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Re: Whatever Happened To ...?

Subject: Re: Whatever Happened To ...?
by Oz2y on 2019/2/17 16:56:06


CDA wrote:
I know that there are many things in life that have a way of taking over ... you know, like job, responsibility, mortgage, kids. I also know that as we get older priorities change ... but I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on what has happened to some of regulars that were around when I first joined up?

Winterhawk last log in 2017/12/4
OCP last log in 2016/12/12
JrMcDeath last log in 2018/11/25
BikerBot last log in 2010/8/5
MsV last log in 2014/9/3
Biohaz_Daddy last log in 2015/7/16

Winterhawk - Has been away due to personal issues. Still pops in now and then when we need his help.

JrMcDeath - Very active on Facebook, still drops by to check this out and leave a comment when he's not too drunk... or is the other way around?

Bikerbot - Already not very active when I first joined... so can't say much...

MsV - Last I heard, she was having some problems with her account...

Biohaz_Daddy - He just faded away some time ago... I miss his constructive critique and brilliant art, tho.

OCP - That online persona is dead from almost every site I could remember to delete it. The only place I didn't erased him was at Heromorph. But I'm very much alive and kicking.

On other hand, I like this topic and I can add a few more names I miss seeing around here:

Wasmith - I have no idea what happened to him...

bhm1954 - Although I truly understand his reasons to stop posting, I still see him visitng now and then and it would be great to hear about him.

Thayne - I still see him in Facebook but I also miss him around here.

co04 - A master and a gentleman. Gone almost at the same time as MsV.

matrixblur, bluebeetle3, petercotton, chowyspizz , Masterchief, skurge, Dark_Knight_DK, Cyanure, BRaZZZil, Hisstoryman, Android, Wolverine1607, ReddEra, VampireLover, MeterMan, MeterMan, VagabondX and so many others...

I also miss Walley but I found out he died a few years ago.