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Spam or Not?
only one outLAW... beware of imitations.
2005/11/15 20:27
Posts: 244
Level : 14; EXP : 60
HP : 0 / 340
MP : 81 / 14543
Hey folks,

Any of you ever hear from this chick I received email from her and immediately suspected SPAM and SCAM. Apparently "she/he/it or whatever" has been scouring the Heromorph and Comics2Film sites for our names and whatnot to send the following Email.

Hi Law, I found you on I really like your
versatility. If
I may suggest one thing, USE MODELS or REFERENCE material! You did an
awesome job on the lady you painted (but obviously, you had a subject).
a freelance illustrator myself and looking back at my early work, I
someone would have given me that advice. All of my work was right out
of my
head and straight to photoshop. It's nice to be 100% creative, but you
won't be getting hired for work if you have any piece in your portfolio
is not proportional. You are competing with thousands of talented
so make sure everything you show the world is absolutely perfect. What
portfolio says to people is >>> "This is what you can expect from me
if you
hire me."

I am not writing to you to critique you. I actually see your potential
I was curious if you wanted to join my team. I am gathering up to 200
illustrators to combine our resources to create our own publishing
The material we publish will be related to "beauty, fantasy, and
illustration. If we can get this off the ground, I would really be
interested in creating an on-line website business that sells
comic books and graphic novels.

This is a business opportunity (an equal partnership). We will be
all costs as well as all profits. With up to 200 involved costs and
workload will be doable for all. This will not cost more than $500
each and
1 illustration every other month MAX. We will probably only be
5 designs each for the first year of business, so it will be very
All artwork remains yours. I understand $500 is still a chunk of
change for
some, but this will be the best money you ever spent on your
career because we will each own an equal share in thousands of books to
sold on proven sites like and ebay.

This is a chance to do what you enjoy for a career. Share this email
your family and friends and ask them what they think. While I would
consider myself a successful illustrator in the industry, I do have
many on
board that are. Let me know if you would like to hear more and I'll
add you
to my interested list that is now at 134. I will be getting back with
everyone on the marketing strategy and everyone you may be working with

Share your thoughts with me,

Nicolette Moore

P.S. All your concerns will be met in writing and everything will be
to ensure this is a straight up business.

Any of you receive this as well? What are your thoughts?

Posted on: 26 12 05 08:02 pm
- outLAW2LK -
"The world can be an ugly... Thank God we have Photoshop."
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Re: Spam or Not?
I don't know man. I checked out her website. Looked through her artwork. Basing what I've seen from others, her stuff isn't "great", but she appears to have some talent. I'm not sure the need for 200 illustrators but at 500 buck a pop, that's what? 1ooK. That be alot of money for her to take and run. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Personally, I would check her out thoroughly before 'investing' any money. And I mean calling her and talking to her personally, having her send more information, a detailed work up of where the money is going and for what. Check prices of what she plans to use it for, check her background out, if it means police check, then do it. If everything is legit and you have the money, and it interests you...then do go for it. But tread carefully. I have not received any email from her, but I do occaisonally get those scammers from Africa. If you are looking to do comic books and get published, why not go over to Boldcomicsstudios and join our team, we don't ask for money up front, although that may change at some point. Good luck.

Posted on: 26 12 05 09:47 pm
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Re: Spam or Not?
Your Reality Credit Card
2005/9/18 18:53
Posts: 892
Level : 26; EXP : 68
HP : 0 / 642
MP : 297 / 27746
I don't think she is purposefully trying to scam you, but she is a bit deluded. These websites selling online comics show up all the time and most fail.

I wonder what the money is for? If the comics are downloadable then there shouldn't be a lot of costs past a domain name and bandwidth.

"This is a chance to do what you enjoy for a career."
Nu-uh, not this way. Let's say $30k times 200 people = $6 million. That's a lot of comics to sell each year.

Posted on: 26 12 05 11:05 pm
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Re: Spam or Not?
only one outLAW... beware of imitations.
2005/11/15 20:27
Posts: 244
Level : 14; EXP : 60
HP : 0 / 340
MP : 81 / 14543
Thanks for the input. I wasn't planning on investing anything. I wanted to know if anyone else got this from her or people like her.

I agree with both of you.

Posted on: 27 12 05 06:29 am
- outLAW2LK -
"The world can be an ugly... Thank God we have Photoshop."
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Re: Spam or Not?
Dazed and Confused... mostly Confused
2004/7/15 17:58
From usa
Posts: 3290
Level : 44; EXP : 51
HP : 217 / 1087
MP : 1096 / 50750
Sounds like a crock. No I didn't get it, that I'm aware of.

Posted on: 27 12 05 08:49 am
Vivo per lei
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Re: Spam or Not?
The Great Eternal Dragon
2004/2/9 4:54
From Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Posts: 11026
Level : 67; EXP : 5
HP : 660 / 1651
MP : 3675 / 79137
Well we don't really know each other but I have this Bridge in Brooklyn!

Sorry just couldn't resist that.

But really I do alot of travelling around the net and visit lots of sites so when you showed us hers I couldn't resist!
Scam or not, can't say but as to her giving you the advise she did....well I for one can't see it as she is not to bad but not to good as alot of the guys you know here or at C2F, Bold or most other places?
I would suggest if that is the route you want to take that you take a look into and ask the heads of Bold all the how to's and what for's to join up with them?

Posted on: 27 12 05 09:51 pm
Photobucket Member: 08/22/2006
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Re: Spam or Not?
Kling on HM (WebMaster!)
2004/7/19 7:51
From My Box
Posts: 6969
Level : 57; EXP : 76
HP : 283 / 1419
MP : 2323 / 66174
I am sure my SPAM filter pulled that one.

Posted on: 28 12 05 07:51 am
I'm not drunk...... I'm Scottish!
Yeah OK, I am Drunk...
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