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Re: Taboo Subject - Bad Art

Subject: Re: Taboo Subject - Bad Art
by Vincent on 2010/3/14 16:22:23


Biohaz_Daddy wrote:
The subject of this thread is very strange to me. As a community should we really establish a systematic critique by force on those whom have been singled out as producing ?bad art?? Perhaps we could add to that a posting limit harsher upon those deemed unworthy, as suggested, so as to not offend the elite amongst us. Does that really sound like Heromorph to anyone out there? It doesn?t to me.

The Heromorph I know is a place where great artists are also great people. Where someone new to art can ask for help and get a butt load of it. Where folks can post their work whatever the skill exhibited, and hope for, and receive honest comments. Where moderators promote civil discourse, and fairly apply the rules of the site. I?m glad that Heromorph is the kind of site it is, because I wouldn?t be the artist I am today if it weren?t.

The artistic journey I am on has been enriched by the kind people here (forget the lame-oes), and my own eagerness to improve. Whenever I have asked for a critique here, I have gotten one. I seek them out, and I seek them from people I know to have keen insights, and who understand my artistic voice. But not everyone is comfortable with that, or they are just doing this for fun and may not be as serious as I am. Here at Heromorph, that?s just fine. If they are okay with pumping out the same variation on the three things they?ve learned in poser I am not inclined to give a rat?s ass. Frankly, I have too little time to do much more than scan the thumbnails for images I would want to see. It?s actually rather easy to pick out the stinkers, as well as, the rare gems by the thumbnails.

It all seems quite simple to me. If you do not like to look at art you consider bad, then don?t. If you are really interested in helping someone improve, and you have insights that could actually make a difference, then help. If you are looking to improve, and need some guidance, then ask. If this all seem too fair, and equitable for you to stomach, then avoid Heromorph.

It sounds crazy, but that's only because it is.

there is definately some validity in that, but to some extent I think there is a bit of waffling in your statement. I think there is an obvious difference between people who are sincerely interested in developing artistic skills and people who are looking for a sort of instant gratification that internet posting can often provide, and it's easier to spam away with no intent to develop or grow.

but to group everything into a highly subjective subset and shun anyone willing to make a qualitative value judgment on artwork that is very obviously not well crafted and that shows virtually no improvement over countless postings is just...well absurd.

If everyone is subject to stringent posting guide lines (say one per day) then nobody's feelings are hurt, and it keeps the galleries relatively clean. If anything it promotes better work, because if you can only post 1 per day, you logically become more conscious about what you are posting, you have more time to develop the work, and as you grow by exposing your own limitations.

And on the flip side, people who do choose to spend more than 20 minutes on an image have the right to not have their hard work flooded out by digital regurgitations. Nobody every champions for the hard working artist, but they deserve to have internet advocates as well.

I'm not trying to be rude or elitist, just truthful as to how I feel towards bad art...and when I say bad art, I don't mean the artist in transition of learning to hone a craft or new medium, but I mean bad as in no real drive or indication of improvement.