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Re: Heromorph's new posting policy - questions and answer thread

Subject: Re: Heromorph's new posting policy - questions and answer thread
by drunkendragon on 2013/5/13 17:01:49

Ha! Yeah, sometimes, but rarely in life...I am NOT confused.

I just wanted to remind folks that the Heromorph Gallery was publicly visible. And even though the particular art that was posted was good: (excellent drawing and pose style, even nice coloring)
It needed posted in a less public gallery.
It was taken care of, thank you to those that did so.
And again, it was by no means meant as a slam on the talent...I thought the piece was well constructed and unique.
Just didn't belong in the main gallery.

As for the confusion...I guess as we all get older, Hawk, our minds forget things. And in your defense, the original posting was over half a decade ago...GEEZ, how time flies, huh?