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Just curious what you think about............
Kling on HM (WebMaster!)
2004/7/19 7:51
From My Box
Posts: 6978
Level : 57; EXP : 78
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MP : 2326 / 80310
*** Warning *** Navigating to the below links will direct you away from Heromorph and take you to an adult webpage. There are images in advertisements that might offend some people. Heck, there are images in the galleries that might offend people. You have been warned so do not yell at me if you get shocked.-End Disclaimer

One of our members sent me an email sharing the fact that I was "Yet again famous". He sent me a link to a web page that had one of my images posted there. So, I did a search and found a few more. THEN... I decided to do a search of other members of HM. The web page appears to have an enormous amount of content but I did manage to find a few other images by our members. This web page is not claiming ownership of said images... just posting them.

So... what is your take on other web pages allowing their users to post images that are not theirs?




I have not read one of Jinky's comics (yet)... but there sure is a lot of nudity in them. I know... I know...Someone spent some time modding her comic.

Justin Long:

Posted on: 23 03 10 10:53 am
I'm not drunk...... I'm Scottish!
Yeah OK, I am Drunk...
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Re: Just curious what you think about............
Gold Member
2008/11/4 18:41
From Indiana, yeah, Indiana, stop laughing
Posts: 1474
Level : 32; EXP : 80
HP : 0 / 795
MP : 491 / 35003
Well Jr., let me be the first to say that I don't mind seeing stuff posted elsewhere.
In fact, I get a kick out of seeing some of the work by some fine artists here displayed on other sites.

The only problem I have with it is when other "posters" claim the work as their own.

Jinky's work, definitely re-worked for the aforementioned link, at least has her info on the last pages. So she at least gets some credit for the original comic.
And above and below each pic of yours, jrmcdeath appears in the file name.

But with no mention of co_04, or Justin B in their images, I think there's room for some irritation.

The very least a person should do when posting an image not their own would be to cite their source.
Credit where credit is due and all that.
The best case scenario would be to obtain permission from the original artist prior to posting, but that's
an idea not even always seen here at HM.
Most morphers at least give the model names in their manips, or give credit to other artists if they've franked a piece from them.
And the 3Ders are pretty good at crediting prop makers or Morph/Mat file artists if they use their stuff.

With the links you provided, I don't see (maybe I'm blind) anyone actually claiming credit for creating the pieces, or in Jinky's case, altering I think a simple reference to where they found the image would be sufficient.

But other artists that have blatantly ripped you off in the past on other sites (which I'll leave nameless) should be ashamed of themselves for taking credit for stuff they didn't do.

As far as the sites themselves go, if it's just an image sharing site...a disclaimer could be issued generally.
But if it's a site that labels itself as one on which "artists" can share their work, then I think plagiarism should be defined and forbidden before anyone can post art that they claim as theirs.

Posted on: 23 03 10 11:00 pm
Commissioner Gordon: You know I'm violently opposed to police brutality.
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Re: Just curious what you think about............
2004/10/20 9:40
Posts: 452
Level : 19; EXP : 71
HP : 0 / 467
MP : 150 / 26122
Story of the internet I think,I may be pretty negative here,but seem it as became a trend to do money on the back of others...
I have seen sites where the free pictures were on pay per view or sales,with the artists signatures removed or modified(or even staying),peoples claiming they have the right to do whatever they wanted with your pictures too.Some are even official!
Now,in plus it is the great trend "I have modified it so it is mine..."
Nothing could be done about that JR,laws do not cover most of the countries where it is done,and even if you can ask for it to be removed,some months later (if not weeks) a new site with a different name will florish with the same pictures....again and again,even great name like Frazetta,Royo,Julie Bells and so on have been ripped....the cycle will go again and again...I have seen official water marking remover sell(the robber friend).When the thieves have milked you enough and your nerves breaks because of it,when you stop creating because of that, they just go for greener pastures,there is others artist to rob after all...this is no longer arts and money this days,but cold cash only
You can only feel lucky if they lets your signatures stay,and even more lucky if the pictures are not missused(and you do not take the downfall).
Welcome to the 21 century JR,the web is infinite and full of dark things,lots of...there is nothing that could be done to prevent that...only things left is to endure and follow your hearth on what you want to do...

Posted on: 24 03 10 11:31 am
None is innocent,not even me,above all not me
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Re: Just curious what you think about............
2003/10/4 4:45
Posts: 445
Level : 19; EXP : 57
HP : 0 / 464
MP : 148 / 27342
Well, for my 2 cents:

If the art was posted by the makers for free, then I don't think the artist who made the image would feel too bad to see it posted elsewhere, as long as proper credit was given to its maker (I've seen my own 'art' posted at E-Hentai galleries as well, and was thrilled that someone thought well enough of it to share it ).

Stuff taken from paysites is another topic; since the artist made the image to make money, and posting it elsewhere without his permission isn't right (same goes for taking freely offered material and putting it on paysites).

Posted on: 25 03 10 05:31 am
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Re: Just curious what you think about............
Gold Member
2010/2/18 1:36
Posts: 21
Level : 3; EXP : 31
HP : 0 / 57
MP : 7 / 2325
Well having been on both ends of this spectrum personally; I agree with Chup as I like to see a image or two of mine posted around. You can't really clampdown on someone posting w/o giving credit to the creator. The best you can do is to put a signature somewhere on the picture.

Now my paysite being ripped off by those damn Koreans and Russian's......well, that's another matter entirely. Just glad the webmaster has a kick-butt lawyer on retainer to stomp on them whenever my own or another artist's work appears on thier ripoff paysites.

But it all comes down to how much of a dick you wanna be. If someone posts a pic of mine on a forum and takes credit I usually just electronically 'pants' them publicly and mock them. But hey, I'm a asshole!

Posted on: 1 04 10 09:11 am
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