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Re: Renders

Subject: Re: Renders
by drunkendragon on 2018/7/14 9:00:04

I agree with the main culprit being system resources.
Too much going on in the background processes is usually what leaves mine with a grain appearance.

Speaking strictly for myself, the rest is general laziness on my part. I get involved in too many things at a time, then rush to finish a project just to have something to post. Heck, I even skip the photoshop touch up in a lot of cases just to "complete" the project.
It's nothing I couldn't fix if I spent a little more time with each one, or bothered to turn off some of the background programs during rendering. Again, just speaking for myself--because I know my system can handle it, if I let it, even though I could use an upgrade to the graphics card....

I used to render something in pieces to eliminate this, and then patch them all together in photoshop for the finished project, but I let too many life distractions get in the way, and skip the fine tuning steps.
My last submission is a great example--one quick render, two minutes in photoshop, got tired of working on it, and submitted. Grain in the skin tones especially evident. Even two years ago I would have rendered each character separately, then the background, then all (just to get shadows close), then stitched and sewed together in PS for touch up and final lighting.

Now lighting and FX is another issue. I still ain't got the hang of those in Daz, so I usually try to "fix" those in photoshop.
Again, laziness, if I spent some time learning lighting techniques, instead of trial and error until I find a setting I can "live with", they might work out better.

But this is a great question as well constructive criticism...and I am glad this was brought up!