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JLA Corps
Ring Forger
2007/8/23 23:03
From Mexico
Posts: 1252
Level : 30; EXP : 72
HP : 0 / 743
MP : 417 / 25858
As you may know, i'm doing a series of manips of JLA girls as all 7 light Corps. So far i got Yellow, Orange, and WIP of red and pink.
I need u to help me figure out who could be a good choice for Green (will) Blue (Hope) and Indigo (compassion)
My candidates are
Green: Barbara Gordon, Black Canary and Zatanna
Blue: Stargirl, Mary Marvel, Elasti Girl
Indigo: Liberty belle, Starfire

The only catch is that there can't be any kryptonians or amazons

Please vote, or suggest an other character for each, and why u think so

Thanx for the help!!

Posted on: 1 03 10 09:43 pm
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Re: JLA Corps
2005/4/16 1:42
From Calgary, AB
Posts: 221
Level : 13; EXP : 88
HP : 0 / 322
MP : 73 / 13426
If I was you, I would save black canary for 'black'.

Posted on: 1 03 10 10:54 pm
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Re: JLA Corps
2008/7/20 17:11
From The Dream Dimension
Posts: 1450
Level : 32; EXP : 59
HP : 0 / 789
MP : 483 / 25396
Green= Barbara Gordon: After the Joker paralyzed her instead of feeling sorry for herself she chose to become Oracle and continued fighting the good fight. Also she has demonstrated her fearlessnes when she first chose to become Batgirl and fought foes who were more powerful than she was. If any superheroine has demonstrated the will of a Green Lantern it is Barbara who after all the adversity she has faced still has the "will" to go on.
Blue= Stargirl: Stargirl demonstrated hope the first time she put on a uniform to carry on the legacy of the Star Spangled Kid. Mary Marvel had lost all hope when she accepted Black Adam's power to become Black Marvel. As for Elasti Girl, I don't recall her ever seeming as hopeful as Stargirl (I could be wrong though).
Indigo= Liberty Belle: You ever see Starfire is a warrior born. Compassion is NOT second nature to her, killing her enemies is. Remember Nightwing had to teach her how to have compassion or she would have killed pretty much any of the Titan's enemies.
I hope this helped.

Posted on: 2 03 10 12:35 am
We are only as limited as our imaginations.
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