Effective Combat Vlaue: 25

Powers/Abilities: Nightvision, Supernatural Beauty, Indefinite Lifespan, Immunity to Natural (non-magical) disease, Does not scar.

Notable Skills:
Electronics Engineering P.H.D.
Astro-Cartography M.D.
Anthropology and Archaeology MLA
Trained in Medicine (Equivalent Trauma care nurse),
Holisitic Medicine B.A.
Certified in Starship, Automotive and Aircraft Repair.
Blacksmith certification
Weapon Engineering/Design Certification (Archaic and Modern)


Current Armor Capabilities:

4-D Contained Jump Jets: (for limited flight capability) Top Speed 400 KPH

Zero Pistol Mk 4: Infinitium Components, Variable round select,  "Barrel View" gun sight, 20 mm Grenade/Micro Missile launcher

Zero Rifle Mk 7: Infinitium Components, Internal Vari-Barrel allowing it to function as a shotgun/Assault Rifle/Sniper Rifle/Minigun Has all of the features of the Zero Pistol incl 20 MM grenade launcher.

Both weapons feature a 4-D warehouse with crates of various types of ammunition effectively making Obsidian a one-man army in a battle of attrition. In addition, the Infinitium construction means the barrels will never overheat and enchantments placed on the weapons mean they never have to be cleaned.

Zero-Blade ("Godslayer"): A relic class Katana created by the Golden Star Empire as a reward for "Services rendered", This highly enchanted blade can be summoned to the owner, Cast and spell the wielder has studied
       Spell potency is 5 times normal Duration, Affected area, Affected Targets, Range, Damage, etc. Casting level is equal to that of the wielder times 5. Obsidian can command anyone holding the weapon to simply
       "die" killing said person instantly.  Additionally, as an immortal being (of the lowest category) the blade can be used to irrevocably slay divine beings although Obsidian is forced to take over said being's divine portfolio
. The blade also boasts Infinitium construction, and 4-d compartment to hide the Mono-molecular Infinitum blade, additionally, the blade possesses a high capacity 2-way forcefield which contains a
       Matter-Anti-matter intermix chamber with an output of 13.5 billion GW of power capable of disintegrating any matter it comes into contact with. The Forcefield is designed to allow objects to pass through
       without letting the energy within it escape. (The technology used to create this weapon is unknown in this universe and is exclusive to the Golden Star Empire).

Left Gauntlet/Bracelet Grappling line 16 ton capacity, Obsidian's Left Gauntlet/Bracelet contains an Infinitium Grappling line with Matching anchor. The line is thin but otherwise indestructible. Total Length 50 feet.

Right Gauntlet/Bracelet Scanner/Communications array: Obsidian's Right gauntlet contains a full sensor suite similar in design to many standard handheld models though 3 times Range and sensitivity, In addition
        it also is equipped with a holographic communications array/display the keyboard allows full access to modern databases. There's also a surveilance package 4-D wrist blade, and concealed cutting devices

Helmet:  Loaded with Visual scanners Obsidian's helmet is also contains a communications package (Works in conjunction with gauntlet), Full visual spectrum scanner, internal life support/nutrition/fluid dispenser
            and acts as a barrier against any level of Psionic/Mental intrusion. Unfortunately this is a double edged sword cutting intuitive perception drastically. An Infinitum Face-plate has recently been attacked
            front of the helmet insuring that no means of attack will penetrate the helmet head on, the remainder of the helmet is and frame covered by a layer of Absorbium 80 which absorbs all known forms of                         energy.

Bodysuit: The Bodysuit is a hermetically sealed, self contained environment suit and like the helmet, is composed primarily of Absorbium 80 and enhances Obsidian strength/agility/endurance considerably allowing
             him to bench press an astonishing 25 tons. Reflexes are enhanced via internal AI and Neural-Muscular inputs lattice-worked throughout the suit and helmet. In the event that Obsidian should become                          paralyzed (even from the neck down) the suit can still be operated with full functionality so long as Obsidian remains conscious and the suit 75% intact.  Holographic camouflage with Tactile support this is                  like a built in disguise allowing the wearer to even appear to be unarmored if he so wishes. it is ineffective against magical sensory spells which do not reveal the true form but do reveal that it is a hologram.

Utility Belt: The Buckle can be removed and used to enhance the already impressive sensor suit of the Gauntlets and helmet, but it's most impressive feature is the Variable Contra-Gravity Generator which allows                             Obsidian to orient his center of Gravity to any point or direction he desires.

Kinetic Gloves: The Knuckle plates of the gloves are capable of channeling absorbed energy into a concentrated kinetic burst equal to the energy absorbed. Such attacks are further enhanced by the armor's 25 ton                             strength capacity. The Palms of the gauntlets are layered with Absorbium 120 and can be used (as in the case of the god Apophis) to weaken or outright kill an opponent in hand to hand combat after                         only a few seconds of exposure.
Absorbium 80 Overview: In addition to absorbing what one thinks of when considering energy, Absobium 80 also absorbs sound-waves, photons, impacts (kinetic energy), Magic, Psionics, and even life energy. In it's most pure form Absorbium cannot be physically touched by living beings as it is lethal. The highest level of refinement (Via Chemical processes) absorbium is rated at 120 (a thin layer of this version is applied to palms of Obsidian's gloves) it is capable of absorbing ambient life energy. When used with Nano-Irises the effects can be restricted or even stopped altogether.  Due to the fact that Obsidian's armor is a creation of incredibly powerful and advanced beings the Absorbium in his suit is controlled via Sub-atomic Irises which are the single most refined method of controlling the effects of the absorbium. This method combined with an undisclosed adhesion method, allow the Absorbium to be applied in similar fashion to spray-on paint creating a thin layer that is more effective than larger plates. The technology behind this is a closely guarded secret.  The absorbed energy is most often re-channeled throughout the armor to supplement  the internal magical power supply potentially powering the armor indefinitely.

Born on earth in the 20th century Obsidian was once a human. He was accidentally summoned across space and time by a Mage. After some adventures, deciding he was too old and out of shape but wanting to continue adventuring, he sought out magical means to extend his lifespan. To that end he procured the services of a mage to have himself transformed into a Luminesti elf, forsaking his humanity and Solaran roots for all time. Obsidian became embroiled in the "Millennium Wars" fighting on the side of the IGFW and its allies (Namely Earth) achieving the rank of Commander. Using the skills he acquired as an adventurer Obsidian quickly rose in rank and was recruited into a black ops branch where he was trained by the alien species known as the Oni who trained him for nearly 25 years before granting him the honorary rank of "Jonin". After his military service ended Obsidian was recruited by the mysterious Black Mantis who sought his services as an operative. Obsidian refused permanent employment with the Black mantis but did undertake assignments over a period of 100 years. Payment for those assignments has taken many forms including his ship, his weapons and various technologies, as well as his crew.  Obsidian Mask is 354 years old, and for over 300 of that has been a mercenary, assassin, and something of a private investigator. Obsidian possesses several degrees,  Obsidian believes in being self-sufficient and a survivalist. His Zoological knowledge has  proved useful for determining types of animals that are poisonous or edible. He is a master tactician and is always suspicious. He has been a widower 2 times before his current Harem and is known to be attracted to powerful women.  Obsidian still maintains ties with the Sathari Empire holding the position of "Indor" a title given to high ranking former officials by the Sathari government. As such he is under the protection of the Sathari Government until death (His species possesses an indefinite life span). To that end Obsidian has had many bodyguards, often a Psi-Mage of incredible power and experience.

At this time IGFW Intelligence recommendations are to maintain surveillance not underestimate his capabilities. Should the Golden Star Empire become involved agents should NOT interact and maintain surveillance from a discreet distance. Several agents have gone missing investigating this "Empire" and are presumed dead. At least one agent was returned and later discovered to be a clone of some variety as yet unknown.

Dossier: Sabrina Gertrude Wildman

Dossier: Sabrina Gertrude WildmanNew
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Name: Sabrina Gertrude Wildman
Species: Nibran
Age: 67
Weight: 126
Eyes: Light Blue/Silver
Hair: Brown (often dyed)
Prominent Marks/Tattoos: Sabrina bears a genetic birthmark over her right eye and upper/lower lips denoting her family lineage.

Strength: 14
Endurance: 12
Agility: 14
Psyche: 17
Intelligence: 28 ( IQ of 280)
Presence: 17

Vocation: Warrior
Effective Combat Value: 14

Powers and Abilities:

Extended Longevity: A gift from the Golden Star Empire, has prolonged Sabrina's lifespan to an as yet unknown extent. It is possible they may have made her (and several other crew members) Immortal.
Exceptional intelligence: Sabrina is a Genius scientist whose work in the field of Electronics Engineering is well known throughout the scientific community.
Sabrina has no other exceptional powers or abilities.

Notable skills:
Star-ship Diagnostics
Star-ship Repairs
Star-ship Design/Engineering
Star-ship Weapons Systems
Star-ship defense Systems
Mechanical Engineering M.D.
Electronics Engineering P.H.D.
Cybernetics Engineering B.A.
Space Flight Theory  Assoc.
Archaic technologies Assoc.

Small arms Proficiency:

Sabrina is less of a combatant and more of an engineering genius. Growing up Sabrina was something of an outcast of her proud warrior species, preferring to spend most of her time in school surrounded by books. Her passion for star-ships was well received as the Nibran well know the value of science especially Space Warfare.  Sabrina's aptitude for Engineering and Mathematics earned her high praise but few friends. She received her first Master's degree at the astounding age of 8.   Her thesis on Advanced AI's and their Impact as Recognized citizens is now standard reading. Sabrina spent most of her life in schools often teaching, she has several degrees (some earned simultaneously) and despite several offers from well-known ship designers she settled for a career at a Solaran Spacedock where she could be around star-ships of all kinds from all over the five galaxies.  While not always happy with the work conditions, pay or coworkers she did enjoy working on the various Spacecraft that came into port needing repairs.  This is where she was discovered by a headhunter who was secretly working for the Golden Star Empire who gave her Dossier and credentials to Obsidian Mask. He immediately sought her out and recruited her for the position of Chief Engineer aboard his star-ship the SS Lillun and she has continued to serve on vessels with him ever since through the promise of always getting to work with technologies unseen in the five galaxies...a promise he has not failed to live up to.  Sabrina is no longer an outcast but a valued team member and very happy despite her recent injuries incurred by the sabotage of the SS Lillun A. Sabrina has recently acquired an E5779-1 engineering drone who she affectionately named Rebo, her skills have made the Rebo a far more effective Repair drone than any very before or since. Sabrina secretly harbors deep feelings for Shadawar... Feelings she is unaware that her shares. The two are very awkward when dealing with each other almost to the point of being comical.  Sabrina hates her middle name (Honor named after a notable Solaran) and while proud of the person she was named after, it was a source of constant teasing whenever anyone discovered it (Considered an old person's name). If teased about her middle name she will become physically violent.

Dossier: Kezari Rendazza "Rendazza The Red"

Dossier: Kezari Rendazza "Rendazza The Red"New
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Name: Kezari Rendazza
Species: Sathari (Homeworld: Varanus 3)
Relatives: Sanja (wife deceased), Reinti (Son deceased)
Known associations: Sathari high command (Rank Colonel), Obsidian Mask (Bodyguard)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: N/A (Vaanans do not have body hair)

Strength: 12
Endurance: 19
Agility: 18
Psyche: 19
Intelligence: 18
Presence: 10

Vocation: Psi-Mage
Effective Combat Value: 18

Powers and Abilities:

Rendazza has several Psionic powers as well as
Psionic mental defenses and attack powers

Telekinesis: Can lift 1200 lbs
Pyrokinesis: Can be used to burn opponents or objects
Telemechanics: Can repair mechanical objects
Psychic Barrier: Creates a forcefield of considerable strength
Psi-Wave: A shockwave attack 50 feet in diameter
Psionic Healing/Ravage: Transfers health between 2 living beings (can be used offensively)
Clairvoyance: Psionic surveillance with audio
Danger sense: Warns of pending attacks
Telepathy: 2-way mental communication
Telepathic vision: Can transmit what he sees to others
Memory purge: Can erase memories
Levitation: Limited flight/Parachute
Telekinetic Strangulation: Can "choke" the life from living beings
Telekinetic Crush: Can squeeze a victim causing considerable damage
Telekinetic Throw: Can launch a victim in any chosen direction (Can cause possible fall damage)


The weapon and calling card of the Psi-Mage Rendazza's glows a pale blue he has spent a lifetime refining his techniques and has achieved a strong degree of skill.

Blade Charge (Psi-Blade remains active for 5 seconds after being released)
Blade corrupt: Can use another's Psi-Blade as if it were his
Energy deflection: Can deflect energy blasts harmlessly away
Disintegrate: Can cut through even the strongest metals and armor
Dual Wield: Can use two psi-Blades at once
Mastery: This skill not only makes the Psi-Mage a more effective combatant but intensifies the energy from the blade itself Rendazza has achieved this 5 times.

Known Spells:
Fireball, Flame Beam, Eldritch Bolts, Lightning bolt, Darken Bolt, Flight, Forcefield, Grace-fall, Enthrall, Stupefy, Slaughter, Invisible vision, Oracle, Dream/Nightmare, Whisper, Silence, False Memory

Smite, Lesser Healing, Intermediate Healing, Greater Healing, Restore, Barrier, Emotion Control, Strike terror, Meteor Strike, Raze earth, Evaluate, Sense Undead, Sense Evil/Good, Scry,

Rendazza, as a result of his association with  Obsidian Mask is presumed to have far more potent magics available to him.


Rendazza is an orphan with unknown parentage, his wife and son were both killed by slavers during an attack on an Outer Rim colony where they lived. Rendazza is a career soldier and former commander to Shadawar who dislikes him for reasons of ethics.  Rendazza is ruthless and used to being in command, but knows how to take orders. He requested his current assignment curious to discover what Obsidian Mask could have done to inspire such loyalty from his previous Bodyguard (the aforementioned Shadawar) such that he retired from service.  He is a serious man, not prone to levity or laughter for that matter   Most of the Commander's file is "Classified" and sealed. It is important to note that Rendazza also has a reputation for being Honorable...  He does not attack those unworthy of his skill (the innocent or weak) and does not slaughter those who cannot defend themselves.  Rendazza earned his nickname during the reign Emperor Zakahn in a battle with a hive of Xitizk.  Rendazza was quite literally laying waste to them by the hundreds until finally they simply 'lost the will to fight" fleeing in disgrace. When recovery teams arrived they found Rendazza covered from head to toe in the blood of his foes.  Thereafter, his men began calling him by the Suffix "The Red", but not to his face or within earshot. Truly Rendazza is not a man to be taken lightly...It is important to note that Shadow served under him, and was in the battle the day he earned his moniker.

Dossier: Rebo

Dossier: ReboNew
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"Rebo" (A pet name given by Sabrina Wildman) is an early 44th century E5779-1 engineering drone. despite it's small size it is equipped to perform the most hazardous repairs with unparalleled efficiency. Rebo has been upgraded with several dozen programs, hardware, and peripherals that make it even more useful than ever reducing normal diagnostic and repair times by as much as 50 percent. This version of the repair drone is no longer in use having been replaced by newer "Humanoid" models which many say are less efficient. Rebo, has been outfitted with new Replimatted parts of the highest quality and (minus some quirks in his software) is performing at peak efficiency. The Adamantine outer shell is nearly indestructible and all systems are hardened against radiation and electromagnetic interference meaning Rebo can operate in the most adverse conditions imaginable. Rebo can carry up to 5 tons of materials and has ea variable forcefield generator that he can shape into useful construction tools. Rebo's hands are retractable and have concealed Micro Replimatts which can create a variety of handheld tools. If Sabrina had a dozen of these units equipped with remote Replimation devices she could construct a shuttle in less than a week from nothing. It is worth noting that Sabrina has an abnormally strong affection for Rebo like a doting mother,  especially after it saved her life. Rebo's personality matrix does make it something of a smartass...but it makes up for it in bravery, efficiency  and tenacity.  Rebo is an also considered a Class A IT drone capable of hacking into most protected systems and due to programming available to Obsidian Mask can now access even the most protected systems at the highest levels of government.

IGFW Dossier: Panterra

IGFW Dossier: PanterraNew
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Name: Panterra (Panterra II officially)
Species: Unique poly-genome Solaran Base
Age 15 (Appears to be in late 20's)
Relatives: Alleycat, Jagwire (Brothers) Tigress (Sister) Cheetah (sister deceased)
Known associations: Scions of Justice, The Zero Men (Specifically Obsidian Mask), IGFW Supernatural Crimes Division
Chronologically his age is well over 3,000
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 285 lbs
Eyes: Green Feline irises
Hair Black with hints of dark spots
Skin Color: Latin features and skin tone

Strength: 22 (100 in armor)
Endurance: 22(100 in armor)
Agility: 22 (50 in armor)
Psyche: 12
Intelligence: 22
Presence: 22

Vocation: Assassin

Powers and Abilities:
Nightvision (120' range)
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced intelligence
Enhanced Endurance

Panterra's armor is composed of a Mythril Absorbium compound making it nearly indestructible

The armor incorporates many devices and paraphernalia and well as servos and internal circuitry providing the following abilities:

Ultravision (Panterra can see even in magically created darkness)
Climbing sheer surfaces (via retractile adamantine claws)
Super Strength (80 ton capacity)
Super Speed (Mach 4 maximum)
Enhanced hearing: (Sensitive enough to hear a pin drop at 100 yards)
Track by scent: Olfactory scanners can identify up to 100,000 different scents in a 25 foot radius.
Oxygen filtration: Panterra's armor is not hermetically sealed but has an advance air filtering system.
Enhanced combat protocols: Reflexive neural simulators designed to work with his martial skill set.

HardLight sword: A specially design hilt designed with a hardlight blade capable of cutting through all but the most durable metals

Drone shuriken

Escrima Stick Tasers  1,000.000 volt capacity with 200 charges

Panterra and other P.R.I.D.E. member have access to a variety of modern vehicles custom designed by Jagwire.

Shield: Panterra's shield is composed of Mythril/Absorbium using a bonding process that has now been lost to the ages. The shield possesses retractable blades for cutting and can be thrown like a disc. Internal gyros and built in GPS nav guide the shield back to Panterra if thrown.

The being known as "Panterra" was genetically engineered in the latter part of the 21st century.  Solaran (Human) DNA Sliced with various attributes from large felines species. His creation was a direct response to the escape of his forerunner now code named "Man-eater". Panterra was design to be the team Leader of the Preemptive Reconnaissance Infiltration Detection and Elimination squad Acronym: P.R.I.D.E. whose primary purpose is was to infiltrate behind enemy borders and eliminate targets deemed a threat to the United State's security.   Panterra was not the first genetically engineered being but rather last of a line of 6 such beings. (Individual Dossiers to be submitted later)

The first to be created was code named: "Alleycat" a massive 9 ft behemoth of immense strength and endurance.
The second was code named: "Tigress" a female assassin trained in various forms of martial arts and intrusions techniques.
The Third code named:  "Cheetah" Was an incredibly fast Speedster of unlimited endurance and capable of reaching speeds of up to mach 6 on land.  However, she was reportedly  incapable of pinpoint navigation.
The fourth code named: Jagwire is technological genius and a weapons expert in all small/heavy arms and s killed inventor. Like the others he is a capable soldier and an effective killer.
The fifth was originally code named: Panterra   However, during a routine live training exercise he attacked and subsequently murdered his handlers going rogue and escaping from the facility that created the team.  The Panterra soldier genome was designed to be a combination of the other 4 team members and while not at their individual peak would have some proficiency with all of their skill sets.

Panterra and his allies arrived in the year 4380 after a conflict with Maneater in which was using and experimental "Space Fold " device a device which had previously used to open a portal from the Sun's corona to the UN Building on Earth vaporizing the building and the surrounding area for 15 miles and disrupting the Earth's atmosphere on a massive scale.  While attempting to apprehend the villain the device was damage and the resulting explosion hurled the team and (Unknown to them Maneater) forward through time> After a brief conflict with the then fledgling Scions of Justice which resulted in the Scions being subdued.  The prompt arrival of the Black Scarab cleared the entire situation and the P.R.I.D.E. was given the bad news about their situation.  For a time the team thought their adversary long dead but the events of "The Rise of Dominion" would reveal that Maneater was alive and well.  Maneater was defeated by Obsidian Mask who nearly killed him and has since been placed in a maximum security penal station along with Dominion.

Panterra's whereabouts are currently unknown and it is presumed he has settled down with his love interest Tigress.

IGFW Intelligence files on these subjects are far from complete but their early database from the 21st century is on file.

Phantasm standard officer quarters

Phantasm standard officer quarters
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This is something of a first for me but since I expect the Phantasm to remain for some time I figured I'd go all out with the interiors. The standard officer's crew quarters are designed for one person with ample space to relax. There's also ample room and leeway for personalized items. Next up will be Standard crew quarters.  These are of course, not the quarters for bridge officers which are far more opulent and spacious.


SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2018/11/28 4:19
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Traveling through the Dalek base the havoc I wreak is indescribable as I litter the place with these cyborgs. Their so slow and lethargic I cut through them with ease. Their design is garbage I have fought many a cyborg, and usually, they're a vast improvement over their parent species.  The doctor informs me (while offering me something called a "Jelly Baby") that Davros designed them.  I tell the Doctor that I cannot wait to see this idiot savant and says.
"Davros is actually a true genius despicably evil yes, but a genius nonetheless."

"Um Doc, have you seen these designs?  You should thank your lucky stars you haven't encountered the Maetricks they're fast, well armed and can take over any electronics they encounter.  In fact I have an android tactical officer who would make short work of these guys. Piss poor designing."

Just then from behind me I hear a voice that says.

"I'm disappointed that you disapprove, but we do try to strive for perfection."

I spin on my heels and draw my pistol as fast as lightning leveling it at the origin of that sound.  a one eyes cripple in a wheelchair that looks like the bottom half of a Dalek.

"Davros I presume?"

"In the flesh... so to speak" the doctor replies.

I'm not sure whether I should laugh, feel pity, or put him out of his misery so I defer to the Doctor.

"Hello Davros, long time no see, Jelly Baby?"

"I have you this time Doctor, you are surrounded and outnumbered.  Give up this senseless struggle and return the Neutrino core that you have stolen or your friends will suffer."

"Well you see there's a problem with that, I don't have it."

"I doubt that you do not know it's location doctor, now tell me or your friends will pay the price starting with this one."

"Pfft bwaahahahahaaa"

The laughter simply escapes my lips, I tried to stifle it but this comic book, Saturday morning cartoon villain, is just too much.

"You find something humorous in my words?"

I stop and catch my breath it was a good laugh.

"Yeah, I do.  Okay wrinkle puss, do you have any idea how many of these tin can I tore through to get here? What are these three for so you watch them die first hand?"

"Indeed, inferior Daleks culled from my master design the three you see here are- "

I dial up Phased rounds while he rants on and fire three quick ones into the casing of the Dalek frames. there isn't a scratch on them when I'm done, and the Doctor who has seen the carnage up till now looks shocked as Davros continues.

"You see these are the superior Daleks, they are perfection they are-"

"Dead, you moron.  yeah, they're dead as doornails.  I come prepared, and the Phased rounds I used work like a Neutron bomb.  They only affect organics, like those found inside Daleks.  Normal shields are useless against them as is normal armor.  Now shut up before I put a very real bullet between what's left of your eyes.  Doctor, did you want this loser for something or can I just Merc him?"

"Merk? That doesn't sound pleasant at all, what do you think Davros? Are you up for a good Merking?"

I'd do a facepalm but this isn't the time. The Doctor smiles widely and tosses a pice of candy into his mouth while Davros remains silent. Apparently he got the jist of what I was saying.  The Doctor takes out his sonic screwdriver and approaches a nearby computer panel accessing the facilities mainframe.

"We can leave now and I do suggest we leave in utmost haste."

"You triggered a self destruct?"


"Do all the bad guys have those things? Thinks it's a prerequisite? Like all their fortresses have to have one?"

"Not much of a villain if they don't I suppose. Now let's hurry we still have to rescue Sarah and K-9 "

"Yeah they're already rescued, my team doesn't slouch."

"Color me impressed Obsidian."

"Indeed then this will absolutely make your day."

I give Davros a quick spin in his chair and shove him down the hall he came from as the Doctor waves cheerfully.  I then signal the Phantasm to transport us aboard TARDIS and all just as the Dalek facility explodes ending Davros' plans for the time being.  I'm not fond of letting megalomaniacs live but it isn't my show.  I take the Doctor to the bridge and we head out to my Universe so he can help me with my dilemma...The Maetricks have joined with his old enemies the Cybermen. Good times.

no title

no title
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ETERMINA- The Dalek's words are cut off abruptly by the searing heat of the mater/anti-matter intermix within the forcefield that is my energy blade as I eviscerate it into molten slag.   Only a split second earlier another one had been shouting the same Ludacris word over and over until he was silenced by my pistol.  Honestly, I thought these guys were supposed to be tough but when all you're armed with is a "Sonic Screwdriver" I suppose they are. The biggest advantage these walking (and I use the term loosely} coffee pots have is that their weapons crank out ass-loads of damage...too bad it's an energy weapon. They don't know what to make of me as my armor absorbs their blasts and so they just keep shooting and shooting to no avail.  I swear, they only have the one weapon now that's just stupid. To make matters worse for them, I'm faster than they are and with my recent upgrades, I can exert an astounding 25 tons of force. And while they may have me on experience, it feels like they must have "scary movie monster syndrome" or something because they never pick up the pace. I guess they figure they don't have to...oops.  The Doctor is stunned by the sheer ease with which I dispatch his old nemesis but he doesn't object to my methods. I go for the organics inside the mechanical container, which the doctor was kind enough to inform me of and these last two regret making an enemy of him and me. So far I have killed somewhere in the area of 60 of them and the Phantasm has destroyed dozens of ships in orbit. The ships these guy use are no joke and have quantum weapons capable of disrupting timelines but they're ineffective against beings not from this timeline so they're basically shooting blanks. The Doctor's T.A.R.D.I.S. keeps the collateral damage to a nearly non-existent level allowing us to proceed to the main group. There's a being called Davros who's in charge of this whole mess and the Doctor is certain he's watching the whole battle unfold from the very eyes of his soldiers. As the next Dalek sputters it's last threat, I grab hold of the eyestalk and warn Davros that I'm coming and while the Doctor may have a great respect for life, I am an assassin and there's a price on his head. The Doctor looks decidedly cross at that last statement of mine and I assure him that I most definitely take morality into consideration before agreeing to a contract. He doesn't approve of killing, he believes everyone deserves the chance to live and improve. To which I can only say, I am an apex predator just because these animals don't know that does not spare them from my wrath anymore than it would spare me from theirs...I just happen to be the more efficient killer...and I don't kill anything that didn't try to kill me first and besides, my confirmed kills don't come anywhere close to his. His high horse doesn't seem so high now and I can tell I've hit a sore spot.

Obsidian Mask meets the Doctor.jpg

Obsidian Mask meets the Doctor.jpg
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At long last I have finally found the Time Lord known as The Doctor, apparently this is his fourth iteration. Regardless this guy is either a genius or freaking lunatic. But eccentricities I can live with. he doesn't like my guns, and I'm guessing he'll like my blade even less. I use the word magic just once and he gives me a speech about how there's no such thing... Heh, says the guy whose species performs numerology on an epic level turning equations into reality altering power.  The guy is hundreds of years older than me and I'm almost 400. Well we have that in common at least only I don't have to what's he call it? Regenerate? Yeah where I'm from that's not what regeneration is but whatever. Before he'll help me he wants me to help him stop a life long foe of his called the Dalek, I don't even know what the hell a Dalek is but you can bet for what I need him for I'm gonna put some serious holes in these metal freaks. I'm told they're cyborgs of a sort organic inside a techno tank...I have some tehcnomancy at my disposal and they're in for a big surprise.  I can't wait to see the look on whatever passes for their face when they get hit with an "Erase technology" spell and their metal tank simply vanishes. Barring that I can always use "Override" and send one on a killing spree to slaughter it's own kind. Oh you best believe the good Doctor definitely found the right guy for this job. Those metal bastards won't know what hit em'.  Then we fix my problem.

Nobody's Home

Nobody's Home
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I have met the Doctor on a couple of occasions and thus far all I can determine about his species is that they have two hearts, some weird ability to alter their physical body entirely (which somehow includes personality), and travel through time, as well as between dimensions.   This sounds a bit like what the Golden Star Empire (ie The Black Mantis and friends) do. Not sure if they're "Time Lords" or something entirely different but they seem awfully familiar with the Doctor whose help I am in dire need of. I find his vessel abandoned on some distant uncharted world roughly 3500 years in the future but in an entirely unknown reality.  My sensors have tagged it's temporal signature as 13144.7.  The Black Scorpion has forwarded a dossier of the Doctor that I haven't had time to read but a cursory examination says this guy is a scientist on a level that would make some so-called "Cosmic beings" jealous. I am able to access his vessel using a sonic emitter set to an ultra-high frequency. Stepping through I expected a confrontation for trespassing instead there's...Nothing. It's clear his vessel uses 4th-dimensional technology of an unknown variety, but once inside my sensors can easily scan for life signs within it's innards. Nothing...Nobody's home. This is gonna be one of those days.

Healing up

Healing up
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A little spoiler from my upcoming comic, just a little something to keep my fans salivating.

Another preview.

Another preview. Popular
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The scariest werewolf you ever seen yes? This story is gonna go all the way back to the "Rise of Dominion" novel but as an ongoing series. I have been down but I'm not out. More to come.

The Razorclaw

The RazorclawPopular
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Razorclaw and his Dragon Blackwind are operatives from the Golden Star Empire, formerly the domain of the Black Mantis, and they are a formidable team indeed. Most often Blacvkwind assumes the guise of a Dark elf maiden of notable beauty. It is assumed that the two are lovers though they neither confirm nor deny it...

Mass Effect...the Return

Mass Effect...the ReturnPopular
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Obsidian likes Commander Shepard and thinks she'd make an excellent addition to his crew. His attempts to recruit her are met with more than a little resistance as the Commander has more pressing problems such as saving the galaxy from the Reapers. Obsidian believes if he can possibly lend a hand then perhaps the commander will be persuaded to change or her mind.  One thing is for certain Sovereign never saw this coming... Mankind may have developed along the path the Reapers chose...but not so Elven kind.  Obsidian wonders..."Will the anti-matter torpedoes come as a complete surprise to the Reapers...or is there a kinetic barrier fast enough to stop and FTL torpedo? Either way, it'll be a fun fight... For the god of chaos.

The New scions

The New scionsPopular
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The return of the Scions of Justice with their newest member...Guardian. This was a truly epic piece for me with all of these resource-intensive characters and their new looks. From left to right Obsidian Mask, Panterra, Silver beetle, Black Scarab, Cerebron, Guardian, Batmaster, Scarlet Bow, Spydra, Thunderbolt, and Infinity-Man.  This took all day and I am very happy with the result. Who's your favorite?

The Throne of Asgard

The Throne of AsgardPopular
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I did this picture a few months back but some things about it bugged me... The Camera angle, Lighting and the wolves. The wolves I used were low poly poser pro BS. But today while going through my inventory I discovered I had the AM Wolf...with fur. I wanted a fur effect and tried to do one on my own to no avail...  Then I saw these and I was like WOW! I knew what I had to do so I reshot the image and I hope you like the new version as much as I do.  BTW Keep an eye for new posts of Old characters... Lots of updates coming.

Wallpaper 3 The Black Mantis

Wallpaper 3 The Black MantisPopular
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The Black Mantis returns with some minor updates. note that I left out the black parts of his costume entirely.

Wallpaper 2 Panterra with his new ride.

Wallpaper 2 Panterra with his new ride.Popular
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Due to the nature of this new direction, many of you favorite characters are getting a reboot which sometimes means and all new look (Just wait).

Wallpaper 1 Abominous.

Wallpaper 1 Abominous.Popular
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One of 5 wallpapers I'm giving away for folks to download. These images can also be found on the many products in my store. The link is below...I promise never to spam or to send push notifications (fucking annoying)

Accidental Summons

Accidental SummonsPopular
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This is the mage that summoned Obsidian across time and space. It was an accident to be sure and one Obsidian will never forget. This image is one of many that will be featured in my upcoming Cinematic  "The rise of Dominion" based on the novel of the same name. There are clips of this story and even a comic book here which outlines the beginning but the Cinematic will be appearing in installments on (Hopefully) a weekly basis as soon as I have some more sets and few starter episodes in the can. In the meantime please know that I will be bringing quality images to the series.  In the meantime enjoy the sneak previews.

The old days

The old days
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In the days during the war Obsidian mask was part of a 4 man surgical strike team.  Their mission: Go behind enemy lines and commit acts of sabotage, Surveillance, Extract/Eliminate high priority targets.  From Left to right 1st Lt Gwenda (Frost elf silent weapons expert), 2nd lt Nealson LtJG (SEAL), Cmdr T'ura (Demolitions Obsidian Mask), Cpt H'zarrik (Sniper). Only a couple of team member may still be living based solely on species longevity.  Together they conducted 125 missions and earned multiple citations and medals. They also saved billions of lives and though the war has been over for nearly a century their files are still sealed.

Chief of security

Chief of securityPopular
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Obsidian's crew have a well-defined chain of command.  Obsidian, Shadawar, Sabrina, Synthea, Ai, Aini.  Until now Ai has not had cause take her role of command very seriously beyond ship security.  After the death of the Lillun B, she feels responsible for the vessel's tragic demise and vows never again. With Obsidian and Synthea away, and Sabrina hospitalized Ai is the acting 1st officer and is not taking the job lightly making Shadawar's and the ship's safety her number one priorities.  Captain Rendaza will be finding out just how serious Ai can be.

Coming Soon Book 3

Coming Soon Book 3Popular
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I have not forgotten that there's a third issue to my saga...and I am well underway... In fact here's a scene reminiscent of the opening images from issue 1.  Some things have definitely changed.

ISS Phantasm Deck Plan Bridge

ISS Phantasm Deck Plan BridgePopular
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I'm not sure if anyone knows or even cares for that matter, how much effort is put into my scenery.  In the case of the new ship The Phantasm, I have really outdone myself. On board the ship is several new features none of my previous bridges possess. For instance, both the CIC and Navigation posts have their own view screens. There is now an office for the Executive Officer (!st Officer). The EMT Room has a new custom made pad designed around magic instead of technology although it's range is technologically enhanced. There is a holographic model of the ship and its systems above the new Tactical table. The Table situated between the Navigation and CIC is used to survey terrain, and ship systems, or any object needed.  I put a ton of work into my sets and because I use a lot of reflections it's necessary to create full 360-degree sets. Later each room will be separated and saved as its own set and used in pairs as I can only show 2 possible sets at once in any given scene. New Captain's quarters will be coming next and because of the Family size they will be much larger than previous editions so keep an eye out for that.    As always feedback is appreciated and encouraged. Also if there's any part of the ship you think I should create let me know and I'll try to hook that up. Engineering is a must and will also be coming soon.

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