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Heromorph Gallery
Heromorph Gallery "Well, that was easy!" by Pijon and B
  B (2016/10/28 1:17:29)
Heromorph Gallery Period Piece: (Squirrel) Girl with an Acorn Earring
  B (2015/9/4 15:27:31)
Heromorph Gallery Ms. Marvel
  B (2015/7/29 19:50:44)
Heromorph Gallery Spider-Gwen!
  B (2014/11/25 18:31:20)
Heromorph Gallery March Maddness: Fudd's Wevenge
  B (2013/4/2 4:03:57)
Heromorph Gallery Sky-Rider of the Spaceways
  B (2012/9/14 19:19:49)
Heromorph Gallery Batgirls
  B (2012/9/5 18:52:26)
Heromorph Gallery Purple
  B (2012/8/26 14:49:10)
Heromorph Gallery Kate Bishop: Hawkeye
  B (2012/8/23 18:56:09)
Heromorph Gallery Cover Flip Challenge: Moving Day
  B (2012/8/19 18:07:23)
Heromorph Gallery Cover Flip Challenge: Alfred E. Neuman, Agent of M.A.D.
  B (2012/8/18 16:53:52)
Heromorph Gallery Cover Flip Challenge: Secret of Obama
  B (2012/8/18 16:01:52)
Heromorph Gallery Cover Flip Challenge: House of Bieber
  B (2012/8/16 19:07:58)
Heromorph Gallery B's Influence Map
  B (2012/8/15 21:22:18)
Heromorph Gallery Cover Flip Challenge: My Little Wolverine
  B (2012/8/15 21:08:32)
Heromorph Gallery The Black Bat
  B (2011/9/25 23:42:37)
Heromorph Gallery Batgirl!
  B (2011/9/1 10:34:15)
Heromorph Gallery Black Mary
  B (2007/8/30 13:41:20)
Heromorph Gallery Dazzler
  B (2007/8/23 17:09:20)
Heromorph Gallery Daddy's Girl
  B (2006/9/10 20:54:49)
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