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Re: The Zero-Men Rise of the Anti-Scion

Subject: Re: The Zero-Men Rise of the Anti-Scion
by StarChild on 2014/5/20 15:36:04

Well I finally got around to reading this comic that I have anticipated for some time. Seeing your image posts of Obsidian Mask has geared me up for the eventual comic book debut [this is an Obsidian Mask comic isn't it? I assumed that was him on the cover]. Although I have no official printed credits I consider myself somewhat of an authority on putting together an independent comic. There were elements of this comic that I liked [the larger panels, the panoramic views, your attention to detail and the thorough background information you supplied] and while this isn't a negative, when I reached the end of the book I wasn't aware that it was the end [it was the end wasn't it?]..should have been something there to let the reader know that this issue was be continued or maybe a preview of the next issue's title. I see you invested a lot of writing into this issue but no action [would have been nice to see the star do a little sumthin, if only for a panel or two]
While I have no doubt that we have just scratched the surface of this storyline and there will no doubt be action galore forthcoming..its always a win/win when you leave the reader with a cliffhanger of sorts. You know really give them a reason to come back or buy issue #2 if that be the case.
With that being said I like this and will be eagerly awaiting the next episode and the eventual appearance of Bypass.