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Re: Fantastic 4 Reboot

Subject: Re: Fantastic 4 Reboot
by StarChild on 2015/1/25 14:26:58

Yeah. This has been a bug in my britches since the first X-Men movie. It's not a good thing when you can count the number of black characters to appear in these movies on one hand. Storm, Nick Fury, War Machine/Iron Patriot and Falcon [I don't count Bishop or Gabe Jones because neither of them had major roles. Nor do i count the trans-racial versions of Catwoman, Perry White or Alicia Masters]. While I agree that there are not that many quality black heroes to showcase. The idea of changing a traditionally white into a black one just to appease a disgruntled society is just blasphemy in the highest degree. I will not be patronizing the new Fantastic Four movie as a protest against this move.