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Re: Taboo Subject - Bad Art

Subject: Re: Taboo Subject - Bad Art
by OCP on 2010/3/12 17:24:04


I've been thinking about some of the subjects mentioned on this thread for quite some time and I agree with some of them...

But, let's be fair... everyone needs to start somewhere, so I never expect to see masterpieces from newbies (heck, I'm still learning ), and of course when YOU post something out there, YOU should expect some critics and if you're lucky, some encouragement along with some tips how to improve. I remember when I started posting here, I got people leaving comments with advices on how to improve myself and I really apprecciated all of them. I still do.
The truth is if YOU really want to improve yourself, YOU want comments telling you where your flaws are, ways to make it better and so on. Of course, after a while, if YOU don't show that you want to improve and keep doing the same things over and over again, people will give up on you.
I agree with Hawk, IF you want honest feedback, ask for it and don't get offended if you don't get a " WOW! Great image!" or something like that. I know I won't be offended if someone give me a comment about what's wrong with my images, BUT if you do that, please also say how it could be done better.
There are a lot of people here I respect and enjoy their opinions, but if a dude that never done nothing worth posting, leave me a comment just to say "Hey! this sucks!", my reaction will be "WTF? Show me how you can do it first, Then I'll see if you know what you're talking about."
I think people must realize something:
Fact 1: If you post something, you are exposing yourself to comments, good or bad.
Fact 2: Images of women always get more hits and/or comments. Even if they are a piece of crap, speaking of the author's talent. Heck, just paint a girl green and call it She-Hulk, BAM! you get lots of hits, specially if it's an adult image.
I've seen some really great images here that took a lot of effort to make from some great artists but since there's no hot babes, no comments and low hit score. That's a Fact, folks!
Fact 3: Most members are Lurkers! They don't comment, they don't give any feedback at all, You're lucky if they find how to rate your pic!
And if they do rate your pic, they wont leave you a comment because most of them just look to see if there's a hot babe. If there is, you probably get a 8, if not you get no rate or 1...if you're lucky.
Me...I don't care about that anymore. I do what I do for fun, when I'm done with an image, I'll post it. If people like it, that's great. If not, I don't loose my sleep over it.
That's my 2 cents about ratings, commenting and feedback.

Speaking of overposting, I agree with all that's been said.
BUT...the fact is if there's only one member posting only one image per day, after some time all the front page will be filled with his images, crap or not.
What you guys have to say about that?
We, the mods should have a limit of one image in the front page of the galleries per member? That member shouldn't post any new images until his image falls to the second page?
Ok, let's say we do that. Who wanna bet this site will be without new images in the font page of the galleries for more than a month?
Let's face it, people, good mannipers take their time creating images, they don't rush to post.
The same with 2ders. 3Ders are a bit faster creating images, but even so the great ones also take their time.
Please remember one thing guys, we are a fan site, our members are fans (most of them) and they do what they do for fun, no matter how talented they are.
I don't care about other sites, I care about this one. Since I found it and become a member here, I always felt welcomed here even when I started posting my crappy attemps at manips. Because of that, I like to think I've been improving myself over the time. I have some images here that are pieces of crap, I can't even look at them BUT I keep them here for one single reason, when I see some new member posting some crappy image, I go and look at them and remember how it was when I started.
So...NO, I don't agree we should start censoring bad images just because the wannabe artist doesn't have talent or can't make better than that.
Heck, even a bad 2Der or manniper can have the talent to make a great comic. In fact, just look at some webcomics out there, the drawings are awful but the stories are amazing and make you comeback to know what happens next...

OK, I think I'm done.

Oh, btw, I'm always honest when I comment. I just try to look at the positive things on the images.