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Fantastic Four-my GOD...
Kling on HM (WebMaster!)
2004/7/19 7:51
From My Box
Posts: 6969
Level : 57; EXP : 76
HP : 283 / 1419
MP : 2323 / 65845
****Spoiler alert**** Maybe... Kind of... not really... you need to read to save yourself 100 minutes of your life.

What a piece of sh!t. This movie started off with me thinking it was going to be pretty cool. Reed as a young kid was the best part of this movie. All 15 minutes of it. Then it spun out of control down into a pile of "What the F**K" mixed with "Did they really think this was a good Idea" followed with "Tim Story's Michael Chiklis' 'Thing's' rubber rock suit was so much better than the pile of Nerd candies they threw together to make this Thing. And when I say "Thing" I am not really talking about the character... More so, the the "Thing" that they tried to pass off as "Thing".
The movie was 1:30 long and you got to see the Fantastic Fudge Pack in action for 10 minutes of the entire movie. And that "Action" was muddy and pathetic. Dr. Doom can kill people by looking at them and this group of morons, that rely on special suits to contain their powers, take him out? Not buying it. And that douche of a director, John Trank, would have been better off killing everyone off because this movie was so bad that there had better not be a sequel or even another re-boot. Let them all die in piece. Jessica Alba should be proud that this movie made her performance in Fantastic Four look like she was snubbed for an Academy Award.
The rest of this abomination was worn out back story that was re-written horribly. You cannot re-write the creation of a group and slap a few special effects around it and call it a movie. For goodness sake, Sue Richards wasn't even on the trip and was "Infected". How and why? OH yeah... because we need her for the story.
I said it on Facebook. If you want to watch an entertaining movie that has cheesy lines and a really crappy "Thing" due yourself a favor and watch Roger Corman's 1994 non-release of the Fantastic Four. At least it has a story and was entertaining.
This FF, do not spend the money going to the theater. If Netflix offers to send it to you for free, cancel your membership and change your address. It is that bad.

You all know that I always say that the next upcoming superhero movie is going to suck. I say it about them all and have always been proven wrong (Which I expect). I didn't say a word about this movie because I had huge hopes... so, I didn't say it was going to suck and boy did it. It sucked like a $1.50 whore at a donkey show.

What were your thoughts? HA.

Posted on: 13 08 15 09:51 am
I'm not drunk...... I'm Scottish!
Yeah OK, I am Drunk...
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Re: Fantastic Four-my GOD...
Fanboy Extraordinaire
2005/3/27 16:39
From MiddleOfNowhere, Ohio
Posts: 2365
Level : 39; EXP : 40
HP : 0 / 960
MP : 788 / 42612
I was only kidding in my Fanboy/MJ pic when I said the new FF movie couldn't be worse than the Roger Corman version. Shows you what I know, huh?

Posted on: 13 08 15 05:18 pm
Until next time, this here Mark Fanboy.
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Re: Fantastic Four-my GOD...
The Great Eternal Dragon
2004/2/9 4:54
From Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Posts: 11025
Level : 67; EXP : 5
HP : 660 / 1651
MP : 3675 / 78751
I was wanting to see this and not really paying any attention to critics and other peoples cause they were not comic book people.
SSoooo Now I really don't know what to do.
There were peoples that weren't so big on Ant-Man either but in Truth I found it equal to or better than Avenges#2 "Age of Ultron" and here I was wondering why though Ant-Man why Hope had a Janet Van Dyne hair doo.
Then the egg the credits were Dad gives Hope the New Wasp Suit.
That's good I like Evangeline Lily and I think she will make a good Wasp for up coming Movies.

Posted on: 13 08 15 11:33 pm
Photobucket Member: 08/22/2006
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