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Help control the pet population...

Help control the pet population...Popular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   Last Update2018/9/27 8:00
Hits140  Comments4    
Get your pet(s) and Beastman spade or neutered.

[Skeletor was made using the new Brute 8]
[Evil Lyn was made using Genesis 8 female]
[Beastman was made using the Beast for Genesis 8 Male]
[Panthor was made using Daz Big Cat 2]


SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/8/5 11:20
Hits127  Comments2    
Another commissioned piece for my nephew I added the logo (His version doesn't have one) The shot took longer to set up than the sculpt but we're both happy with the final result.

UFO: Does My Head Look Big In This?

UFO: Does My Head Look Big In This?Popular
SubmitterSadmanMore Photos from Sadman   Last Update2018/6/21 15:20
Hits188  Comments3    
Another little idea that turned into an epic voyage of trial and error. To anyone considering drawing the interior of Shado's Moonbase control room, my advice is: don't!

(For those too young or too old to remember, UFO was a 1970's Gerry Anderson live-action TV series.


SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2018/5/5 12:17
Hits186  Comments2    
hey folks,
what can i say i love doing i love the challenge of recreatin cool heroes that don't get done often in our genres. who remembers this one ?
enjoy ;)

The Winchesters are at it again...

The Winchesters are at it again...Popular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   Last Update2018/4/23 8:44
Hits211  Comments2    
Gadriel threw the boys into another universe again...oh boy...

Uh-oh, somersault jump

Uh-oh, somersault jumpPopular
SubmitterdrunkendragonMore Photos from drunkendragon   Last Update2018/4/22 10:03
Hits258  Comments6    
Insert you're best Rick Phrase here...

Great Helmet

Great HelmetPopular
SubmitterdrunkendragonMore Photos from drunkendragon   Last Update2018/4/3 16:33
Hits297  Comments6    
So, since I've been on a Space theme's the latest in line.
Creds and comments inside...

March Madness 2: "Star Wars III: the Babe Brigade"

March Madness 2: "Star Wars III: the Babe Brigade"Popular
SubmitterdrunkendragonMore Photos from drunkendragon   Last Update2018/3/19 11:17
Hits359  Comments7    
Part 3 of my Star Wars tribute.  Because the ORIGINAL TRILOGY was the best.  Although since it is madness's a bunch of not-so canonical versions of troopers and imperial delights.  Credits again in the comments.

And that's no moon...


SubmitterWLineMore Photos from WLine   Last Update2018/3/17 9:28
Hits311  Comments5    

Star Wars Episode II: Mando Mamas

Star Wars Episode II: Mando MamasPopular
SubmitterdrunkendragonMore Photos from drunkendragon   Last Update2018/2/26 19:06
Hits304  Comments4    
Just to prove I don't hate all things Star Wars...
here's a few examples of the greatness to be found out there.  Plus, you can't go wrong with the Fett Fetales...
Credits and Links to items in comments


SubmitterdrunkendragonMore Photos from drunkendragon   Last Update2018/1/23 18:37
Hits368  Comments4    
I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens a little while back, but had been too busy to do this piece until now. I generally stay away from reviews & criticismand I now this is a bit lateBUT
**SPOILERS Ahead**
If you havent seen the Star Wars moviesread the rest later. Go see the original 3 first.
Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi, in that order.
If youve seen The Force Awakens, but not those three, dont fret because you caught the replay.
Why the title?
A long, long time ago (or maybe more recently) in a galaxy far, far away
This little orange droid showed up with a strange talelets see if I get this right
A small droid claiming to have been entrusted with a message of the utmost importance to a woman named Leia talks of being sent on a secret mission involving crash landing on a desert planet where, along with C3PO, he joined an orphan teen and found passage aboard the Falcon with a Wookie named Chewy. Along the way, he witnessed the search for a reclusive old Jedi Master hiding from the world, a rebel attempt to infiltrate and destroy a massive planetary weapon that kills stars, a tiny little alien creature with great knowledge and wisdom, the inexperienced orphan fighting and beating the veteran dark side fighter dressed in black, and a father killed by a son after an unlikely yet obvious relationship among characters was revealed
It was at this point in his story that he lost his audience.  
The little droid named R2 stepped forward and said:
Beep Boop Beep Beep BopEep Opp Ork Ah Ah
Which the protocol droid translated to mean:
Been there, done that and get an original story you little ball of repetition.
Credits and comments insideread if you want, but be warnedmore spoilage inside
or just enjoy the pic


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2018/1/14 8:06
Hits291  Comments1    
Oh, yeah, they'd make a great duo.

At least until their clashing egos cause them to turn on each other...

Because R2-D2 that's why

Because R2-D2 that's whyPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   Last Update2018/1/11 7:37
Hits319  Comments2    
I wanted to test some shaders for a "Worn" look...R2-D2 seemed like a great choice for what I was trying to accomplish.  Does it look worn but not broken? Yes, yes it does. Expect to see more of these shaders in the future in some of my other works...maybe even Obsidian's armor?

I see Deadites...

I see Deadites...Popular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   Last Update2018/1/8 23:55
Hits346  Comments5    
Anxiously awaiting season 3...


SubmitterlordcoyoteMore Photos from lordcoyote   Last Update2017/12/15 15:43
Hits364  Comments1    
Someone wants sum seafood!

Hit-Girl, Kick-Ass 'Dark City' Series

Hit-Girl, Kick-Ass 'Dark City' SeriesPopular
SubmitterPaulSuttonMore Photos from PaulSutton   Last Update2017/12/15 2:21
Hits351  Comments1    
Mindy McCready (Chlo Grace Moretz) as Hit-Girl from Marvel Comics & film Kick-Ass

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The Incredible Violet Parr - Mind Bending

The Incredible Violet Parr - Mind BendingPopular
SubmitterPaulSuttonMore Photos from PaulSutton   Last Update2017/12/15 2:21
Hits450  Comments1    
Violet Parr from the Disney/Pixar animated film The Incredibles

All grown up... 18 Year Old 'Violet Parr' from the Incredibles...

The Incredible Violet Parr - Mind Bending - SPECIAL EDITION A3 PRINT NOW AVAILABLE!


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Bass Reeves

Bass ReevesPopular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2017/10/6 11:40
Hits319  Comments4    
~Bass Reeves (July 1838 12 January 1910) was the first black deputy U.S. marshal west of the Mississippi River. He worked mostly in Arkansas and the Oklahoma Territory. During his long career, he was credited with arresting more than 3,000 felons. He shot and killed 14 outlaws in self-defense.Bass Reeves rode a big gray horse, wore a black hat, and gave out silver dollars as a calling card.Some say U.S. Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves was the inspiration for The Lone Ranger.~
Hiya peeps,
hope you all are ok out there. it's been a minute since i've posted i know.until recently i've had an assortment of computer mishaps nevertheless i'm approaching 500 online images.not a lot for around 12 years of rendering but i am proud to say i was doing a google search the other day and spotted one of my 'spectre' images.what can i say, i'm always happy to find my art unexpectedly like that.
anyhoo i discovered this old west hero while browsing youtube.i'm a sucker for a cool hero as we all know.this time as i was watching his story daz was already loaded with a half sculpted doubt his story will keep me busy for a while.
anyhoo enjoy,
*can't wait to see morgan freeman play this guy

Apparitia: another Heromorph first

Apparitia: another Heromorph firstPopular
SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   Last Update2017/7/7 11:13
Hits648  Comments5    
Another first to Heromorph from Filmation's Ghostbusters

six million dollar cyborg

six million dollar cyborgPopular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2017/6/30 11:49
Hits435  Comments5    
hey there,
 the year was author named martin caidin penned a book called cyborg which later became a hit tv show.we all know the story.
while i was coming up with a concept for this i got to thinking, imagine this :
colonel steve austin wakes up in a hospital, looks around with one good eye,wait 2,one works normal the other is like surreal 3d.then he thinks 'oh wow some jello' so he reaches out with his left hand...hmm feels kinda funny...and crushes the cup...wth? so he rolls outta the bed like denneneneneenne oops cracked the's like omg i can see they need a new cleaning lady.
then reality hit... 'i was headed for the stars annd' ...reality hits part 2..."a man barely alive...we can rebuild him..."
 lol see this is why i wanted to be an i put my own spin on my favorite heroes and just maybe someday some kid will see something i did and do the same.
be ez folks ;),

 The  Return of Foxy Brown

The Return of Foxy BrownPopular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2017/6/30 10:38
Hits760  Comments8    
hiya HMer's,
actually i think we're all a little young to remember pam grier's foxy character. i was about 8 when her movies came most things 70's everything seemed to be rated R.these days nobody so much as bats an eye at a pair of booty shorts lol.quiet as it's kept i didn't actually watch it till i was maybe 20 something and kinda cheesy.but on the real pam was and is still a hottie.
enjoy my little tribute ,

Three Sixteen

Three SixteenPopular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2017/6/30 7:15
Hits425  Comments2    
hiya peeps,
i'm presently in full swing with a bunch of new projects some of which will be ...of course...some of my favorite wrestlers.stone cold and john cena were 2 of my first fully morphed ones. i've played around with flair,taker,and hbk ideas in the past but imho nothing spectacular.
anyhoo here's another stone cold... hopefully it's not too much for this gallery.

2001: A Safe Odyssey

2001: A Safe OdysseyPopular
SubmitterSadmanMore Photos from Sadman   Last Update2017/6/28 16:16
Hits395  Comments3    
Wanted to use a Nasa-style font on this but when skewed it proved pretty hard to read. Ditto all my space-age, techno and stencil fonts, so I settled on Yu Gothic.

Original photo of spaceship Discovery 1 found on The 2001 Archive. (


SubmitterDark WandererMore Photos from Dark Wanderer   Last Update2017/6/16 18:26
Hits634  Comments7    
I figured I would do this one just for fun.

I mean What's She-Ra without her counter part Adora?

Gimme a HELL YEAH !!

Gimme a HELL YEAH !!Popular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2017/6/9 8:20
Hits507  Comments6    
hiya hmer's,
let me let ya'll in on a little secret...i am a diehard wrestling fan hahaha but i bet ya'll already knew that (sorry,i just channeled alberto del rio).
 i remember watching steve austin way back when he was in wcw.i could kinda see he had flashes of somethin great back then.but as fate would have it wcw spent waaaaay too much time trying to outdo the wwe and ultimately crashed and burned.stunning steve was already raisin hell in wweland by then though.oooh when the glass broke and jr screamed stone cold! i was on the edge of my i miss the attitude era lol.
anyhoo...thanks heromorph for all the support.
be ez peeps,

what the hell was that thing ?

what the hell was that thing ?Popular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2017/6/2 0:03
Hits477  Comments4    
hiya friends,
one great thing about doing the kind of art i do is i get to reminisce back to the good old days when i was a kid.a time when tv, comics, etc kept us on the edge of our seats waiting for whatever cliffhanger to be resolved.
 one of the things that always sticks in my mind are the classic lines that you hear in the background in old tv shows like 'what the hell was that thing ?' when lou ferrigno was running down the street on the incredible hulk.i think the line was used in every show but i can't really tell ya if the voices owner was actually in the scenes or if it was dubbed in.don't ask me why ,i just thought it was mega cool and it was always right on time.
anyhoo, you guys rock, thanks for the support.


Please Dont make me angry ...

Please Dont make me angry ...Popular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2017/6/1 23:39
Hits418  Comments2    
anybody remember bill bixby ? his portrayal of dr. david banner/the incredible hulk always gave me chills.poor guy messed around with  some gamma rays in a lab and had to go on the run.i hated the reporter fool who chased him eeeeverywhere.i felt so sad cause he was just tryin to find some peace but noooo... but at the same time i was like 'hell yeah !! go green on em bill !' whenever he said those immortal words  ' please don't make me angry,you won't like me when i'm angry ' . i think my whole generation wished they could green when they got picked on lol.
anyhoo see ya'll in a few...

U Can't C ME !!

U Can't C ME !!Popular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   Last Update2017/5/27 4:44
Hits513  Comments8    
hey hey,
any wrestling fans out there ? i am for sure and have been since i caught a glimpse of andre the giant when i was really the 80's i took my vitamins and said my prayers with the hulkster,did the superfly off the edge of our couch.guys like flair and his horsemen,the excellence of execution,the king of kings,the heartbreak kid,and so many others had me wanting to throw an illegal object in the ring to help out every time i got to watch them.
so many of them have retired or passed on including the undertaker who gave me all kinds of goosebumps from day one. he had this one match with john cena that in my eyes was one of theee greatest matches of both of their careers.
i've followed cena's performances since then through all his title runs. he's now a 16 time champ which matches the nature boy's almost unbreakable record. i myself thought it couldn't be done. then there's his mad mic skill, as a rapper and inside the squared circle.THAT made me a big fan.
yeah i chant 'let's go cena !! cena sucks!!' every week but of course u can't see me !!! lol
thanks always,


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2017/4/28 11:57
Hits393  Comments3    


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   Last Update2017/4/5 10:02
Hits412  Comments0    

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 403 photos hit)
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