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Official Award
2005/10/21 23:05
From Mammoth Mountain
Posts: 4256
Level : 48; EXP : 79
HP : 238 / 1194
MP : 1418 / 41904
Ok Guys and ghouls, it is time!

Here are the pairings for this year.

Each team was randomly selected (Through a true and tried scientific method of Rolling a 10 sided dice)

Team One:
DW & Tazman

Team Two:
DarqueImages & Pijon

DW opted to be a stand in if needed.

I want to see your best CHIMERA!

Noun chi·me·ra \ kī-ˈmir-ə

Definition of chimera
1 a capitalized :a fire-breathing she-monster in Greek mythology having a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail
b :an imaginary monster compounded of incongruous parts
2 :an illusion or fabrication of the mind; especially :an unrealizable dream

a fancy, a chimera in my brain, troubles me in my prayer —John Donne

His utopia was a chimera.

3 :an individual, organ, or part consisting of tissues of diverse genetic constitution

A hybrid created through fusion of a sperm and an egg from different species is a chimera.

You are NOT limited to the creatures above. Give me your best and scariest Chimera.

As pointed out by Black Adam in Injustice 2; Firestorm is a Chimera

Need more inspiration? Look to Shou Tucker from Full Metal Alchemist.

Do not mark the image in any way that will identify you as one of the artist(Including signatures,water marks etc)

Teams you have until midnight October 30th to send them to me. When you are ready to submit the image, designate one person from your team to send me a PM or use the shout box. I will provide the email address to submit them to.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

Posted on: 27 09 17 12:41 pm
I am not a real user I was just created that way.
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Re: Heromorph-O-Ween!
Shhh! I'm not here!
2013/8/29 16:52
Posts: 500
Level : 20; EXP : 66
HP : 0 / 491
MP : 166 / 5961
I'm so sorry guys but I need to sit this one out.

Life is taking too much of my free time this month so I think it's better to pass the torch to DW now than later...

Posted on: 27 09 17 02:19 pm
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