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Re: Renders

Subject: Re: Renders
by whiz on 2018/7/21 6:03:06

yeah daz does use some i was saying i've been rendering on about 3 gb's on my laptop on the norm.i've read daz 'needs' about 4 for good renders. my pc on the other hand has 7.render times haven't really shortened or longest render was 24 hours due mostly because i set the settings higher than i usually do.the memory was more than enough howevever. i really am apt to believe daz has a lot running in the background like the database psql thingy that kinda slows computers down.
there are some fabulous renders out there no doubt. dazer's aren't known for giving out a lot of their real you'll never really find out how they get their 'realistic' renders.even before the whole iray/reality/nvidia additions there were close to photograph level renders out there.some of those same artists have left comments on my images that have me thinking we're all reaching for that one magic image. that one omg render. in reality we're all the bob ross's of our we get there is just a matter of imho which brand of paint brush we choose to be our favorite just like all the other artists before us.