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Re: Taboo Subject - Bad Art

Subject: Re: Taboo Subject - Bad Art
by ODS on 2010/3/12 6:36:42

I had a similar experience to Miss Vee, though not here - at AniMotions. I gave an honest critique of an image that wasn't horrible, but that needed some attention. It was a Poser peice at a time when I was doing tons of Poser work and was considered something of an expert, so I was sharing some tips. The guy went ballistic and proceeded to go through my gallery posting comments on half my stuff saying how bad it was. THEN proceeded to go to Renderosity and do the same thing on my gallery there. From that point until he was banned a couple months later, every time I posted an image at AniMotions, this dick would find a reason why it sucked. I don't post a lot of critiques anymore (and when I do, it's usually at DeviantArt, since I find the members there are far more open to it than at any other art sites I visit), but it's mostly due to lack of free time than being "gun-shy."

If anyone wants me to rip the shit out of their work, just let me know

There's no question that there is plenty of "bad art" on any site that's open to public. The only real way around it is to become a site like, which requires all submissions to be reviewed by one or more gallery editors before being posted. They have very strict guidelines and I would say 99% of the stuff on Heromorph would be rejected (I've only ever had three images accepted) and because of that, they are constantly being flamed in their forums. It's a major balancing act.