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Re: Taboo Subject - Bad Art

Subject: Re: Taboo Subject - Bad Art
by JMPerkins on 2010/3/12 9:57:35

I do agree with WH. I didn't mean to make this post about attacks on any given individual and yes, critiquing can be tricky if you're not apt with the gift of writing constructively.

I look forward to all new images. I get notified every time one is posted and as soon as I see the email, I go look at it. What really irks me is the flood of images by a single person. Now, if the images were great, that would be a different story. Here lies the tricky part. What determines great or good or crap. There's the old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one person's garbage is anothers' treature. Got enough cliches for you? But I digress. When several images are posted that are so similar to each other and clearly looks at though no time was spent on them, there's something wrong.

I'm no expert in Poser or DAZ|Studio, but I've used them enough to know what goes into making something good. My own 3D art is not great. I never quite got the knack of some thing and was unhappy with many other things that I moved on. The same thing goes for hand drawn art. I've spent so many years of my life working on that but never quite got to impressive. Now I focus most of my work on manips and again, I've still got a lot to learn.

So, getting on with it. I look at the flood of new images hoping to see something I can learn from or admire. ODS said 99% that comes here is crap, I don't agree. There's a bit more than 1% that's good. But his point is well taken.

Maybe what MissVee said should be considered. Maybe a limit set by a single user at once should be set.

What say you, Winterhawk? Oh great and wise webmaster?