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Re: The Put Up!

Subject: Re: The Put Up!
by JrMcDeath on 2008/7/7 9:58:31

Well, it appears that a congrats is in order for the sick and twisted WH. Congrats.

Now all I can say is that the other two judges have no taste. ooops... did I just say that out loud? I was thinking it but didn't mean to type it!

OK, in all seriousness.

Both images are fantastic and it was a hard call. Hawks image has a nice feel to it. The composition is really nice and the effects are fantastic. With this said, however, there doesn't seem to be a lot of maniping in this image. Not to take away from the image, but it seems a little under Hawk's capabilities. Yugio looks really good, but the ladies heads seem to be a little rushed to me. But still, the image is fantastic.

As for Bios, the image really is a line up of the cast of Futurama. However, I really like all the work that was done on the characters. I got a real kick out of the characters and appreciated the work that was put into them. Mini-Me as Nibbler... classic. I don't think the way that this image was created lent it to any other composition. So, all n all I think it turned out great!

Anywho... not that it matters, but Hawk does not get a three way shut out. My vote goes to Bio. And I am going to Ban BHM and Tyler for not voting the same as I did.

Congrats to bof yous. These images turned out GREAT!