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Heromorph Gallery
Heromorph Gallery EXPOSURE: A STUDY IN SILVER! by Jinky Coronado, Colored by Me
  Biohaz_Daddy (2014/5/19 18:57:49)
Heromorph Gallery The Screaming Skull
  Biohaz_Daddy (2013/10/20 18:33:19)
Heromorph Gallery Cover Flip: Buttsecks Confidential
  Biohaz_Daddy (2012/8/19 10:18:05)
Heromorph Gallery Happy Halloween from the House of Uxor
  Biohaz_Daddy (2011/10/31 16:59:31)
Heromorph Gallery A Halloween Love Letter
  Biohaz_Daddy (2011/10/30 13:46:30)
Heromorph Gallery Pumpkill
  Biohaz_Daddy (2010/10/24 11:20:53)
Heromorph Gallery Owl
  Biohaz_Daddy (2010/3/21 13:52:04)
Heromorph Gallery Ol' Scratch
  Biohaz_Daddy (2010/3/20 10:19:29)
Heromorph Gallery Not Frog!
  Biohaz_Daddy (2010/1/30 18:32:35)
Heromorph Gallery Abe Sapian for tartanninja from Biohaz_Daddy
  Biohaz_Daddy (2009/12/28 21:09:49)
Heromorph Gallery Good Evening Ladies and Germs
  Biohaz_Daddy (2009/11/8 8:57:56)
Heromorph Gallery Halloween Love Jam by Winterhawk, and Biohaz Daddy
  Biohaz_Daddy (2009/10/30 19:25:08)
Heromorph Gallery Sci Fi
  Biohaz_Daddy (2009/8/23 7:51:52)
Heromorph Gallery Ibeeda King
  Biohaz_Daddy (2009/7/5 9:53:11)
Heromorph Gallery Demon Hell-Spawn
  Biohaz_Daddy (2009/6/7 20:22:00)
Heromorph Gallery Essence
  Biohaz_Daddy (2009/5/3 13:31:46)
Heromorph Gallery Halloween crab cakes by Biohaz_Daddy and Petercotton
  Biohaz_Daddy (2008/11/1 10:10:11)
Heromorph Gallery Batman Ten Nights of the Beast part 3 of 4 (cover)
  Biohaz_Daddy (2008/9/20 11:19:03)
Heromorph Gallery Venom for Smackdown #3
  Biohaz_Daddy (2008/7/13 18:33:55)
Heromorph Gallery Futurama (Duel)
  Biohaz_Daddy (2008/7/5 11:34:00)
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