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Angry Batman

Angry BatmanPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2019/3/8 8:29
Hits1358  Comments4    
Looks like Joker has been at it again, leaving a trail of total destruction, and this time he has a very angry Batman to deal with.

Things Are Looking Up

Things Are Looking UpPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2019/2/10 11:02
Hits1491  Comments5    
Yet another Supergirl manip, but one offering a different viewpoint and perspective. Supergirl was recently spotted flying through some low lying clouds and, as we can see, things are definitely looking up for her.

The Sky is Falling 2.0

The Sky is Falling 2.0Popular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2018/11/2 17:16
Hits1593  Comments5    
This is a remake of The Sky is Falling, a previous submission of mine. I wanted to create something with a very different viewpoint. Time to take a shower Kara, a meteor shower.

Stardust 2.0

Stardust 2.0Popular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/8/29 12:00
Hits1250  Comments4    
A remake of an earlier image called Stardust which was originally based on one of my drawings.

Space Vixen

Space VixenPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2018/5/4 11:07
Hits1198  Comments5    
This concept is based on a sketch I made many years ago. I had originally submitted the preliminary version.
I have taken my original concept and taken it one step further and have now created the final version.


SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2011/12/11 16:12
Hits4684  Comments6    
After jumping off the rooftop of the tallest building in Gotham City?s Wayne Square, Batgirl inadvertently glides into one of the security searchlights surrounding the complex, momentarily creating a human bat-signal. A bystander using a cell-phone digitally captured this image.

UPDATE: This image was submitted a while back but I was never happy with the cowl. I believe this to be a better version. I hope you enjoy this return engagement.


SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/12/29 20:02
Hits3319  Comments3    
The battle heats up as Superman takes on the psychotic monster known as Doomsday. WWE?s Chris Masters as Superman fights the never-ending battle against Hunter Hearst-Helmsley (Triple-H) as Doomsday. This is one SmackDown that?s definitely going to leave a mark.

Auto Pilot

Auto PilotPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2008/3/7 14:47
Hits4794  Comments12    
It?s been awhile since I last visited the Heromorph site and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised at all the changes. I offer this image to celebrate Heromorph?s metamorphosis and of course, my return.

It would seem that someone made a wrong turn on the overhead bridge and quickly found their car accelerating in a direction that it wasn?t designed for. Supergirl manages to put the car on cruise control in a timely manner.

Spyder and The Mechanic

Spyder and The MechanicPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2007/12/29 12:38
Hits4276  Comments11    
My car... My mechanic.

Anyone need their nuts tightened?

A Song For Superman

A Song For SupermanPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/11/29 8:00
Hits4956  Comments17    
Be wary of the Silver Banshee?s Death Song. Hear her siren wail and die.

Succubus with superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability capable of possessing others, draining the life force from living beings, teleportation and using her "banshee's wail" to transform living beings into desiccated husk.

Does she finally have Superman in her grasp?

Dawn ? Life and Death

Dawn ? Life and DeathPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/11/15 15:14
Hits4360  Comments11    
With all the costumes that Dawn has worn over the years, it was very difficult in trying to choose one in particular. The costume design I finally settled on is based on Linsner?s ?Cry For Dawn? series. The concept for this image is similar in nature to Vampirella - Night Shift.

The Sky is Falling

The Sky is FallingPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/10/10 7:42
Hits3964  Comments7    
I know they were calling for ?a slight chance of showers? today, but nobody mentioned anything about meteor showers. Well Kara, when it rains it pours.


SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/9/18 17:54
Hits4321  Comments11    
Tensions are a little high and someone?s about to get their @$$ handed to them. This will be quite the battle and Wonder Woman doesn?t seem the least bit worried.

In Your Face

In Your FacePopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2007/9/4 13:09
Hits2906  Comments5    
Spider-man coming at you.

A few years back I submitted this image to Comics2Film. I was never happy with the way it came out so I completely revamped it for Heromorph.


SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2007/8/10 8:18
Hits2756  Comments5    
A character I created many years ago. I rarely draw anymore so I took an old picture I had made just to see what it would look like in colour.

Up, Up, and Away

Up, Up, and AwayPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/7/16 19:24
Hits6675  Comments21    
We haven?t had a Supergirl in? oh? I?d say about two weeks so I guess we are due. Here is free spirited Kara having fun with her power of flight.

I would like to thank Android for the base image and also for his inspirational versions of Supergirl.

The background for this image, similar to the one used in Angel of Light, was painted in Photoshop.

Not So Invisible Woman

Not So Invisible WomanPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2007/7/3 10:34
Hits3968  Comments7    
It seems that things have a habit of disappearing around Sue.

This is my FF2 contribution.

Modifications: More detail on gloved hand.

Nelvana of the Northern Lights

Nelvana of the Northern LightsPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/6/17 7:55
Hits6524  Comments9    
The superheroine Nelvana of the Northern Lights became Canada?s first national superhero, predating Wonder Woman by several months.

She drew her powers from the Northern Lights. She could fly, travel at the speed of light along a giant ray of the aurora borealis, and call upon other powers of the Northern Lights making her capable of melting metal and disrupting radio communications. Nelvana also had the ability to turn invisible as well as alter her physical form.

In 1995 Canada Post issued a popular set of commemorative superhero stamps featuring the reproduction of the first issue of Nelvana.

This is my interpretation of the character.

Full of Wonder - A Wonder to beHold

Full of Wonder - A Wonder to beHoldPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/6/3 7:48
Hits5234  Comments12    
After taking the Batmobile out for a nightly cruise (To the Batmobile) and encountering very little action, I decided to pay Wonder Woman a visit. She said she didn?t have time for me at that moment, as she was busy washing her hair. With a smirk on my face I responded; ?Well go right ahead. Don?t let me hold you up.?

Venom Vertigo

Venom VertigoPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2007/5/22 7:18
Hits3403  Comments8    
Careful Spidey!!  That alien symbiote is about to take over... too late!!

It's Spidey time!!

Manip Gone Bad

Manip Gone BadPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2007/4/25 19:03
Hits3032  Comments8    
Has this ever happened to you? You find yourself hard at work on that perfect photomanip. Next thing you know you?re flat on your back starring up at the ceiling. You look over at your monitor, and smoke is billowing from its innards. You frantically do a search for that last manip you were working on, and the file is gone. Has that ever happened to you? ? Anyone? ? Anyone? ? No? ? Just me?

JLA Babes on Vacation

JLA Babes on VacationPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/4/15 21:28
Hits8114  Comments20    
Due to popular demand (actually a suggestion from vishesfish) I present "JLA Babes on Vacation", a recent submission to Comics2Film.

This image is a result of a challenge made to me by ?Angel?, a comic art fan. She e-mailed me an image of Brazilian models Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, and Ana Beatriz-Barros respectively. By keeping the basic swimsuit style she wanted me to make modifications so that the girls would appear to be Black Canary, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl on vacation. You are looking at the results.

Everyone needs a vacation now and then. Wish I was there.

Wolverine Get New Duds by DarqueImages Coloured by CDA

Wolverine Get New Duds by DarqueImages Coloured by CDAPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2007/4/7 9:36
Hits4101  Comments13    
Lady Heromorph Challenge #5.

"Who ya calling yella ??"

Kind of an amalgam of the various costumes.

Editor's note: this is the forth entry into the Lady HM's color this challenge click here to see the rest.

Spider-man  (Moonlight Swing)

Spider-man (Moonlight Swing)Popular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2007/4/2 13:56
Hits2650  Comments6    
This image was previously submitted with the original sketch attached, but I found it took away from the overall picture. There were also slight modifications made to the costume webbing.

I believe this to be a better version.

Beyonce Amazon

Beyonce AmazonPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2007/3/31 7:55
Hits5347  Comments10    
Beyonce Knowles as Wonder Woman... need anything more be said?

Vampirella - Night Shift

Vampirella - Night ShiftPopular
SubmitterCDAMore Photos from CDA   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2007/3/18 8:39
Hits4070  Comments9    
This is my first submission to the Heromorph Gallery.

With Vampirella-Night Shift I tried to reproduce the "look and feel" of the old Warren Magazine covers.

In case you're wondering who the mysterious figure staring out the window is. It's you.

Photo No. 1-26 (out of 26 photos hit)