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Re: Transfomers Movie

Subject: Re: Transfomers Movie
by Android on 2007/9/23 5:17:12

Mr. Werter! Amazing argument you have! I need to thank you because you made me remember this thread. Now, I would like to post my view too...


I like sci-fi. This is not a secret. But Transformers was the most insulting movie I ever saw.

It's stupid. Let me point only three problems. This film doesn't deserve more English than that:

Pee jokes. PEE JOKES! Who does, in his/her sane mind, think this is still funny nowadays? I know the answer: retards and 6 year-old children.

Autobots have no sympathy. If they die, you don't care! I didn't cry when Jazz died. And this single fact shows us that the story is a mess (did someone here cry when Neo or Trinity died? It's the same problem).

Optimus Prime, at the end of the movie, said they were about to leave Earth. But, in the final scene, he tell us they decided to stay! What happened between these scenes? Does the director think we have the perception of an oyster?

You know... Hollywood only gave me trash movies to watch this year. I thank you, Hollywood! You showed me that I'm too old for these crappy Blockbusters!

Woody Allen? I'm coming back.