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Buddy 'All Washed Up'

Buddy 'All Washed Up' New
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2020/3/28 18:06
Hits19  Comments0    
Here's a little levity courtesy of my OC's Julie and Buddy to maybe give you a little smile during these troubled times. But seriously, folks, wash your ding-dong hands.


SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2020/3/21 17:56
Hits22  Comments0    
With the 3rd issue of my comic book Red, White & Blue almost done, here's a sneak peek at one of the challenges my superheroines will be facing in their visit to New Atlantis: Aquatomatons, 12 foot tall robots that serve as the elite guard to the young country's usurper, Emperor Damascus the First!

Vampire Lord

Vampire Lord
SubmitterLordKuyohashiMore Photos from LordKuyohashi   Last Update2020/3/2 7:35
Hits47  Comments1    

The Grim Shredder

The Grim Shredder
SubmitterLordKuyohashiMore Photos from LordKuyohashi   Last Update2020/3/2 7:20
Hits50  Comments1    

I Dream of Electric Sheep #7

I Dream of Electric Sheep #7Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2020/2/20 19:18
Hits110  Comments1    
'Future Friends & Companions'

In the Future we are not going to need
organic Friends Companions or Partner.
They can look as you want them Too!

Buddy Comic 'Nice Beaver(?)'

Buddy Comic 'Nice Beaver(?)'Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2020/1/20 17:55
Hits121  Comments1    
Buddy and Tawny have a misunderstanding with the new waitress, Annie, the sexy magical beaver girl by Fur Affinity artist brianblackberry.

I Dream of Electric Sheep # 6

I Dream of Electric Sheep # 6Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2020/1/17 16:37
Hits183  Comments1    
'Upgrade Day'

The new 'iDo' App has come out,
The Electronics Department is busy installing it.
As there is nothing like keeping your Android Fresh & compliant!

Buddy's New Bra

Buddy's New BraPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2019/12/29 17:40
Hits155  Comments2    
Here's my last pin-up of 2019, my OC Buddy trying on a new bra and panty set she got for Christmas. I'll leave it to your imagination as to whom she's asking for help.

Julie by Dan Parent

Julie by Dan ParentPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2019/12/10 17:00
Hits168  Comments1    
Another commissioned pin-up I had done by Archie Comics artist Dan Parent of my OC Julie, Buddy the Pal Gals' nerdy friend.

Tawny by Dan Parent

Tawny by Dan ParentPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2019/12/10 16:58
Hits150  Comments1    
Another commissioned pic by Archie Comics artist Dan Parent of my OC Tawny, Buddy the Pal Gal's bitchy rival.

Suzy by Dan Parent

Suzy by Dan ParentPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2019/12/10 16:56
Hits150  Comments1    
Another commissioned pin-up I had done by Archie Comics artist Dan Parent of my OC Suzy, Buddy the Pal Gal's best friend.

Fanboy and Mary Jane go see Joker

Fanboy and Mary Jane go see JokerPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2019/10/5 17:51
Hits223  Comments1    
Fanboy as the Joker (of sorts) and Mary Jane as Harley Quinn get ready to go see the new Joker movie.          

Ida and Arthur

Ida and ArthurPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2019/10/5 17:49
Hits205  Comments2    
A requested pic from a gent over at dA featuring his OC Arthur Jones serenading Sheriff Ida Red from the comic Mutant, Texas.

Buddy Comic 'Buddy's Sick Day' Part 6

Buddy Comic 'Buddy's Sick Day' Part 6Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2019/9/22 15:44
Hits186  Comments1    
A rare occasion where Tawny gets one up on Buddy when our heroine shows up at work to kick Tawny's butt in her (mismatched) underwear!

Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. # 11

Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. # 11Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2019/9/15 17:47
Hits367  Comments3    
'The Malaysian Bunker Incident'

Agent Pepper decides she has to go to Malaysia.
The info Bunker there has been compromised.
And since she set it up it is up to her to find out who it is?
Together with a trusted friend they will find out?
They will deal with the leaks one way or another!

The Vampire

The VampirePopular
SubmitterLordKuyohashiMore Photos from LordKuyohashi   Last Update2019/8/25 21:02
Hits200  Comments1    
Okay, so what the heck has all this been, these minimum-effort, low-hanging, bottom-of-the-barrel, any-twit-with-rudimentary-spatial-awareness-and-a-half-eaten-box-of-Crayolas-can-do-that pencil sketches, you might ask, if mortgages and kids and workadays and such weren't a thing and I somehow occupied all your headspace rent-free. It's my latest obsession - a while back, apparently sometime in 2017, given how long I've been posting these - I had gotten into Killer Instinct when it dawned on me that, holy crap, this game is basically Ninja vs Werewolf vs Ghost vs Vampire vs Skeleton Pirate vs Robot vs Mummy. This is the kind of insanity that would have been right at home in some bootleg Mexican grindhouse theater in 1972 or something, maybe starring El Santo. And since my mind is like a dog with a bone when it comes to ideas, I started work on my own version of the spectacle/combo-fighter. Hence, polishing off my old vampire character, Estradi Yskonivitch.

Boudoir Buddy

Boudoir BuddyPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2019/8/24 18:08
Hits194  Comments1    
A late birthday present to myself, here's my OC Buddy posing for a local boudoir photography studio.

Buddy The Pal Gal "Buddy's Sick Day" Part 5

Buddy The Pal Gal "Buddy's Sick Day" Part 5Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2019/8/1 17:42
Hits255  Comments1    
A still sick Buddy calls up her best friend Suzy at work to find out how things are going without her and learns that her worst enemy Tawny is spreading nasty rumors about her absence. Will this lead to their final showdown?

I Dream of Electric Sheep #1

I Dream of Electric Sheep #1Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2019/7/8 16:50
Hits388  Comments1    
This idea just came to me when I
was looking for something to make
and I saw I had all the pieces to
do it so I put it all together!

Hope you all like it?


SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2019/6/28 17:39
Hits237  Comments1    
A trio of gladiatrixes that will fight Red, White & Blue in the next issue of their comic book. [Still in development]

The Jhinjhar

The JhinjharPopular
SubmitterLordKuyohashiMore Photos from LordKuyohashi   Last Update2019/6/16 13:41
Hits232  Comments3    
A jhinjhar is a headless ghost from Indian folklore, known for haunting isolated roads and hunting bandits and murderers.

Stolen Sweets Tempting Tales # 9

Stolen Sweets Tempting Tales # 9Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2019/6/3 19:19
Hits439  Comments1    
The Gender Alchemy of Doctor Phil Good

This is a funny tale to tell of the Top Door to Door Watkins salesman from 1952.
He was the top of his game and award the district of Northeastern USA.
One afternoon on rural house-calls in Connecticut he comes on an old Victorian House.
He door-knocks and a man answer,he introduces himself and visa versa?
The house owner was Doctor and researcher Phil Good he said and invited him in for lunch & tea.
He followed him to the Library then went to prepare Lunch.
Coming back with a big pot of tea and a tray of finger sandwiches.
All seemed good as that was the last thing he remembered was
Dr. Good talking about his work in Liquid Gender Alchemy which made no sense to him.
He awoke to find himself bound in a human size Test Tube vat of goo.
Looking down he saw he wasn't alone there was a woman with a nice body in there with him too.
But it wasn't till he moved and twitched that he notice she did the the same.
As his eyes cleared to full view he now knew why,This woman was now him?
Doctor Phil Good had changed him into a Woman.
He told him the change was a one way one because that is as far as his research had got to.
He told her that he was glad he came along as before he last experimented on himself.
But he assured him that he was a most excellent looking female specimen now.

Alien Worlds # 27

Alien Worlds # 27Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2019/5/16 16:54
Hits357  Comments2    
I figured it was time for #27 of my
Alien Worlds covers and welcome to
'The Feline Homeworld'

Stolen Sweets Tempting Tales # 8

Stolen Sweets Tempting Tales # 8Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2019/5/9 4:25
Hits421  Comments1    
'She stole my Body to use for the three Summer Months' (maybe)

She said that I should shave and get rid of my facial hair but
the Estrogen in her body would take care of that for the rest of
the summer months now that our body's genders were changed?
She had Swapped our bodies while I slept with some old world lost incantation
that she had found at a market Bazaar in the middle East which she had
committed to memory before setting them afire so no one but her knew the spell.
She had said it would only be for the summer months when I woke up after the
change,that is she said if I don't behave or she happen to like doing what is
going do this all summer long?
If that was the case I'd better get used to being a female then.
This might be a long summer or different life?

Buddy's Virgin Killer Sweater

Buddy's Virgin Killer SweaterPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2019/4/20 16:30
Hits389  Comments2    
An extra sexy pin-up of my OC Buddy wearing a Virgin Killer Sweater... and not much else! Enjoy!

Stolen Sweets Tempting Tales #7

Stolen Sweets Tempting Tales #7Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   Last Update2019/4/8 13:44
Hits407  Comments5    
'For the Greater Purpose.'

He was abducted by the Alien entities.
He was taken aboard their ship.
He was told they had a special purpose for him.
So he thought who was he to argue with a cosmic Intelligence?
But the Aliens then told him the Best man for the job was a woman.
All will be clear when the transition is done they said.
He was restrained and passed out thinking about what they said?
It was not till he woke did he understand the meaning of what happened.

The Succubus

The SuccubusPopular
SubmitterLordKuyohashiMore Photos from LordKuyohashi   Last Update2019/4/1 19:35
Hits351  Comments3    

The Girtablilu

The GirtabliluPopular
SubmitterLordKuyohashiMore Photos from LordKuyohashi   Last Update2019/4/1 19:31
Hits273  Comments3    
That would be, 'the scorpion-person,' for the Akkadian mythologically-challenged.

The Ogre

The OgrePopular
SubmitterLordKuyohashiMore Photos from LordKuyohashi   Last Update2019/4/1 19:29
Hits278  Comments3    

Buddy Comic 'Buddy's Sick Day' Part 4

Buddy Comic 'Buddy's Sick Day' Part 4Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   Last Update2019/3/26 16:11
Hits297  Comments1    
Still sick and stuck at home, Buddy decides to watch this week's episode of  WTF's Monday Night Massacre and, like most modern pro-wrestling fans, instantly regrets it.  

Photo No. 1-30 (out of 1451 photos hit)
(1) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 49 »