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Re: Guess who's back
Guardian of the Great White North (Webmaster)
2003/8/17 10:44
From Canada
Posts: 6813
Level : 57; EXP : 32
HP : 281 / 1408
MP : 2271 / 70399

StarChild wrote:
Winterhawk wrote:

I really would have thought that the fact I made the site would take me out of lurker status.

That being said, I post in a lot of threads and do many other things here, you just can't see them.(they are in the backroom so to speak)

Aw jeez Hawk. Of course I know and appreciate what you do/have done/ and will continue to do. I thank you everyday for not only this site but introducing me to a slew of other guys who share the same interests as me. I thought after all these years you be able to tell when I'm jerking your chain...or better yet I'd have thought that you would have at least picked up on the hint.
I miss you guys. You, Matrix, Bio, Brick, Biker, Darma etc..I miss the days when logging into this site was a daily treat...Not just for the fantastic art but also the great personalities that drew me here in the first place. Not that there's anything wrong with the crew we have here now. You guys have left the site in very capable hands. I know life changes and goes on and we just don't have as many hours in the day to do the things we used to. I just think it would mean a lot to see more site interaction [and I do mean posted artwork] from..dare I say? Heromorph Originals.

HAHA you got trolled.

Posted on: 13 11 14 09:03 am
PS4, PS3, Vita PSN: Winterhawk200
X-Box one Gamertag: Winterhawk200
WII U: Winterhawk200

Driver picks the music, shoutgun shuts their cakehole.
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Re: Guess who's back
Heromorph's Computer Plague (invented twittering)
2004/2/27 21:02
From a result of bad parenting
Posts: 736
Level : 24; EXP : 56
HP : 0 / 589
MP : 245 / 28529
Ahhh...don't worry about it Star.

Winter always gets "grammatically specific" when his girdle chafes his lovehandles.

Welcome back 'hawk!

Miss me?

point of clarification: I *ahem* last posted artwork on the 10th. Starchild my dear comrade, you last posted artwork on... the 8th?


Posted on: 13 11 14 09:18 am
Hitler, get out of the way! You're ruining my entrance! Gaaaa....

I need constant supervision. Then I could see through chick's clothes.
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