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by Lady Heromorph on 2017/5/18 8:16:12

Greetings Heromorph! I have Wonderful News! After my recent excavation on Skull Island,I found something I just HAD to share! I present to you:

This time around Smackdown will be hosted at the Heromorph Mansion! What?! Heromorph has a mansion? You say? We sure do! This time around we spared no expense for this years Contestants.

A small preview of things to come.

Behind me is Heromorph Mansion.

As you can see,we have a larger than normal swimming pool. Be wary of the deep end. When we say deep,we should say Abyss. All sorts of critters could be lurking down there. We don't know,everyone we have sent to see how deep it is... never came ba...Hey

Here is the Garden....

An ample playground of floral,fawna, cybernetic raptors...
The Green Room,right, the Green Room

Used for those one on one times of reflections and interviews and our customer complaint department... So far very little to no complaints...on to the


You may choose ANY character from ANY universe, even one of your own. The Catch, once you do so,no one can claim any variants of that character. Example: If someone chose Spider-Man then noone else can choose any version of spider-man like Spider-man 2099 or Miles Moralas etc.. So be sure to be the first to Pick that Character you want!

2. You will have until the end of each month to submit an image that meets the criteria of that month's part of the event.

3. If you do not submit an image by the deadline,your character will be "voted out" and will not be allowed to advance to the next month.

In the event a character is "voted" out,other contestants can remove them from the house however they see fit.

You have until the End of June to submit an image of your Chosen Character!