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Re: Taboo Subject - Bad Art

Subject: Re: Taboo Subject - Bad Art
by Vincent on 2010/3/13 15:46:41

all I will say on this subject (since I think I have addressed it a lot in the past and is in large part a reason I don't frequent HM too often anymore) that I would rather look at a bad line drawing, or even a bad rendering than look at a bad poser or manip'd image.

Bad poser makes me throw up in my mouth...and it is rampant. Seeing bad poser in the galleries is like having your friend invite you over to see his new artwork only to find he's posed several of his action figures halfway up the staircase on the landing with props made of shoe boxes and bathroom hosiery.

Bad maniping can be easily as bad (but I am a little more bias and smitten to photo manips), but you know the ones I'm talking about...they basically consist of #5 brush tool, a porno picture and a layer set to 'colour' blending mode ><

there I said it...that is all.

limit poser/manips to maybe 1 image per few days (in main galleries) and unlimited in wip/crit areas. If you're making manips/poser faster than 1 every day (let alone like...20 every day like some people) you are probably totally overlooking something.