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Re: Obsidian's next adventure

Subject: Re: Obsidian's next adventure
by Oz2y on 2017/1/20 4:32:21

Ok, here another one...

Imagine... a diferent universe, Earth is conquered by some aliens, Obsidian's versions of that universe never had any special adventures or anything that stand him out from the rest, he got captured and experiment on... and in his dying breath he is able to send a cry for help thru the multiverse that reach Obsidian.

Now here's the twist, Obsidian thinks that its only a very vivid aweken dream and the aliens in that other universe only thoutgh they had found a cheap way to clone humans as they find a way to grab versions from that dying boy (that version of Obsidian) from other realities.

One of those versions is from a magik/or more advanced world and is able escape into that world with the knowledge that there is Obsidan (the real one), that is the only hope to save them and starts to create a resistance in order to grab the real Obsidian before the aliens and get him to help.

When Obsidian arrives, he's informed by that (older?) version of him running the resistance and kick some alien butts, save the entire multiverse before returning home for breakfast.

The end.